Scratch on front right side of my car

Hi, I was wondering if it’s more likely that I bumped into another car or vice versa. There is a large wide scratch/scrape that took of a couple lines of paint on the front right side of my Honda Element, at a height too far up for it to have been a collision with a curb. By front-right, I mean more specifically in front of the front right tire and the lowest part of the scratched area being close to the highest part of the tire, if that makes any sense. It’s pretty much the front-right “corner” of the car, where the body of the car “tapers” inward slightly as opposed to the straight part of the side between the front and rear tires.

I just noticed the scratch today and I know for sure that I didn’t see it before a couple days ago, and used the car only twice for brief trips since that time, both to grab quick meals at local restaurants. I didn’t feel or hear any sound when I parked both times, and I’m almost 100% sure that it was a parking collision rather than one in motion (either one of us would have surely noticed).

Would you say it’s highly probable to not notice if a pretty big scrape/scratch is made when you park/when you get out upon collision with another (parked) vehicle, or that if music is loud/other reasons it’s quite possible not to yet still have the damage be significant? Would you say it’s more likely for me to have made a parking error or for someone else to have, given the location of the damage? Sorry I probably didn’t provide enough info.

Thanks a lot.

Could it have been caused by a shopping cart?

That, or possibly another driver hit you in the parking lot while he was pulling out and either didn’t notice, or purposefully didn’t leave a note.