SDMB Buddy List?

What’s it do? What’s it for? I accidentally added Hail Ants to mine… nothing seemed to happen. I didn’t get notified of his posts or invited to any parties or anything…

I don’t use it myself, but if you go to your User CP, you see which of your “buddies” is online and which are not. I think. :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it before, but I did just now, adding Ice Wolf, who shows in this thread to be currently online. It appears to work as she describes. A question occurs, then: does it show a “buddy” as online even if they’re in stealth mode?

And, as with one’s “Ignore List,” am I not supposed to post who’s on my “Buddy List?”

Egad! I’m being watched! :eek: :slight_smile:

Thanks for that link, Berkut. So, seeing as there isn’t private messaging, the only thing it seems to do is tell you whose light is on and whose is off.

There isn’t a rule or guideline for that, I don’t think, Ringo. But, hey – if you started up a thread and said “These people are my buddies, no one else”, wouldn’t that cause more than a bit of a stir? :slight_smile:

In the sticky FAQ Arnold says

Got it.