SD on Moles (Moles on skin)

What causes a mole, are you born with them, or do they develop? Do moles serve any function? Are moles and warts related?

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Moles are tumor-like proliferations of melanocytes (the cells in your skin that make pigment). It’s possible to be born with some types of moles, but most moles develop later in life. They have no “purpose” as such, and serve no function.

Moles and warts have nothing in common (other than causing a “bump” on a person’s skin). Warts are caused by a virus.

The most important thing to know about moles is that they can be the sites of melanomas.
If a mole changes appearance, texture or bleeds, it should be checked out by a dermatologist. If you have lots of moles, they should be regularly examined as part of your normal medical care.

I’m cursed with a million moles. And lots of them like to grow hair. I hate them. But, I have one on my chin (it too grows hair) that I sometimes get a zit nearby, and in the course of fucking with the zit (I know I shouldn’t do that anyway) it starts bleeding. Is that bad? How bad? I have no money or insurance so a trip to the dermatologist is out of the question unless cancer is about to eat my face.

For many years I had these things on my lower neck I thought were small moles or warts I could wiggle, and over the last few years the number grew.

I finally went to the doctor last fall to have a couple removed, and it was so easy and quick, all were removed. Less than a $100. The things were “skin tags”.

seaworthy: bleeding is not necessarily bad. I accidentally nicked a mole on my belly and it bled a little bit, but otherwise there was no change. What you need to watch out for is a change in shape, size, or color (especially color) . Isn’t there a clinic you can go to to have them checked out? I’ve found castor oil helpful in getting rid of dark, raised moles; I rub a little bit on the mole every day and it is fading. Takes a long time, but you might try it. (I discovered this accidentally when I was using castor oil on my face as a moisturizer, and it got rid of a few mole -type lesions on my face. If the mole doesn’t change at all, I don’t think there’s problem, but I’m not a doctor, so don’t take my word for it. Bottom line -change in color,shape or size, get thee to a doctor. Also, do some online research – it may put your mind at ease, but please don’t procrastinate about getting medical advice if there’s a change in your moles.