SDMB cited in Washingtonian magazine

I have heard rumors two or three times that Neil Young is lurking here sometimes. I don’t give them much credit, but It’d be damned cool :cool:.

The users’s name was aha… the band was The Five Americans.

Thank you!!! I see now where I had “A-Ha” muddling in my brain.

I wish Phil would come back.


Jenny yourhumble TubaDiva

Or Hoo-ha, or whatever his name was.

Isn’t it great how much easier it is to do things now than it was 53 years ago? Back then it was necessary to send a telegram to break up with someone. Now you only need an E-mail.

I can’t believe she broke up with me via Telex - it’s so rude. I always use semaphore - much more appropriate.

Email?! Dude, that’s like the Pony Express to kids these days. Nah, they break up with someone now via text or Snapchat or some such. :wink:

Well, yeah, but then I’m completely out of it these days. For that matter, they don’t even bother with writing something via text. That would require being able to write a complete sentence. They use one click to change their Facebook status to “Single”. The entire song would now go, “Bad news came my way. Dot.”

" Daddy, what’s a pony? "

As usual - the birdman is correct!

Just saw this. Need to update my resume!

(Pretty amusing!)