Scripted Interviews on Bill O'reilly

I was watching the infamous “No Spin Zone” the other day on Fox’s Bill O’reilly and I noticed something peculiar. What I noticed was what appeared to be a scripted interview on terrorism. Is this possible?! I know Bill O’reilly knows and is all, the Alpha and Omega of journalism, but come on could this be? Has anybody else ever noticed anything conspicous on O’reilly’s show? Here’s one possibility; perhaps the host brings on “lesser” guests so that his point of view looks even better. Also, surely somebody out there has got to have some dirt on this guy. Surely even good old Bill himself has messed up somewhere along the road.


So your question is, “Has Bill O’Reilly ever done scripted interviews before?”

I thought they were all scripted, actually. Why would he take a chance on losing control of his own show by going on without a script of some kind?

Other people also seem to think they’re all scripted.

Al Franken’s most recent book enumerates a few lies he claims Bill has told (hence the title). The most damning is probably his claim that “Hard Copy” won two Peabody awards, which it just didn’t in any way.

Bill O’Reilly brings on “lesser guests” ???
I thought his discussion about the Patriot Act with Larry Storch, was spontaneous and incisive.

So, all 3 of you think that Bill O’Reilly’s show is scripted ?
Oh yeah, and next you’ll be telling me professional wrestling is fake !!!

Forgive my irreverent postings above. It’s not as if we were discussing Bertrand Russell.
Basically, it would not surprise me in the least to hear that O’Reilly’s show is always scripted.

How dare you mention Bill O. and professional wrestlers in the same paragraph. I think you owe pro wrestlers everywhere an apology.


judging by the times I have watched the program (including last night) I’d say it depends on the guest and the issue. I’d also wager that the desire to script is not always that of the host. I’m fairly certain not ALL interviews are scripted as he had (as he did last night) had the mic shut off when he feels he can’t get a word in edgewise or is losing control of an interview.

But scripted intervies on any talk program is not news. Virtually no politico or personality will go on w/o some guidelines are a total pre-interview.

Now how could O’Reilly possibly script interviews when he’s in a No-Spin Zone? :wink:

Larry Storch? :confused:
Okay, am I being wooshed here? Obviously your “spontaneous and incisive” remark was sarcastic, but did O’Reilly really have on on air discussion about the Patriot Act with the guy who played Corporal Agarn?

Sorry if you were “whooshed”. I thought I qualified my postings by the disclaimer stating that those 2 remarks were irreverent. Plus I thought the *************** border would further insulate the goofy remarks from the more serious posting. I suppose the manner in which those silly remarks were phrased almost made it sound as if I were deadly serious.

Then again, did you happen to catch Bill O’Reilly’s discussion about the feasibility of fusion power freeing the USA from our “yoke of dependence” on MidEast Oil Producing Nations? His guest Erik Estrada brought forth several cogent and erudite postulations.