SDMB Big League Yahoo Fantasy Baseball 2016

I’ve been really busy this year and lax about posting and following up on this, but . . . the long-running (since 2001, I think) SDMB Big League Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league is back again. I renewed the league a while ago and sent invites to all of last year’s managers, as well as a reminder a few weeks ago and a final reminder tonight. As of now we have 13 of last year’s 17 renewed, with the cap currently set at 20. Draft is set for next Tuesday, 3/22, at 9:30 pm EST – it’s a live draft with autodraft if a manager is not online for it (i.e., if no selection is made during a 30 second window).

There are several threads here from past years about the league including draft recaps, etc. Basics are this is a non-keeper rotisserie-style fantasy league, with a couple of twists. One is the format – rather than the traditional 5 x 5 (5 offensive categories and 5 pitching categories), we use a 6 x 6: OPS and SLG replace BA as offensive categories, and Holds are included as a pitching category. The other is depth – total number of teams/managers has varied from 13 to 19 year to year, with 15-17 being the most common total. With 24 roster slots + 2 DL slots for a total of 26 players per team, and 15-17 teams, there’s not a lot of value out there on the waiver wire at any given time, and it can be a challenge to come up with a trade that helps your team without giving up something critical to get it. You either have to draft really well (as last year’s winner did, making only 9 roster moves all season) or be aggressive about finding and dumping players who can help upgrade a position (second and third place made 70 and 130 roster moves, respectively).

If it sounds like something you’re interested in, PM me for the URL to sign up.

Hey. I think this year I’m going to bow out. Don’t think I have the ability to participate like I used to (and on a related note I have even less idea what baseball even is these days than I used to – what team is Brian Giles on?).

Feels weird to be saying that, but I think I would be a bullshit owner and don’t be a bullshit owner. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

I hear you. I’ve felt the same way at times over the last few years, and if I hadn’t ended up in the commish role again year before last, and feeling an obligation to keep it going, I might have bowed out myself (almost did, as at least one old thread here will attest). This league is probably the only reason I’ve stayed at all interested in MLB for a while now.

That said, I don’t think anyone’s going to be upset if you’re not that active – we survived a zombie owner or two last year and will again I’m sure, and one of the signature features for this league is the sheer number of teams, so if you’re at all game to jump back in, please do.

So, one more of last year’s managers renewed yesterday, bringing us to 14 total. I think everyone’s had a reasonable chance to renew so if you’re new and would like to join up, here’s the link to register:

Would love to see a few more teams!

Still three open slots (i.e., new team slots not reserved for returning managers) plus the two for the remaining teams that haven’t renewed (Chitwood and Forkville Ferishers). Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell folks you’re indifferent to. :slight_smile:

If you’re thinking about joining, I can’t recommend this league enough. I’m in plenty of different types of leagues, and this is one of my favorites. The size alone is impressive, and really stretches the field in terms of rosterable players. If you can make the draft and commit to checking in once a week or so to check on your roster, I’d sign up. Feel free to PM me for any other details or advice going in - I’ve been here from the start. In fact, it was my first fantasy baseball league I ever joined.

Not sure if there’s enough time, but wasn’t there discussion on allowing the full 40-man rosters to be the draftable players? Kris Bryant should have been a Round 8-9 pick last year, but instead went to the highest waiver order when he was called up. It shouldn’t affect the draft at all.

I’m another long-timer in this league who can heartily recommend it. We’d love to see another team or three join and come to the draft tonight. I’ve dialed back a bit on the time I put into it - I was a sophmore in college the first year I was in this league, seriously?! - and it remains enjoyable, challenging, and fun even at a more moderate timesink level.


So I’m not sure Yahoo’s auto-renew features worked the way I expected, and I’m not sure anyone got the word – I did renew the league, which unexpectedly also renewed all the teams from last year. So if you were in and want to be again, you just need to log in and your team should be there. If you know you don’t want in, let me know and I’ll remove the team. Also, we should have room for at least 5 new teams if there’s anyone who wants in – let me know and I’ll get the details to them. Here’s the link:

Currently draft is set for Sunday night at 9 pm Eastern, but I’m willing to move that if we need to to accommodate those just getting the word.

Going to start a new thread as well but figured this would have a decent chance of catching last year’s crew.