What uses do you put your Buddy's List to?

You can add names to it, but what functions does it perform for you?

Global domination.

Keeps me company.

Keeps me warm at night.

Stays crunchy in milk.

I knew all that, but what can one do with those names one adds to the list under ‘User CP’? Is it in practice as ineffectual as the ‘Ignore List’?

You can open it up to see who’s online.
You can click the links in the buddy list popup to go quickly to a person’s profile. And from there, you can choose to view “all posts by this user” or “all threads started by this user” – sorted by most recent posts first.

Much obliged, I’m sure. Useful if you want to get the timing of a new thread or a post right, if you’ve got someone in mind to respond or even just read it.

You’re on now.

Off to ATMB.

Sell 'em to spammers.

Knowing Monstre, I am really impressed that everyone else had a funny/sarcastic answer, and ***Monstre * ** was the only one with a serious answer.

Heh heh.

I suppose my buddy list might also allow me more easily to cyberstalk Anaamika. :wink:

I’ve been feeling rather insecure, so I tried to add myself to my own buddy list, but the system won’t let me. :frowning:

I thought the comments, even the predictable ones, were very good too. Just so long as they remember they’re not in GQ, lest they feel the full force of the jackboot.

Re stalking, I wondered in my early days on the board when I seemed to attract a few “Number One” fans of the Cathy Bates variety how they were managing it. But, Anaamika, it still doesn’t tell you whether a poster’s male or female, does it?

I have no clue as I don’t actually use the Buddy List! But the beauty of the Dope, IMO, is that it’s perfectly OK to stalk either sex. I mean, we’re all about the intelligence and wit here *first * as opposed to looks & sexuality, right?



Not unless they list it in their profile.

My man, it hates you so much it wouldn’t let me add you.

Now you can feel insecure.

Ok, ok, to be fair it won’t add anyone, because I’m on my gaming machine and it’s wrecked all to hell with viruses and Trojans and whatnot.

People who are enlightened enough to support marriage to dogs in cheerleaders outfits go on my buddy list.
Hi, Anastasaeon!