Scylla, you officious bastard!

It started here. You kept it up here and here.

I vowed revenge. I got a modicum of it in several places; for example, here, here and here.

Granted, you are far wittier than I, which I’ll concede, but I think we’ve slain each other enough, wot? (Besides, my vanity searches are killing me! :smiley: )

Can we stop now?

(Please note: You are still a hairy ape.)


[sub]Scylla (just in case)[/sub]

I don’t know about you slaying each other, but I’ve been going crazy today trying to figure out how to link The Odessey and James Bond.

Scylla’s not witty. In fact, I’m becoming more and more convinced that he’s an errant AI, let loose on the Internet, and has simply assimilated the knowledge from numerous humor and satire webpages.


I thought that was you, SPOOFE, except you’d somehow managed to transfer your consciousness in a hairy wino? (And why, pray tell, are you not coming to San DiegDopefest this weekend? HMMM?)


Sure. Enough’s enough.

(I knew I’d pushed it too far when I made you look through the Margaret Thatcher thread. It was cruel and I’m ashamed.)

OK. I give up. What the Bork is a “vanity search”?

searching for your own name, to see if anyone’s talking about you.

esprix; i wondered what the heck was happening! every post of yours i’ve seen recently had a little [sub]scylla[/sub] at the end. now i know!

I dont know for sure this really happened but…

William Buckley writes a book about current stuff, sends a copy to his old Betty Noyer Norman Mailer. Back in the index, where its says “Mailer, Norman” he wrote “Hi, Norm!”

This was probably my favourite.

polite applause

Well, if you like it, please feel free to throw some change into my hat.

There’s no such thing as esprix lunch, you know.

Okay, you can have a pound. But don’t go following me around, expecting money every time I laugh at one of your jokes.