Screw it! I'm going to be immodest. -or- In your face, any poet except Maya Angelou!

Actually, you can blame me. I had been, uh, celebrating it hitting #1 on some list in GB and somehow doing something to Harry Potter–the lady from the publisher was apparently celebrating, too. However, I’ve read many of my posts here and, by my low standards, this OP is fairly coherent. My SDSAB reports are repeatedly edited and rewritten before Dex and Ed even get them. The same cannot be said of my posts.

jsgoddess, thank you for your translation. If it’s any comfort on those long nights in your chilly garret, I’m getting bupkis for my work, just like a real poet.

Very cool.

I watch “Bones” because David Boreanaz makes my heart go pitter patter. And Emily Dechanel has exceptional skin that I envy.

I heard Reichs on an NPR interview. She sounded very intelligent. You can check it on at

I believe that was the Diane Rehm Show.

It’s nice to have her email address because I’ve already registered a complaint about the preview of tonight’s show. A skull busting through a windshield? Not unless it’s made of steel, it ain’t! And, as usual, I’ll remind myself that it’s a TV show, not a documentary, and it’s a cool effect, and completely ruin the huff I was in.

How on Earth could anyone be confused by what Dropzone said? She knew Reichs, has helped her in the past with research questions, and wrote a poem the Reichs put into her latest book, and has been listed in the acknowledgements. Perfectly simple and the explanation was easy to follow.


Thanks Chuck! I was wondering the same thing, but went along because, if a couple people didn’t find something clear, there’s a chance it actually might not be clear. However, there’s a chance they were as sober as I when they posted. Either way, a clarification was needed.

Now, about that feminine pronoun referring to me. Granted, “my” character is a slender woman, but I am neither. :smiley: No problem, though. It’s not the first time that’s happened here.

Made perfect sense to me. Of course, so does FLCL.

Yeah, last night’s episode was even more shark-jumper-ish than normal, science-wise. But I still love the show, because the characters make it work for me.

I gotta say, though, that the only similarity between Dr. Brennan on Bones, and Tempe in the books is the freakin’ name. I just try to ignore the fact and keep the books and show completely separate in my mind.

Kind of scary - the OP made better sense to me than most of the posts in this forum.
But, I have the flu, and can’t be held responsible for my twisted logic!

Congrats, dropzone - that is way major cool.

I, for one, welcome our impending poet overlord…

A hearty congratulations. dropzone!

I didn’t understand your OP at first either, Drop, but now that you’ve explained it, I think it’s pretty cool. You can actually say with some degree of literal honesty that your poetry has not only been published but been on the Bestseller list. That’s something very few professional poets ever get to say. Congratulations. Hopefully (if you are single) you can find a way to convert this unusual but genuine little accomplishment into tail. If you are not single, then oh well, a least you have a conversation starter.

Not only been published, but I didn’t have to PAY to publish it!

The conversations start and end within seconds, tending to the, “That’s nice. Did you hear about Aunt Sally’s bunions?” Wife’s family are not readers.

It appears to have peaked at #3 on the NYT list (how many of the people buying “A Thousand Splendid Suns” will actually read it?), but I take comfort in it having been #1 in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, #10 in Germany, and maybe #8 in Italy. I asked and, if I want to see how it translates into other languages, I’ll need to buy as many as 34 books.

It is surprising, but a book that is set in French-speaking Canada and is written by a person who is Chief Medical Examiner for the province of Quebec will not be released in French until sometime next year.

I’m reading “Break No Bones” right now. I don’t tend to buy hard-backs, because they’re more expensive, and because they’re not as easy to snuggle up in bed and read. So I won’t get to see your actual acknowledgement or poem until it’s out in paperback.

Amazon has ways of buying used copies for often little more than the postage. OTOH, to be frank, I can wait forever before anybody who can make an educated assessment of it reads my crappy poetry.

edited to add: :eek:

dropzone, can I have your autograph??? :smiley:

Congrats, man!! You ought to drop by Otto’s and have one or ten to celebrate!!

I love her books - I have read all of them, I believe - I’m glad a new one is coming. I’ll put in for it at the library.

Oh, and about your OP being incoherent? I got you RIGHT away. :smiley:

That might be from visiting Otto’s before you read it. :wink: Anyway, that place is too upscale for me.