Scripture Reading=Cure for PMS??? FUCK OFF!

Tell me this isn’t scary:

Yeah, I can tell it’s a man. So now, it’s immoral to treat my PMS and headaches???


I wonder if that works for hangovers as well.

Seriously, that is some scary shit.

Jesus that IS scary.

How is this happening? What the fuck is going on with this country? It’s the 21st Century for fuck sakes. We’re appointing a fucking FAITH HEALER to make decisions on women’s health? Why aren’t more people pissed about this. Why isn’t that assclown Bill O’Reilly talking about THIS shit every night instead of whining about Ludacris and Snoop dogg? Where is the fucking media?

You should move this to GD Guinastasia. It’s a great topic. I’ve had to go back and correct about 25 typos because I’m too pissed off to type straight.

We have a fundie president who actually believes in his heart that his beliefs are true and fuck everyone else. I recently read on Drudge that GWB has instituted weekly Bible studies for White House staffers. What the fuck is up with THAT?

I goptta confess to a little sympathy for the guy here. Sure, he’s a fundie and many fundies tend to think all problems can be solved by reading the same book.

But on the flip side, I think medication is way, way, way overprescribed. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if a study revealed that inspirational reading (of whatever might be inspirational to the reader) were in fact a pallative to some headaches and yes, to some symptoms of PMS.

Sure, my prescribed book might be Foucoult’s Pendulum, but still, I think the guy may be on to something.

Manhattan, you can’t be serious. I agree that drugs are over prescribed but to substitute them with BIBLE VERSES? Come on. We need SCIENCE here, not HOODOO. Also, I don’t think this little witch doctor would go along with the “inspirational reading of your choice…” theory. It’s Jesus or nothing with this guy. How about his sanctimonious attitude towards birth control. Do you want this guy making MORAL decisions about womens’ sexual health?

BTW Umberto Eco rocks : )

Personally, I don’t think the government should be making any decisions at all about women’s health.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’w wantthe guy confirmed – I just confessed to “a little sympathy” for his stance and wondered whether a real, live study might not confirm some of his thoughts.

I haven’t read Dr. Hager’s book, so I do not know, but does it recommend Scripture readings in addition to modern medical treatments, or to the exclusion of modern medicine? The way I’m reading it, it looks like he’s recommending prayer in addition to treatment.

What harm does praying about PMS and headaches cause, as long as one is under the care of a competent medical professional?

Rossarian rocks back and forth in near-catatonic state, clutching a flag and weeping

*He mumbles… *

It’s not true…it’s not true…it’s not true…

Honestly, whatever happen to good old modern medicine? Do we really need doctors saying “Take two Jesuses and call me in the morning?”

I request no more posts of this nature. I was blissfully unaware of this prior to a few minutes ago. :frowning:

Is the plural of Jesus Jesusses or Jesi?

Mommy, make the scary man go away.

“Jesus” is a Latinized form of “Jeshu,” so the nominative masculine plural ending would be “Jesi.” However in the sentence “Take two Jesuses…” “Jesus” takes the accusative case, it would have to acquire the masculine plural accusative ending (-os). Therefore the proper pluralization for the context you want would be “Jesos.” :slight_smile:

If that didn’t prove that the internet is the greatest thing ever, nothing can. There’s an answer available for everything! :slight_smile:

Jeez Guin, sounds like you’re a bit pissy. Is it that time of month? Maybe a little prayer is in order, hm?


The real question is how competent or incompetent is this person as a doctor and medical researcher. I don’t know. The fact that he’s a fundie doesn’t answer that question. So I tried google.

According to this cite

From this tendentious article

Guin, where does it say that other treatments are immoral? Where does it say that he wants prayer and prayer alone to treat PMS? You’re reading a little too much between the lines here.

Honestly, though, stress reducing meditation would probably go a long way to helping the symptoms be more bearable. Stress will do nothing but exacerbate the problem, and we’re all under a lot of stress. A complete treatment? Most certainly not, but maybe for some people, they won’t need constant medication, or can get by with less powerful stuff. As Manny said, we do tend to overmedicate people these days.

I don’t know jack shit about his qualifications, but just because says he’s “scantily credentialed” doesn’t make it so. That said, I really don’t like the idea that he refuses to give single women prescriptions for contraceptives. If you feel like ranting, rant about that, 'cause that’s complete bullshit.

BTW, I just found out today that hitting the Esc key when in the quick reply box clears your text, isn’t that just ducky?

Can I ask what his gender has to do with this decision?

For example, if there were a presidential advisory panel on prostate cancer…would all female doctors be automatically excluded from consideration?

Only the ones who advised watching Oprah as a cure.

Prayer is not treatment. It is nothing. it is worthless. A doctor should give a shit about his patients. He is not talking about prescribing “meditation.” He is prescribing specific CHRISTIAN prayer. Fuck his prayers. I want DRUGS!

I’m sorry, but any man who thinks ailments can be cured by “reading the bibile”, is a religious psycho.

He’s a psycho, and we’ll be one step closer to hell if he’s confirmed.


I’m not at all familiar with the individual in question here, but I think that manhattan raised an interesting point.

It may be a bit premature to dismiss out of hand the efficacy of prayer in certain health situations for many people…

I haven’t read his book (and am bit leery of a short magazine based synopsis of it), so I don’t know if he is talking about replacing traditional care with prayer, or augmenting traditional care with prayer. I ALSO don’t know if he is talking about suggesting prayer informally through his book…or if he “officially” prescribes prayer via his practice.