Mole Change

Ok, so You Are Not MY Doctor (I have made an appointment but just out of curiosity…) is a change in color normal for a mole?

My doc appointment is not mole related, but I will mention it.

I’m 40. I have had a mole on my upper lip my entire life. Not super noticeable, but …there. Just another part of my face. I noticed tonight that the color has faded very nearly to skin tone. It used to be a rather darker shade of brown (mole-brown -very nearly black but not quite).

I know that a change in color is worrisome, but I suppose I thought that mainly meant darkening, not lightening. Am I being a bit of hypochondriac?

ANY changes in moles are something to get checked out

No, you are not. Moles are tricky little bastards. As well as color change, size change is something to also look for.

Sorry to ask, are you male or female? If there is hair growing out of the mole, you have nothing to worry about (I have been told this by doctors). Whiskers count as hair. Asking the doc is the way to go. If I were you, have the sawbones give you a once-over; check the scalp, armpits, too. Won’t take long, not invasive, could save your life down the road.

I am a lady kind of doper, and previously I have had the stray irksome hair growing from the troublesome mole. In the last several months, I have NOT noticed it. Hmmm.

Any change in a mole needs to be checked out ASAP.

Sure, ask your doctor about it. But know that melanoma is much more likely to be a new growth than to arise from an existing mole. People just freak out about moles, for some reason.