Scream Queens

Anyone else watching? I’m not really in to horror but I love absurd, tongue-in-cheek television and this is it!

All the characters are caricatures of sorority girls, frat boys, campus security, dopey girls who want to be in the sorority, a dean with a chip on her shoulder and others.

Jamie Lee Curtis is in it and she is the actual original “scream queen” thanks to her role in the Halloween movies. I think it’s interesting that she is in this along with Carrie Fisher’s daughter and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son.

People get killed in every episode in gruesome ways but it’s far from scary. There’s the ongoing mystery of who the masked killer is and why they are doing what they’re doing.

Anyway I was late to this show but I’m grooving on it. Very clever and very fun.

We have it on the DVR, but haven’t started watching it yet.

I normally don’t watch horror but I am really liking this.

And Eric Robert’s daughter Emma.

I stumbled onto a marathon of it yesterday. Not bad. It’s by the same production team that does “American Horror Story” but is totally different. Well, maybe not *totally *different, but certainly much lighter.

It’s further proof that Ryan Murphy is an insane person (if anyone still had doubts).

I didn’t know about the Fisher/Schwartznegger stuff, but I think everyone knows who Emma Roberts is, hopefully. She’s the real standout of that family, IMO.

Oh cool, I didn’t realize about Emma Roberts! I wonder if all this “showbiz royalty” was planned. Musta been, right?

I really like Billie Lourd (Fisher’s daughter) in this. Her deadpan is hilarious. Also she wears earmuffs all the time - as a nod to Princess Leia??

This is how I thought Glee would be but it got too serious and was too full of singing. This show is much more fun!

I love this show too. I have to admit hardly paying attention to the plot, but it really isn’t necessary. Anyone know who the Red Devil is? I don’t. :slight_smile:

I tried to give it a shot during the premier. Made it past the uproarious scene where the cook/maid was clawing the flesh of her face after being plunged into the deep fryer, but turned it off when the riding mower ran over the girl buried up to her neck, with gore spurting out the side. Hilarious! :rolleyes:

I guess I’m a prude/wimp. I was willing to give it a shot, but don’t know why it needed to be quite as graphic as it is.

The first hour was fantastic, so fantastic that the whole time I watched I kept wondering how they could keep this up for a whole season.

Then I watched the second episode. It was like two different shows. Never tuned in again.

I am loving it, personally. So over the top.

Everything out of Chad Radwell’s mouth is pure fucking gold.

After my long-running semi-abusive relationship with Ryan Murphy’s previous FOX series Glee finally ended, I decided to stay away from any of his future shows. I thus have no informed opinion about Scream Queens, but based on past experience I suspect it will alternate between fantastic and awful, often within a single episode and sometimes within a single scene. If you’re not up for that you probably made the right choice in bailing now.

Yeah! That guy is totally selling it. “You’re so rich and hot!”

Don’t forget security professional Denise Hemphill!

I consider myself a pretty hard core horror fan but I don’t usually care for horror/comedy. I do love this show however. It’s an absurd parody of slasher flicks that hits all the right notes. They could probably get away with dropping the slasher bits all together and I’d still love it for the comedy.

When Billie Lourd replaced her ear muffs with a princess Leia hairdo i totally lost it.


I was disappointed in last nights finale. And I don’t know if anyone else also feels that AHS-Hotel was kinda slumping in story as both these shows slogged along.

I know that Scream Queens hasn’t had a favorable run with the critics, but it was juicy and horrible for the fans just the same.

You mean [del]police officer Police Chief[/del] FBI Agent Denise Hemphill!

I loved the memorial statue.

Are there any plans for a second season? I know that the critical reception was so-so, but I thought it was completely over-the-top fabulous.

I gave up on AHS Hotel. I watched the first couple of episodes. The rest are recorded, but I don’t know if I’ll watch.

I did really enjoy Scream Queens and thought it was just a fun, silly program. I hope they bring it back for at least one more season. Just to see if it can gain some traction.

I really liked it too. I didn’t catch much of the finale, because although it was on, there was too much conversation going on in the living room to hear the TV. I sat and watched it anyway…and after a little while it actually caught the attention of the talkers and dragged them in too. :slight_smile: One of them said, “Huh, I thought this would be dumb but it’s pretty funny.”

I’m not digging American Horror Story too much, but this is the first season I’ve watched. Maybe it will grow on me.

I hope so, but it got neither good ratings nor good reviews and the story was pretty self contained so i won’t be holding my breath sadly.