How does the popularity of these two parts of the site compare, in terms of hits and whatever other measures might be appropriate?

And how has this changed over the years?

Well, the SDMB is the Straight Dope Message Board, and SD is South Dakota.

SD is also Superdude, but I’m talking about the Straight Dope, i.e. Cecil’s columns etc.

I’d be surprised if South Dakota was more popular than Superdude.

Isn’t that like asking mother which kid she likes best?


As in the answer is obvious, but she’ll never admit it?

It’s San Diego.

I once said (riffing on the old staple “my mama didn’t raise no dummies”), “My mama only raised one dummy” in my mother’s presence.

Her reply was, “That’s a mean thing to say about your brother.”

Only thing is, I have a brother and a sister. Parental impartiality: you’re doing it wrong.

My mother would have replied “But we love you just the same.”

I’d be surprised if South Dakota was more populated than Superdude.

OK, maybe not related, but I have to mention here that I usually look for the message board by entering SDMB on Google when I’m on a computer outside the home,

It worked nicely for years until about a few years ago suddenly The Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (Hey, they are from around here!) began to jump to the top of the searches, for months the top spot kept on changing but once the Dope started to accept spiders from Google it was over quickly, the Straight Dope Message Board has remained on top of the searches ever since, at least over here in my neck of the [del]woods[/del] saguaros.