Screaming Neighbor- Child Abuse or Just Plain Obnoxious?

If you get on with her you could ask whether her yelling scares the shit out of her kid because it’s loud enough to wake you.

I’m pretty loud by nature (people in my office often remark) and I was inclined to yell at my kids because I didn’t believe in physical punishment. One day I saw my son about to hit his little brother and yelled at him. The kids had no idea I’d enterred the room and my yelling terrified both of them to tears. After seeing the looks on their faces (Wes Craven eat your heart out) I greatly toned down the volume.

Calling CPS is not always a bad thing. Many times they can help a family get into counseling for help, or maybe just the parent(s). I think that most of the time, contrary to the horror stories, they want to keep the family together.

When I was younger my parents called CPS themselves to get us all into family counseling because we couldn’t afford it. I think that made all the difference in the world for how we are today.

Do you know what school he goes to? Maybe you can phone the school with your concerns. They may then be able to take it from there.

Report it for sure, it doesnt hurt, and its anonymous.
I lived in a townhouse near another, and always heard the small girls next door crying and the mother screaming all the time.
Once I saw her hitting her dog outside and I called the humane society too, haha.
She was a fanatic with a bad temper…definately report it.:slight_smile: