Scrubs Question re Eliot's boyfriends

Catching Scrubs on Comedy Central and then again on my local TV affiliate is throwing my time line all out of whack. Heck, I didn’t even recognize Sean with his buzz cut was an earlier boyfriend until I thought, “Wait, she wouldn’t have two different boyfriends named Sean, would she?”

Anyway, not counting her one night stands and JD, this is how I see it:

Sean with long hair. They broke up when she realized sexing him up was costing her study time and affecting her work.

Nurse Paul Flowers. They broke up because he was so controlling and she didn’t have the guts to tell him to back off.

Sean with the buzz cut. She hooked up with him again after her makeover, and broke up when JD horned in on her after she asked Sean to move in with her. Then JD broke up with her at Carla and Turk’s wedding reception three days later.

Jake (?). I don’t remember why they broke up.

Keith: Intern, currently engaged, although in the season finale it looked like Eliot and JD were going to mess that up again.

Did I miss anyone significant? Is my order right? And do you hope as well as I do that JD stops with the dog in the manger routine?

Elliot broke up with Jake in “My Day at the Races” because he didn’t know her. It was the whole “he offers her white wine when she likes red wine” thing. (I may have my colors backwards.

And yes, God please, let JD grow up, be a man and let go of Elliot. He doesn’t love her, he just doesn’t want anybody else to have her. I’m beginning to think that Dan is the more mature of the two.

Those two Seans are the the same guy… He’s the dolphin trainer.

Dan? Did I miss someone?

JD’s brother. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply that Dan was one of Elliot’s boyfriends.

Dan is JD’s brother, and Eliot had a fling with him. It wasn’t a serious relationship like the others.

If I had to pick one for her, I’d pick Sean. Keith is nice, but he’s a little too doormat-ish for my taste. Sean seemed like he’d swim through shark-infested waters for her.

JD is never going to love anybody other than Turk. Elliott needs to kick both of them in the nuts and move to a different hospital, preferably one that encourages nudity after office hours.

I’d have to go with Jake. You gotta like a guy that would carry his elderly neighbor into the hospital and then tell her lawyer brother to stick his lawsuit up his butt. It’s not his fault that he hadn’t had time to know all of the excentricities that make up Elliot’s persona.

Ooh, good idea. They could hire “Naked Nancy” too.

Don’t forget Nurse Tisdale.

well, dolphin infested, anyway.

JD is having issues with the mother of his child - he’s feeling rtapped and panicky, even tho at the beginning of the season he was all set to settle down with her (especially after he felt like he was ready to settle down with the klutzy one (Mandy Moore) from the end of last season - right before he met the urologist (his baby-mama))

Yes, he has major guy love for Turk, but he also has a soft spot for Eliot - and when she is receptive, he dives in. I predict, however, that in the season opener, they’ll stop before they do serious harm to their existing relationships.
eta - as long as their are fans checking in here - does anyone know where I can find the clip of Dr Cox waiting in the pediatrician’s (Christopher Meloni) office stroking an invisible white cat? Meloni’s reaction cracks me up every time and I was describing it to someone and not doing it justice (because I was cracking up as I was telling it)

Are you sure that’s Cox? I remember the Janitor doing it, “So, you don’t like to know the ending of things?” after Cox swore bodily injury to anyone who revealed the winner of the Kobe/Shaq basketball game. Cox had previously spoiled The Sixth Sense for the Janitor.

Yep, this is why I quit watching. JD and Eliot should be banging each other senseless, falling desperately in love and getting married so we can compare their marriage hilariously with Turk & Carla’s marriage and Cox & Sullivan’s … um … relationship. But mostly, JD should be hittin’ that like a gypsy on a tambourine.

Really? Eliot seems like a neurotic twit to me, although she does have her sweet moments. I’d much rather go hang out with Carla and Jordan.

But Eliot’s the hot one. Carla does nothing for me, and Jordan is…iffy. Although I did appreciate the nipple shot they gave us a few seasons ago. That was nice.

But Sunrazor has it right…JD should be teaching Eliot Positions #4-99, not being such a schmuck.

Yes - that’s a different episode - the one you’re thinking of also involved Perry messing with Kelso’s treadmill, and Kelso paid him back by taping over a crucial basketball game Perry desparately wanted to see - Perry bargained the janitor down to a homecooked meal and an hour in the massage chair

The one I’m talking about is right after Jack was born and Perry and Jordan went to talk to the staff pediatrician, played by Meloni - a Cox-style jerk (which is why Perry liked him so much) who collects puppets and dolls because his pre-teen daughter hates dolls

I remember the basketball episode, but I don’t remember Cox patting an invisible cat in the pediatrician episode. I do remember him sending the puppet’s detached hand in a box (although it was a different puppet.)

I’m probably not remembering that particular scene. Give it two weeks…the episode will pop up soon, Im sure.

…Or, you can just bow down to MY GENERAL AWESOMEHOODLINESS!.

It’s not an invisible cat, it’s one of Meloni’s toys


For a link to a video with no sound??? I’m afraid your general awesomehoodliness is just a figment of your awsomeimagination.

The Scrub’s people should start dating the Grey’s Anatomy people.

Thank you muchly from the bottom of my feet

eta: and it’s okay there’s no sound - it’s Meloni’s reaction I was after

oh yeah - I could really see Eliot becoming unglued the way she does around McDreamy