Scumbag ransacks home of family killed in car crash

Despicable is putting it mildly. :mad:

Kudos! How enterprising.

Wow. Just when you think you know ho low people can go…

When life hands you lemons…

It’s not like they’re going to use it anymore.

Some people are just no damn good. Am I a bad person for hoping he some day breaks into “the wrong house” ?

No, you’re a good person. Obviously, you’re a good person. I mean, here you are condemning vulturine burglars. Who else has the, well, let’s say it, balls, to take a gutsy stand like that? You are all heroes of recreational outrage.

Not outrage, not big balls, just disgust. That’s a good word for it. Disgust.

Wait, a Mini Cooper hit a minivan and won?

Bless your tender heart. You are too beautiful for this world.

Let’s take this to MPSIMS, or at least off of my couch.

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What’s the matter? Should we applaud this guy? Shower him with praise? Cheer his enterprising go getter ingenuity?

I think I’ll pass.

You’re absolutely right. If burglars had ransacked the houses of the murdered cops in Washington, now THAT would have been Pit worthy, hmm?

Now, that it’s been forum nonned, I will be less of a shitty asshole.

Yes, it is a very sad tale of American anomie.

Seriously! That was what I was thinking. Although I guess once you get up around 85 mph, it doesn’t much matter what you’re driving. Cripes.

SteveG1, I dont know you, and wouldnt want to presume to tell you what to do, but why would you (or any other thinking member of SDMB) engage the poster you are talking with?

It is clear what he is (its been pretty clear since he first joined) and attention is what he craves. I cant see giving him any encouragement, his posts make it apparent he is looking for an arguement, (no matter how assinine) and if no one rises to the bait before long he will surely dissappear…

Hmmm…yes. Quite indeed.

So, because you have expertise in something on the one hand means you cannot also be mean and insensitive* on the other?

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In Detroit a lot of people don’t put obits in the paper because the rumor is crooks will loot the homes on the day of the funeral. They know where everyone will be and when.

band name!

I wouldn’t say it won. The only reason the Mini driver isn’t in jail is because he’s in the morgue.