Scripting ICQ

Hi there,

I am hoping somone can help me find an application for scripting in ICQ. Most internet communication clients allow for scripting and triggers in some form, and yet not IM-clients? I guess Away messages count as a kind of trigger-script, but they are not very adaptable. I am however thinking a little more like MUD clients (say zmud) and IRC clients (like mIRC) which have always allowed a high level of user adaptation. What I am looking for is a way to let actions or events occur when various criteria are met. This way I could easily create rules by which messages with certain content were automatically closed and their sender put on ignore etc. Ideally I would be able to control other aspects of my computer as well, for example in mIRC I have scripted so that I get an SMS if I am paged.

So, what am I looking for? Perhaps I need a number of different apps daisy-chained? All suggestions welcome.

Maybe this is more IMHO ? Didn’t seem to get any results in GQ…

is the home of gaim, an AIM/ICQ/etc. client that has source, binary RPMs, and an alpha release Windows executable available. gaim supports Perl scripting, although I don’t know if it works for Windows.