Script/Tool/App writing options for the semi-competent

I need a number of my peers to send me weekly updates. They could send me emails, or update a spreadsheet but then I need to organized all of it and I’m out of time.

What I’d really like is a browser based tool that gives options for them to select (i.e. Manager’s name, employee rating: 1, 2, 3, 4, In country: Y/N, etc.). It would then add that to a master text file that I could pull into excel and play with to my twisted heart’s content.

I will never be able to get someone to write one up for me so I need to be able to build it myself. What should I use seeing how I’m semi-capable but time restricted? JAVA? Perl? Actually, seeing how I’m likely better at tweaking an existing tool/script/app are there any I could find online?