SD on Parasite-cleansing "Zappers" AND Ovarian Drilling

A friend is into Dr. Hulda Clark’s materials on cancer, parasite-cleansings, toxins accumulated from processed foods, etc (see for info), and is shopping for an electrical “zapper” to assist in her cleansings. Anyone know the validity of this, have any experience with zappers, etc.? To me, it sounds like quackery but any time I mention that possibility, she accuses me of being closed-minded & conformist.

So- the Straight Dope please!

Btw, she also has Polycystic Ovarian Syndroms & is looking into Ovarian Drilling as a treatment. The Googling I’ve done has only led me to Medical Encyclopedia-type entries. Anyone have any experience with this procudure?

Well, some Googling confirmed my suspicions about Hulda Clark & Zappers & the like. If anyone has info in their defense, please share!

And also- info about Ovarian Drilling. That I know is a valid procedure.

Hi, FriarTed -

I am afraid there is not much to be said in favor of Hulda Clark and her zapper. She was a pretty obvious fruitcake. At one point, I had bookmarked several websites of people with pictures of their bowel movements after doing her “cleansing diet” or whatever it was. Fortunately or otherwise, I lost the links in a crash.

Ovarian drilling seems to be legit.


Dr Hulda Clark has dozens/hundreds of pages at