It's Official: Gov. Gray Davis is a Loon.

I thought his uber-liberal stance on guns was bad (my opinion), but now he’s hanging with Jesse and appears all in favor of reparations. From the SF Chronicle.

wow, my first pit thread, {I shall now gird my loins}…

I dunno what it is about California but we have elected the most retarded people for govermental positions for the past 10 years without any lapse. Grey is not yet in Pete Wilson Territory but he is close (Pete being the one who would blame everything from crime stats to soggy Rice Krispies on…dun dun Duuun!..ILLEGAL ALIENS). Plus Grey has the inevitable talent of being able to open his mouth and spew such concentrated bullshit that you could grow astroturf naturally from it. Personally I cant wait to see the yutz kicked to the curb (and from my understanding a lot of people are too)

But if you want to hear hilarity in its purest form, try clueing in on the leaders espousing turning the El Toro Marine Base into a Airport. Their hearing range is utterly amazing as the proposition to do so has been overwhelming defeated 3 TIMES in votes and yet they still cant figure out no one wants it. (Sure the Marines have said there is no airport going in on THEIR property now…but trust me, this will not sway these jerkoffs)

Hmmmm. Couple points from the article:

So, in summary:

[ul][li]Insurance companies insured slaves as cargo (not sure if this has anything to do with the actual reparations).[/li][li]Insurance companies also overcharged and/or defrauded minority policyholders.[/li][li]The state of California is investigating those fraudulent practices.[/li][li]Any reparations made as a result of those fraudulent practices would be donated to charity.[/li][li]The businesses being investigated and that might have to make such reparations are privately-owned businesses.[/ul][/li]
I dunno, it sounds like a fair deal to me - bunch of insurance companies ripped off a lot of people for a long time, and somebody’s finally calling them on it by making them (possibly) pay out to community groups. Is this any worse than big corporations having to make donations in a class action suit or somesuch?

Esprix, Devil’s Advocate

I had thought that it would be impossible for Gray Davis to lose his re-election for Governor. California is a Democratic state. Davis has an enormous war chest. His opponent, Bill Simon, Jr., is a businesman, rather than a politician, and is considered quite conservative.

However, it almost seems as if Davis is trying to lose. Why take a stand in favor of a minority who already are overwhelmingly Democratic, while pissing off the majority?

I always thought Davis was a smart politician, but this statement makes me wonder.

First, that article was one of the most poorly-written confusing things I’ve read in some time. On the other hand, perhaps Davis is intentionally being obtuse about whether he’s talking about “reparations” for insuring slaves or “reparations” for insurance fraud.

I also note that no one is contending that any insurance company ever did anything illegal. “African Americans, as well as Mexican Americans, also appeared to have been the victims of unethical insurance business practices in which they were charged more than whites for the same services.”

In other words, back in 1890, California insurance companies discriminated against minorities! :eek: That certainly comes as shocking news to me! Who could have imagined such a thing!

It is absurd, and probably a violation of the U.S. constitution to penalize private companies for engaging in what were, at the time, perfectly legal acts, no matter how reprehensible we might find those acts today. Davis appears to be making a blatant attempt to score some cheap political capital.

He’ll be re-elected, regardless … Suck on it, GOP.

The California GOP lost this race when the knee jerk right-wing of the party decided that Richard Riordan was too liberal. Bill Simon (whom I’ve met, and like) hasn’t got a prayer.

Question: How many of these insurance companies still exist?

RTA says
He’ll be re-elected, regardless … Suck on it, GOP.

You’re probably right. Between the liberals and the Mexican Invasion, the White middle class is screwed. Now wonder the White middle class is leaving Cali in droves.

BTW, Gray Davis was elected on his promise to defend Prop 187, which sought to deny welfare to illegal aliens. However, no sooner than he was elected Governor that he made a deal with the president of Mexico to allow the proposition to die in court, thus stabbing the voters in the back.

BTW, December, some more things to look forward to in Gray Davis’s second term will be: higher taxes, illegal aliens with state issued drivers licences, many more violations of second amendment rights, and more money being poured into the toilet known as the government school system. Aint Democrats wonderful!

Ah yes, those shiftless Mexicans. Greedily grasping with their dirty brown hands all the good jobs from the White Race, while them tax-fat Liberals in government come to take our guns away - all brought to you by the teachers’ union.

Which only goes to reinforce my recent hypothesis; that the support for France’s Jean-Marie Le Pen is not really an aberration at all, as far as the Western World goes. Brutal ethnic hostility bubbles beneath the surface right here at home, just waiting for the right candidate to exploit these frustrations.

Why, I’d put our right wingers up against any of those Euro right wingers anyday of the fucking week, as far as racist xenophobia and latent violence goes. (I mean, ours have guns! Top that, Belgium, you pussy.)

Meanwhile, suck on it some more! And why don’t you take the time to learn a little Spanish; es muy facil, tu sabe. Pendejo.

Ok, so to follow Esprix good example, I will first quote two sections of the article.

Ok, this establishes the time frame of the unjust acts mentioned.

Ok, this establishes exactly who this is to give justice to.

Now, going from there. What the fuck is this idiot thinking? How do you bring financial justice to a corpse? That is unless you have some person who is now over 137 years of age. Hell, I doubt you could find many children of the people who were taken advantage of.

