Screw You Gray Davis and the Armored Truck You Rode In On!

You stinking rotting money grubbing bastard. You just couldn’t take a break from getting your palm greased long enough to actually run this fucked up state. You were so bloody busy endorsing contributition checks you couldn’t sign a single fucking law! You prick!

You deserve the disgrace of losing office to a mesomorph. Did you pause to think for one moment about what will happen to our beloved state now that it’s in the hands of another fucking cock-sucking ACTOR? Did you consider the implications of what it will mean if he and his corporate buddies get their way? You fucking dickhead asshole, our state’s already in the red and now we’re faced with this muscle bound geek shrugging off nine son-of-a-bitching maggot slurping billion frigging dollars worth of debt because he likes corporate blowjobs.

What do you style your hair with anyway, cod’s wallop? Are you and Al Gore actually twins secretly separated at birth, you cardboard cutout of a paper thin non-personality? Couldn’t you have just stepped away from the fucking stinking trough for just a few brief seconds and shitting well run the state like you were elected to do? I hope this fucking well ends your political career, greedy you assbiting loser!

Now, now, Davis did sign a law making it illegal to send internet spam to Californians :rolleyes:

I’m guessing you didn’t vote for Arnold?

He did sign a law that made it OK for illegal aliens to get CA drivers licence.

Oh fuck almighty, you really want me to get fucking torqued up all over again, don’t you spooje? This is just one more example of ill thought out pandering while he’s off schmoozing at another bloody fund-fucking-raiser.

so illegal immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to drive? what should they do then?

Register with the INS or go home?

but surely if they give their details to the DMV for their licence it would be registered with the INS?

Well I suppose, Twisty, but then, that might make sense. This is California government we’re talking about.

Dude. You are so dead.

Cod’s wallop?

I feel your pain.

Anyway, how come the papers didn’t jump on this Enron-9 billion bucks thing with both feet? It’s not like energy-company-bashing is going to lose them subscribers. I get the feeling I’m missing something here.

If Davis had any class or party loyalty, he would have resigned weeks ago, thus nullifying the recall election and making Bustmente the Governor.

Oh well, another politician’s ego preventing him from doing the right thing …

Wha?!? Is that true? You mean he could’ve just resigned and spared the people of California the ignominy of a Schwarzeneggar administration? In that case, wrap him up in cotton candy and leave him on an anthill.

That question was raised a long time ago. This is pretty much what I had heard as well.

Apparently, once the wheels started turning on the recall it was a done deal.

My bad.

I was in California in July and I remembered reading some newspaper editorials exploring the idea that Davis should resign.

So, either:

[ul][li]Those editorials were written before the California Secretary of State clarified how a Davis resignation would affect the recall election[/li]
[li]The editorial writers had their heads up their asses[/li]
[li]I had my head up my ass (a definite possibility)[/li]
[li]I misremembered what I read in those newspapers (a nice cop out that saves face for me … somewhat)[/li]
I report. YOU decide … :smiley:

What makes “cock-sucking” an insult? I like to suck (as well as lick, snuzzle and rub) cock. I like mine sucked, too.

Oh … you mean it’s bad because it’s GAY?

Most likely, no. I’m in the midst of a 20 page paper on this entire issue right now, as a matter of fact, and it’s a pretty scary situation. Immigration laws and their enforcement in this country are about as fucked up as they can get.

Last I checked, there were a few non-gay women out there who liked to suck cock. Also, I noticed that you didn’t object to “fucking” as an insult. “Fucking” is an insult…why? It’s certainly not because it’s GAY. I think we all need to calm down and stop being so fucking cock-sucking sensitive.

If there is no communication between the DMV and the INS, why would it make a difference if the immigrant is registered with the INS in the first place? How would the DMV know if they are and illegal immigrant or not?

If they can pass the US driving test, they should be able to get a US driving licence, and their details registered.

Try reading for context, Necros. Arnold is a man. Therefore the cock-sucking referred to is performed by a man. It follows, then, that male cock-sucking must be bad.

Furthermore, please note the “?” at the end. It is a request for clarification, although somewhat rhetorical. My post is simply raising the issue. I’d really like to find a way to eliminate the use of gay references employed in a negative sense. By bringing attention to it’s use when I see it, I hope to raise awareness and convice people to stop.

I didn’t flame the OP nor demonstrate any righteous indignation so there’s no need for me to “calm down”. Perhaps you should heed your own advice.

As to the “fucking”, one item at a time.