Screw you, Vizio.

My very first flatscreen TV and it didn’t even last 7 months. Guess I’m spoiled since my previous TV was 15 years old and still working when I gave it away but I feel so used now that you’ve turned me into such a conspicuous consumer. Seriously Vizio, you suck.

  1. See about them repairing it.

  2. Vizio you get what you pay for. If you are looking for the cheapest flat screens on the market you found them. Personally I have no issues recommending them to people not quite ready to go all in on an expensive set. They will get most by for a time, and in that time they can decide what they actually want. If you want to ride behind the state of the art for as little money as possible buy a newer Vizio and replace it when that one dies. You might get lucky and get 5 or 6 years.

Sorry, but… why did you think it was smart to buy something whose brand is (or at least looks a lot like) an intentional misspelling?

This is quite possibly the stupidest thing you have ever said. And that’s quite an accomplishment.

So how did you break it?

Because, you know, Vizio’s all have a 1 year warranty if purchased new.

I currently have 3 Vizios, a 32, 46, and 47 all LCD, all 1080P, and one single dead pixel since 2007.

Look, the Vizio brand obviously doesn’t exist outside the U.S., and to us foreigners the name sounds very much like that of a cheap rip-off. “Sony” is a brand. “Phillips” is a brand. “Samsung” is a brand. “Vizio” is something you buy off the street in Chinatown.

It’s not stupid because she didn’t recognize the brand. (I’ve never heard of it, either.) It’s stupid for assuming that a “misspelled” brand name equals poor quality. Most brand names aren’t even words, misspelled or not. (I mean, what the fuck is a verizon, anyway?)

It sounds like a misspelling of either vision or vicio (vice; constant malfunction). One of the countries where they sell is Mexico, I’d love to hear the jokes. Considering the amount of money and effort companies pour into branding, maybe friedo thinks that selling something called konstent malfunktion is schmott, but I’ve heard many times the stories blaming its name for the bad sales of the Chevy Nova in Hispanic markets (no va = doesn’t move) or the jokes about an organization for “smart people” being called “stupid girl” (in Mexico, mensa = stupid girl).

Hell, I figured the OP would be about MS Visio, which sucks to high heaven.

However, there’s a difference between a widely recognized international brand name and an obscure brand name that comes across as an (easily avoidable) dopey joke about poor quality. I don’t see anything particularly stupid in noting that such a name could be seen as a warning flag indicating that it might be unrealistic to expect the same quality standards from the latter as from the former.

(Your responses give the impression that you didn’t pick up on the “vicio/vizio” pun that Nava was referencing until she explained it in her most recent post, so you just assumed she was equating “brand name that isn’t an actual word” with “poor quality”, which is why you criticized her remark. If it’s any comfort, though, that’s probably not the stupidest thing you’ve ever said.)

All the reviews of the brand from reputable sites seem to indicate that it is a young, but fairly decent quality brand for the price. They do note that quality can be hit or miss, but most people have no issues with it at all.

There’s nothing wrong with Vizio. My Zony Playstation still works great after all these years :wink:

I have had my Vizio 42" LCD flatscreen for two years, and I am very satisfied with it. I still stand up close to it and marvel at the picture quality.

It’s dumb to pit an entire brand because one item they made broke down. That happens occasionally with even the best brands.

I use a 42 inch Vizio as my computer monitor. It’s been close to a year, still works great.

I lurvves it. :slight_smile:

It worked in the morning but didn’t work in the afternoon (sound but no picture – may be an inverter problem.) From what I’m finding out as I’m trying to get it repaired I should have expected this.

I researched the reviews but not the reliability or repair. I saw a few “crapped out right away” ones but didn’t figure it would happen to ME. I feel stupid so I lash out. Plus I’m sad because I never knew golf could be so BEAUTIFUL. But I stand by my pitting – 7 months doesn’t cut it.

That’s nothing. I needed a TV for work onetime and I went to K-Mart and picked up a Broksonic. The last time I saw it was five years later and it was still working.

No matter the brand, flatscreen components are all made by the same two (three?) companies in Taiwan. I really can’t see why there should be any difference in reliability.

Vizio has been the biggest seller of LCD-TVs in North America since 2007. Costco has started selling them in Japan. An American brand made in China. I wonder how that will go over?

Sharp flat-screens = undoubtedly the best price 2 value sets in the market, especially in the 60" and over size category. And with a very fitting name to boot.