To me this seems like a class action suit to just gain more money for minority based charities, wrapped up in a cause to try to slide it past people. Call it what it is, a subsidy shakedown from companies. I can see it in the future, companies will all just move to neutral area, and base all contracts in their local law. States will then have to play their games and will have no ability to pass state law over a company. Can’t say this would be totally bad. I will agree a lot of corporations “cheat” and “steal”. That is business, if unethical and quasi-legal. Yet, a government can’t just keep trying to shake down large businesses, or they will start doing more harm than good. Regulation is good and fine, but this isn’t even regulation. Hell, I would like to know under what law these charges against the insurance companies are based. I mean really, provide me a law from 1865 or before about insurance regulations. If you can I would be surprised, if you can’t then there enters a legal question I would think. Now, if a lawyer would chime in, what would be the effects of retroactively applying a law written say 50 to 100 years perhaps after the crime?

Hmm, wouldn’t that be a great legal precedent to set. Would scare the hell out of me.

Ok, for a quick aside, let’s say there was a law in place then. Does not the class action suit this would turn out to be need actual plaintiffs? I mean, really, who is pressing the charges? Let’s look at Native Americans, for my example. They have been paid for reparations for a wide variety of things that could be boiled down loosely into war reparations. (Pardon me if this offends, as this is not my intent.) Now, this is all good and fine. But what if a person or the state wanted to sue me. The charges, my great-great-great-grandfather kill his horse, destroyed his residence (TP, wigwam, etc. based off of Tribal preference). Even if there was a law, and I take a great assumption there is no statute of limitations on said law, on what legal grounds might I be sued for anothers actions in the past.

Oh, and I can hear someone say it is the same company. Legally, would they not have had to been incorporated then, and stayed incorporated until now for it to be legally the same company? This is a question one of our fine legal types may be able to answer.

My opinion is that history can not properly be justified in the present day. Nor can we bring justice to history. All we can do is learn from history.

So, after all of that, like I said - This just seems to be a shake down of corporations to gain money for minority programs in California.

Not going to get into if this is a good policy or not, or at least any deeper than I have. Just want to say, call this what it is - a shakedown.

Geez, this isn’t fit for the pit. Ah, fuck it.



It’s all the Indian’s fault. If they hadn’t helped the pligrams survive the first couple of winters, then we wouldn’t have any of these problems. The Indian’s should have to pay reparations to the desendants of the slaves out of their casino earnings.

Funny, I thought he got elected because he was a better candidate. Dopey me.

Then again, leave it to the right-wing nutballs to reduce a the complexity of a candidate’s platform down to a single hot-button topic…

Hey, it beats having Pete Wilson in office! :smiley:

The only thing worse than Wilson’s dumbfuck idea called “energy deregulation” was Dubya’s dumbfuck do-nothing attitude once his Enron buddies started gouging California residents. But the Republicans would rather ignore that and blame everything on Davis, who merely had the misfortune of inheriting this mess…

Just a little editing

Yo creo tambien gue el presidente Bush sea un cabron con la inteligencia de un pulgacita. No sabe nada de la ciencia.

Shoot, that should be una pulgacita and que. Damn, I’m bilingually illiterate.

I believe also that President Bush is a bastard (lit. male goat) with the intelligence of a flea. He knows nothing of science.

Hmmm… you mean Wilson passed “deregulation” all by himself? I thought it was the Democrat controlled legislature which passed it and sent it to Wilson for his signature. BTW, I’m no fan of Wilson. Too liberal, in my book.

The “energy crisis” could have been avoided altogether if the Democrats in the legislature had merely allowed a few powerplants to be built in the last 20 years. After all, they should have known that all the illegal aliens they welcome into the state use electricity too!

This pisses me off to no avail. The reason why Mexicans are “invading” California (as if there was a 3rd Lettuce Brigade, or a 32nd Maid Division involved) is because every unemployed and struggling Mexican from Tijuana on down knows full well the “White Middle Class” in California has an insatiable appetite for gardeners, maids, busboys, and nannies. How many native born people in California aspire to this sort of work? Does Santa Barbara High have pool cleaners speak to classes on Career Day?
Yes illegal aliens use electricity. And gasoline too. How do you think they operate leaf blowers and lawn mowers…with pedals?

The middle class in California (not all white I am sure) is leaving, mainly on account of ultra high property values. They are going to states like Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon…all also heavily populated with Mexicans and Latinos. If some sort of ‘ethnic cleansing’ was going on as you suggest - they would be headed farther away.

Spider, kiss my Mexican ass!

Most middle class people do not employ"gardeners,maids, busboys and nannies. Just as most illegal aliens do not work these type of jobs. Most illegals work at jobs Americans used to do, that is, until illegals began to undercut the natives wages.

I was unaware that the white middle class was either screwed or leaving California in droves. Being white and middle class and not leaving, nor knowing anyone who is, I disagree with this racist assumption. In fact, the whole population of the state continues to grow, including white middle class folks who keep on coming from all over the country.

Gray Davis made promises to defend 187 while running, but his election consisted primarily of his not being his opponent, former Attorney General Dan Lundgren, who offended everyone, including conservatives by his various positions. Davis did not so much win the election by 20 percentage points, as Lundgren went far out of his way to alienate the electorate.

The last paragraph is the sort of idle speculation and character assassination that the right wing loves; policy is too difficult to think about, so let’s call names. Republicans believe that government is evil, so they get elected to office and prove it.