Screen capture software - DVD

How odd, someone just asked the opposite question of this. Anyway, I want to do some screen captures from commercially produced DVDs for fair use purposes (single captures to illustrate non-commercial presentation) and I’m looking for free software that will do it. Using a Mac with OS 10.2.something (not home right now). The Mac came with something called “Grab” but it doesn’t work on commercial DVDs. Dunno if that’s a function of the DVD copy protection or not. Any suggestions?

Otto, what program do you use on a Mac to watch DVDs? I ask, because on a PC, when you buy a DVD drive, it usually comes bundled with an OEM version of PowerDVD. On its control panel is a button for capturing screenshots. I’m using a DVD screenshot as my desktop picture now. So maybe you don’t have to get some extra software to do this for you. The program you are using may already have that function on a toolbar or in a menu. Just a suggestion. I hope it was useful.

Snapz Pro, one of the best Mac gems out there.

I read somewhere that you can get fullscreen captures if you play the DVD with VLC Player(free). Scroll down to version 0.8.4 for OS 10.2.x.
Pause the disc at the frame you want and press command-shift-3 to take the screenshot. It’ll save the picture to the desktop in .png format.

Correction, screenshots are saved as .jpg in Jaguar. Taking Screenshots in Mac OS X