You know that big dent or scratch on your car? How'd you get it?

I recently backed into and side-swiped a stop sign. Actually, it was mounted on the blacktop and I was backing up and didn’t see it. It was sort of a quasi-semi-private stop sign in between two parking lots. Plus it was invisible.
I now have about $1500 worth of body work needed to get the truck back to “pre-stop sign incident” condition and a very handsome looking gash down the side of rear quarter panel of the truck.
That fuggin pole did NOT give.

What’s your story?

I pulled in to a parking space somewhere in Jasper park, and the rebar sticking up from the parking block caught the bumper when I backed out later and ripped it off.

Except that was my parent’s van, so you mean the time I backed out of my really tiny, ancient garage and caught the inside of a fender on a 2x4 nailed to the door, which popped the fender out a bit and scraped a bunch of paint off.

Unless you’re behind me, in which case you’re looking at what happened last week when I tried to get something out of the trunk without removing the bicycle carrier or bicycle from it first, and the whole deal came loose and put three big 6" scratches down the middle of it. :smack:

Yeah, that’s probably it.

I don’t want to talk about it.

I was out in the woods and backed into a tree,jolted the hell outta me and bent the bumper pretty bad.Wasn’t even moving that fast, mebbe 5 or 6 MPH

I used to go out with this loser who had reconfigured his parking lot to fit 6 cars where only 5 were supposed to go. So the spaces were very, very narrow. The new additional space abutted someone’s deck with about a foot of clearance, or less, on the driver’s side to enter (it got a little wider once you were “in”). I was backing out and hit my mirror on the deck post. Knocked it right off. You’d hardly think those things were attached, it popped off so easy. I was always annoyed that the loser boyfriend didn’t park his own car (which he barely ever drove) in the “extra” space and leave a slightly larger one for me.

I taped it with duct tape for a while, until I had to get a yearly inspection and they said it wouldn’t pass with a taped-on mirror. Cost me about $200.

I dumped him, the boyfriend, at some point and this was among the reasons. (There were many; this was just one more example of loser-ish-ness.)

The garage door came down and gouged a divot in the back bumper. I was mistaken when I thought if I parked it too close to the door, the sensors would detect it and not close the door. Wrong.

The one on the drivers side of the red car:
My wife backed into with the white car.

The one on the passenger side of the white car:
I backed into it with the red car.

Oh, please do! It can’t be that bad…

[li]Scrape on the front passenger side door and mirror that I got while I tried to avoid getting t-boned in a parking garage downtown.[/li][li]Scrape on the rear passenger side door that my sister got while trying to drive through an alley. She didn’t see the pile of wood and refuse that was sticking out until it was too late.[/li][li]Dent and scrape on the driver’s side. This happened while parked outside of a friend’s house for a Christmas party. Judging by the height of the dent, it looks like I got backed into by an SUV.[/li][li]Random scratches on the rear bumper and trunk. They’re sort of deep and run vertically parallel. No idea where they came from. My best guess is animal scratches (raccoon?) but they’re too straight.[/li][li]There’s also a scrape on the front right headlight but no one in our family has admitted to being responsible for it though everyone thinks it was me because I was the first one to notice.[/li][/ol]

We’ve cleaned the scrapes up pretty well so the car doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. The dent is noticeable but I’m not a car person so as long as it’s purely aesthetic I don’t care.

What the hell was a tree doing in the middle of a forest?

A few years ago I backed into one of those big-ass concrete filled pylon things. Low enough to not be seen through the rear-view mirror but high enough to do substantial damage to any car parts. It was my '72 Chevelle. If you know anything about this car you’ll know that the bumper is mounted, not to the frame, but to the trunk itself. I never understood that one. F’ed up the car something fierce. Creased both rear quarter panels, put a big triangular dent in the trunk lid, messed up the bumper beyond repair. I was only going about 3 MPH.

No idea. People began to point it out to me yesterday. I will take it to a denting shop this weekend. (Yes, the sign says “Denting Shop.”)

It was there when we bought it. Most likely one of the reasons we got it so cheap.

My two year old car is still mostly pristine, but there are some scratches on the drivers side door (fairly faint) where my brother’s dog jumped up on my door. My last car had dog scratches (from a different dog) on the driver’s door too, so I guess it is a tradition.

Well Sir, it happened like this:

I stopped the truck and got out to pick up some tools I had layin’ beside the trail. My back was to the truck, so first thing I knew somethin’ was wrong was when I heard the girl ridin’ in the back of the truck yell “oh shit”, then out of the corner of my eye I saw her jump out.

Seems like I forgot to either leave it in gear or put on the parking brake. The truck rolled about 25 feet down hill, until that big pine tree stopped it. Lucky, it’s my work/fishin’/explorin’ truck, so the big dent in the front bumper and the messed up grille don’t matter much. Still runs like a top!

It was a dark and stormy night… suddenly a shot rang out!
Wait, wrong story…

I was driving down I-24 from Clarksville to Nashville. A car in front of me was pulling an open trailer stacked about five levels high of ammo cans. Once traffic opened up a bit, I discovered these cans weren’t strapped down as several dozen of them fell/blew off the trailer and began bouncing/sliding around the highway.

I have a number of triangular holes in my front bumper (corners, presumably) and a lovely foot long 1/8-1/4" wide scratch/gash on the passenger side rear door. Incidentally, if you ever need to paint over a scratch, I recommend using clear coat. Factory paint matching doesn’t take into account fading.

Now I was under the impression that they did take that into account.
Seriously, I thought you could tell them where you lived and how old the car was (and of course the color) and they could get close.

I drive a nineteen year old beater so I have lots. Big ones:

Front bumper pushed in: Coming up to a stop sign and see a bus trying to turn onto the street so I stop well back to give the bus room. The guy at the stop sign panics, throws his truck in reverse and floors it into mine. Then he tried to say I hit him. :rolleyes: The witnesses, a crew of landscapers, backed me up.

Side of my hatch bashed in: Backing up in a parking lot and hit a pole in front of a tree. The tree was easily visible, the pole was cleverly hidden below mirror height. Took out my rear light (since replaced) and crumpled the back. I still wish I had pursued this with the management of the parking lot.

Front corner panel: Waiting at a left turn and a kid on his way to high school hit a slick spot and glided into my car. Since my car was already a beater, I just told him to get to school.

Rear corner panel: Just a couple of months ago, I was at the recycling place and a college kid on a forklift backed it right into my car. My car seems to have a mysterious magnetic pull. Like above, I didn’t make an issue of it. Bonus! It’s the same side as the crumpled hatch column above and the new bash let out a bunch of water that had been collecting in the wheel well. So I guess it was a win…

I am in the embarrassing situation of not knowing how my 99 Saturn SL got its front bumper off kilter. It’s been like that for going on 4 years now and the car has got 166K on it so I’m about ready to trade it in for a used puck bag.

I think you want the UnDenting shop.

The scratches on my bumper are from backing into a building. Actually, a house. Well, my house to be precise. Not my finest hour.

The one from when I was run off the road by a huge-ass delivery van or the one from when I was rear-ended by a guy in a rental car?