SD = Straight Dope AND split d*ck

Did it occur to anybody else that The Straight Dope initials also stand for split dick?

For those of you who don’t spend a whole lotta time watching water polo, split dick is a painful incident which usually involves a hard kick, a long scream, and a lot of bleeding.

Makes you wonder what else SD stands for.

[sub]if this post is in anyway considered sacreligious because it tarnishes the reputation of The Straight Dope initials, please disregard, cause…uuuuuhhh… I was possessed when I wrote this, yeah that’s it… possessed.[/sub]

Well, SDMB has the same letter as SM/BD (Sado Masochism/ Bondage & Discipline) so what does that tell you?


subliminal messages! subliminal messages!

:runs screaming into the night:

Other phrases with the initials SD:

[li]Sandra Dee[/li][li]Staple Defect[/li][li]Second Date[/li][li]Sacred Doughnut[/li][li]Spider Day[/li][/ul]

  1. Scrotum Drip
  2. Sex Doll
  3. Shi Dopal!

steamed dumplings, mmmmmm.

what i meant to say is: would you please explain split dick a little more, steeljaw? eeeeeewwwwwwwwww…

There’s a tradition evolving wherein I show up early for a Dopefest with the SDMB Dopefest Table Sign and explain to unknowing fellow bar patrons that it is a call to rally for the dyslexic leather crowd (Who’s da boss?).

Sterile Dog
Spacious Dodge
Silky Diva
Silver Dollar
South Dakota
Southern District
Sugar Daddy
Soup Dejour
Slippery Driveway
Sour Dough
Sudden Death
San Diego
Suck Di**
Streetwalking Dyke
Scooby Doo
Spunky Dachsund
Santas Dead
Sticky Dandelion
Siamese Dollie
Sexy Dwarf

Seriously demented
Stiff dinosaur
Sated dingo
Sewn denims
Scotch drinker
Sojourn days
Simple dingbat

My first thought was Sheep Dip.

steeljaw’s dumb