Scribner Publishing? HELP!

This is just too simple a question to post in General Questions. I won’t do it! If Eutychus feels otherwise, he can move it, with my blessings.


I have a letter to send to Mr. Frank McCourt, the author of Angela’s Ashes. I’ve written to authors in the past and found that sending letters in care of their publisher usually works.

Scribner is the publisher of his most recent book, 'Tis.

I’ve searched all over the web for an address, a web site, something! All I could come up with was from, which gave me the following addresses and phone numbers in New York City, but I’m not sure which one is correct!

1230 Avn Of Th Amrcs, New York, NY 10276
(212) 632-4965

Scribner & Partners
1755 York Avenue, New York, NY 10128
(212) 831-5069

Yes, I’ll call the telephone numbers if I have to. But they’re long distance…

Anyone know?

Thanks in advance.

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It’s the first address, but the zip’s wrong.


Frank McCourt
c/o Scribner’s
1230 Ave of the Americas
NY, NY 10020.

Scribner’s (formerly Charles Scribner’s Sons) is now owned by Simon & Schuster. 1230 Sixth Ave (known as the Avenue of the Americas since the '40s, though no REAL New Yorker calls it that) is the S&S building in Rockfeller Center. Right across the street from me, and down a block.


Charles Scribner’s Sons has been gobbled up. It is currently an imprint of MacMillan.

Editorial Questions or Comments

Write to:
Attn: Publisher - Imprint Name (i.e.,Charles Scribner’s Sons)
Macmillan Library Reference USA
1633 Broadway, 7th Fl.
New York, NY 10019

General address:
Macmillan Library Reference USA
1633 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Orders: 1-800-877-GALE
Product Information: 1-800-223-1244

Web sites:

Macmillan Library Reference USA is made up of a number of respected imprints specializing in specific types of publishing and/or curriculum areas:

Macmillan Reference – Print and CD-ROM works in history, geography, social science, philosphy, religion, and the sciences
Charles Scribner’s Sons – Print, CD-ROM, and online works in literary criticism, world history, American history, and science
Thorndike Press – The world’s largest publisher of large print editions of best-selling trade titles for readers who experience sight strain
G.K. Hall & Co. – Publishes bibliographic guides in both print and CD-ROM
Schirmer Books – Leading publisher of music books for libraries, the classrooom, and for the trade
Twayne Publishers – Monographs in literary criticism and social sciences

(Google failed me on this (as did Yahoo Business), but brought it up first.)


That’s interesting! Did Scribner’s get divided with some pieces going to S&S and other pieces to MacMillan? Or has MacMillan bought them from S&S? (or vice versa?)


S&S got the TRADE division (popular works, novels, etc.), Macmillan got the reference division.

Thanks. (I just wish they’d give up their cannabilistic pursuits.)

You guys rock. Thanks bunches!