Scroll Mouse Wheel with index or middle finger

Do you prefer scrolling your mouse wheel with your index or middle finger?

I have always used my index finger but I suspect I am getting RSI from all the scrolling I do and I am trying to switch to middle.

I never even paid any attention to which finger I actually used until i saw this thread. I always use my index finger on the scroll wheel as it turns out. It feels much more comfortable and natural than to try using the middle finger (I have other uses for that finger, of course). It doesn’t bother me to switch the index finger between the left mouse button and the scroll wheel.

I scroll with my ring finger. Left click with my middle finger. Index finger is vestigal I guess :slight_smile: I right click with my pinky. Oh and this is with a thumb trackball.

I always knew I was odd :slight_smile:

Index finger on left click button, middle finger on wheel, ring finger on right click.

Index finger,always.

Index finger

Yep, I use my index finger to scroll.

No no no! You are all wrong! (And tanookie, I’m sorry but you’re kinda weird. How the heck can you right click with your pinky!)

Middle finger scrolls the mouse wheel. It’s perfectly placed, especially on the new 5 button mouses (meese?).

Wait. If everyone else uses index finger, does that make me wrong?? Nope, I may be counter to the norm, but I’m still right. :smiley: Whaddya mean, I’m the queen of denial!!?!??

I use both. I think that makes me ambifingerous.

I have two scroll wheels. I have one on my mouse, which I use with my index finger, and I have one on the left side of my keyboard (which is an infinitely superior scroll wheel) that I use with my middle finger.

tanookie, you are most certainly NOT weird! I right click with my pinky too.

Left click with index finger, roll trackball with middle and ring finger both. Thumb is usually be-bopping against trackball base in time with whatever is playing on my radio.

Scroll and left-click with the index finger, right-click with the middle finger. I drive a stick-shift truck, too! :wink:

Index finger for me.

Index finger.

Anyone else supremely annoyed by computers that don’t have them?

As I scrolled down MPSIMS (with my index finger) I came upon this thread.

Index finger for left button and scroll wheel, middle finger for right button.

My mouse only has one button. :eek:

When a mouse does have a scroller I use my index. I don’t have enough fine control in my middle, I guess. I also right click with my index.

Same here…

When I read the thread title, I was using my index finger. But then I tried using my middle finger, and that felt very comfortable as well, so I decided not to post right away. For the past few hours, I’ve been trying to not consciously use one or the other, and have now concluded that I switch back and forth between the two quite often.

My mouse has two scroll wheels. When you install the mouse software the second one scrolls sideways, I haven’t so the second one just scrolls double the distance. I usually use the second one with my middle finger, but if the page I’m reading is short I use the first one with my index finger. If it’s long I use both.

left click with index finger, scroll and right click with my middle finger.

and I occasionally find myself staring dumbly at mice without scroll buttons… or at least attempting to scroll.