SDMB cited in Washingtonian magazine

Social Distancing Vindicates Large Umbrella Users

With the usual direct form of address that is our signature style, it’s from a Pit thread.

your humble TubaDiva

Hey, they quoted Dinsdale!

I’m wondering how the author found that quote from 2007, and the others which are also from several years ago. It’s not like they’re the first results that pop up on Google for “hate golf umbrellas.”

Interestingly, I just checked my copy of the May 2020 issue of Washingtonian (um, you know, a paper and ink copy, which you may not remember anymore). I couldn’t find that article in it. It’s apparently only in the online Washingtonian.

The author has been lurking here, under some pseudonym, and remembered the thread?

Very Cool!!

Or the author is a regular contributor. Why not? Have we ever seen Andrew Beaujon & Dinsdale at the same time?


Celebrities do post here, and a writer? Why not?

I am kidding… or am I?

I bet Dinsdale doesn’t even remember that post.:wink:

My elbows rub against my keyboard which is of course connected to the keyboard of all of the other Dopers in the history of Dopedom.

Which means I’ve rubbed elbows with Dinsdale.

Six Degrees of Doperation !!!

Does this now mean Dinsdale is “published”?

If so, we should all practice our pithy one-liners. You never know!

When I accept my Nobel Prize, you may count yourself among the little people I thank.

This may be a clue.

From the Washingtonian website:

For many years TSD was syndicated in the Washington City Paper; In 2007 the Washington City Paper, along with several other alt-newspapers including The Chicago Reader were purchased and became part of the Creative Loafing chain.

He could well be on the board, I don’t know about that.

In the past we have had a few celebrity lurkers, including James Randi, science fiction/fantasy novelist Spider Robinson, and actor/author Jim Beaver. And I’m sure there’s other people you know who have escaped my memory right this second.

Back when Jon Cryer was making the movie “The Pompatus of Love,” he hung out here for a bit, we featured him in a couple of chats. (Back when we were having chats.) That is partially due to this column:

The Pompatus of Love

your humble TubaDiva
Some people call me Maurice.

Butcher, not beaver.

No, it’s Beaver. Pretty sure Jim Butcher isn’t an actor.

It’s Jim Beaver. He posted here under the name jumblejim.

That’s what I said. DrDeth said it was Jim Butcher.

Paul Levinson the sf author posted here once or twice when his stories came up in discussion.

The Bad Astronomer also used to post here.

I know. I was confirming that you were right and DrDeth was wrong.

You’re welcome.:wink:

Ah, Ok, but I thought Jim Butcher had posted here also?

There was a poster here back in the day that used to be in a band that had a top-40 hit or two. I can’t remember the band (I wanted to say it was A-Ha, but pretty sure that ain’t it.). Not a band that was “big time,” but one that when you heard the name, you’d say “Oh, yeah, I know them.”

Now this is gonna bug me all night.