Screw You Gray Davis and the Armored Truck You Rode In On!

The INS is a Federal agency. They are the one’s responsible for dealing with illegal immigration.

Everyone is bitching and moaning about the budget shortfall in California. Might as well tax the illegals as long as they are here, right? Revenue is revenue. And what is a car if not a super-taxable item, coming and going.

And Zenster should know this, too. He’s certainly been around The SD long enough to have seen the numerous threads we’ve had on these boards going back at least 2 1/2 years discussing the fact that using the term “cocksucker” as an insult against a man is clearly offensive. If he really has been living with his head up his own ass all this time and hasn’t figured out that disparaging remarks about male homosexual behaviour is rude, then I’d strongly request that he take the time now to read through the linked threads (if he still doesn’t get it) and then come back here and offer a sincere apology.

True, true, maybe I should calm down. And I definitely do see your point. But you know what? It’s OK to insult people. Insulting people is meant to be offensive. Is it wrong to call a woman a cock-sucker? Or you or I “fuckers”? I don’t see how one can insult someone without being offensive.

But I do understand your argument that the implication of “cock-sucker” is that GAY=bad. I just don’t agree with it. I think most people consider “cock-sucker” to be an insult is because it has the words “cock” and “sucker” in it. :slight_smile: I don’t think thay they are associating the term with being gay.

I do agree with those who make the argument that equating the word GAY with things being bad (i.e. “That is so gay”) is an offensive slur. I just can’t buy in to the whole “cock-sucker” thing.

And Shayna, I’m sure Zenster has probably seen those threads, but perhaps, like myself, he doesn’t agree with them. Haing heard an argument doesn’t mean you agree with it, or yoill change you attitude or actions to conform with it.

Alas, I should stop hijacking this thread. Bad, Gray Davis, bad!

Hey, now. This is starting to resemble a civil discussion.

Up your nose with a rubber hose!

I don’t think the California economy would survive that.

They’re here; they’re not going anywhere; they’re driving anyway; they’re vitally important to the economy. Having them demonstrate competency & knowledge of the traffic laws seems to me to be a good thing. And the extra $$$ collected won’t hurt.

Over the past several YEARS on this board, if not all, then MOST ALL of the homosexual men who post here (at least those who’ve seen and participated in those threads) have expressly stated that, intended or not, the use of the word “cocksucker” when insulting a man is HURTFUL to them. Anyone who would persist in using a term after someone has said it HURTS them, is an ass.

But I agree that Gray Davis is Bad (except that Arnold Womangroper is worse).

Now, Zenster Tell us how you really feel about Unca Davis.

And whats wrong with having Conan The Barbarian as your new governor? At least you’ll have the ol’Kennedy Family Marrionette thing going for you guys…

cuauhtemoc, Homebrew and Shayna, fucking blow it out your stinking asses!

Read the above excerpt carefully, go very slowly so your pathetic little nit picking minds can fully absorb the sweeping concepts involved.

Schwarznegger likes to receive corporate blowjobs, from all I can tell he likes to give them too. That makes him a corporate “cock-sucker” in my book and fuck-you³ for trying to hijack another one of my threads with your puling idiocy. Piss off and go whizz in your own Cheerios for once, you petty little shits.

If none of you know by now how strongly I support gay rights, then you don’t know bloody fuck-all. Why not email Cajun Man about the MPSIMS thread I started (and voluntarily requested be pruned) about an email support campaign for Matthew Shepard’s surviving family due to Fred Maggot-Ass Phelps’ demented statue idea.

Go fuck yourselves! TWICE!

For the record:

I have not seen the threads mentioned and you can feel free to search all of my over nine thousand posts for how often I’ve used the term “cock-sucker.” You’ll find that this is the first time I have ever done so and my rage at Gray Davis for surrendering my state to a stinking mesomorph made figuring Schwarznegger as a corporate cock sucker feel just right.

You don’t like it? Fine, start another fucking pit thread about it.


Hey man, don’t blame us for your inability to refrain from casually throwing around offensive epithets.

Wow, Zenster’s latest posts make me think he is one uptight dude.

Maybe he needs his cock sucked a little more often … :smiley:

To get back to the original post…

Gray Davis deserves the humiliation of being recalled in disgrace. His lack of leadership is why California is in the economic state it is in. And for the reasons Zenster stated. Feeding Davis to the weasels would be too good for him.

Nice meltdown type response to a calm discussion. Nowhere did I question your support for gay rights. As I replied to Necros, I was just trying to make you aware of the negative reaction to the use of term. I did not flame you, or even imply that I thought you were anti-gay. But hey, if you want to rant and foam at the mouth like a madman, have at it.

People! People! People! I think you’re missing the point, here! Don’t you realize what this means? McBane is in charge! That can only mean one thing: Upcoming Simpsons episodes skewering this mess are going to rock!

Since Davis wasn’t a corporate cocksucker, there were alot of corporations that were unhappy until they decided to get their cocks sucked by other governors in other states or officials in other countries. No cocksucking meant no blowjobs for employees; hence the high blowjobless rate in the state.

Corporate cocksucking is good for California right now. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.:wink:

Testing, testing.

GRAY DAVIS is a cocksucker!

Now, flame away.

Okay, Michael. You hold him down and I’ll direct the blowtorch at his nether bits.

And who doesn’t?

Whoa – hang on. That means I’d have to touch the bastard. Nothin’ doin!

Homebrew, my first post (right after Yeticus Rex) was dragged of into the Cheek Pouches of Oblivion™, so I’ll repeat what I wrote.

I apologize for lumping you with my other detractors. You should not have been a target of my wrath and I am sorry to have tarred you with the same brush.