Screw you!

So, I’m going to be done with paramedic school next week, and I’ve been looking for jobs for a while now. I did a search for “paramedic jobs” on google and 25 of the first 70 hits were sites that somehow linked to which sends you right to

Interestingly enough, they all have something about paramedic jobs in the little text blurb google gives you, but there’s nothing to be found on the actual site. The site also run the gamut from to to It’s a real fucking pain in the ass! Obviously I only clicked on one of their sites once, but I hate having to wade through all of their shit. And don’t even get me started about the fact that does not, in fact, list any paramedic jobs.

Sorry to hear that, but Google is a terrible tool for job searching, for exactly that reason. Try the career search engines, like,, etc. Maybe you’ll have better luck with one of those.

I hope you eventually tacked on a location. I tried “paramedic jobs” minnesota and found that St. Cloud Hosptial needs a paramedic.

I did that, too. Thanks for the advice, everyone.

I have noticed some wonky Google searches lately, too. The other day I was searching for something (I can’t remember exactly what) and almost every result was for some diet pill page. There were one or two results that were relevant to my search, and I wasn’t searching for any %$#& (*&^ diet pills!

Just today I was looking into a faraway town I have to travel to Sat. for a wedding, I just wanted some town info, maybe see if there was some other interesting stuff I could visit while I was there. I got page after page of hotel info. I doubt the population of this town is over 500 people, I have a hard time believing there are that many hotels there.

Google used to be my favorite search engine, but now it seems to be falling down the same hole other search engines are falling into.

Boscibo, have you scanned for spyware lately? I’ve seen spyware hijack Google searches to display ads as search results.

I use AdAware and Spybot regularly.

I now remember what I was searching for - pill identifier. My cat found a pill on the floor, and it wasn’t anything I recognized. Turns out it was the generic aspirin we give to our old, arthritic dog.

Try it yourself - Google “pill identifier”. The first site is relevant, but the rest of the results are what I am talking about.