SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

My motion to increase IR spots to 3 gets voted down, so we’re now going to allow 6 IR spots for the rest of the year.


That was back in the naive before-times, when we foolishly believed that we had control over the league settings.

I would’ve preferred to just enact the next year’s rules (only using 2 IR slots) but other people are concerned about policing the rules. I think that concern is overblown, as we have good faith actors in this league that have almost never have had to be policed, but I get the concern for making things fool-proof and unambiguous. So I don’t think people are actually in favor of 6 IR slots, but rather they’re more in favor of not having any sort of rules that have to be manually enforced which could lead to some sort of mistake or conflict.

So, reminder, just to be clear: for the rest of the year, you can use all 6 IR slots for any sort of IR (if yahoo lets you stick them in that slot, they qualify) but next year, barring another vote, we’re going back down to 2 IR slots. If you have any players that are registered as being on IR in yahoo, I suggest putting them in your IR slots and then using the extra open bench slots to bid on waivers this weekend.

Anyway, tonight is pretty special because it’s the first time that JOSH GORDON has ever been in the same game with Josh Allen, and they are my two man loves.

It looks like Jules may start out the season as a pretty surprising 2-3 but no one else is doing well in his division to take advantage of it. Hamlet is likely to lose, and I am likely to win, which would leave me as the last undefeated team if it happens - although I can still be beaten by Emmanuel Sanders and Johnathan Taylor.

I think the Josh torch may have actually been passed this game. Josh Allen is amazeballs. He’s doing everything, probably including all of Hamlet’s mothers and sisters.

And I come crashing back down to earth. I’ll be lucky to reach my projected 85 points this week. With Barkley going down it’s looking like my next few weeks aren’t going to be too good either.

Before the season started I noticed that I had a huge number of guys in timeshares and committees and I knew that picking starters week-to-week was going to be a crapshoot. I hate how right I ended up being.

Even with my division in shambles I don’t have high hopes for the rest of the season.

Does anyone want Dawson Knox? I picked him up because he’s a third year breakout candidate on the best offense in football and he’s had 5 TDs in the last 4 weeks. He’s actually the #2 TE on the year. I would be starting him myself (and I may end up starting him in my W/T flex with all my WR injuries) but Kyle Pitts may have just broken out with his 22 point performance.

(Kind of funny, if you had told me that by week 5 I’d have the #2 TE I’d be thinking Pitts must’ve got off to a fast start)

RNATB still beat me decisively, but my two homegrown receivers, Marquis Brown and Michael Pittman, scored a combined 46 points to at least get me to a respectable three-digit total of 110.

Lamar propels me to a very unlikely victory with a 45 points performance. The Peteys are frisky.

Ouch. 90s teen heartthrob Johnathan Taylor Thomas put up 30+ points for a huge comeback victory and broke my undefeated start to the season.

Have mercy. I blow the latest Davante Adams gem to lose by 2.5 to Lamar Jackson. I wish I had been able to see the Dalvin Cook news before, I actually have his backup, who I drafted and seems competent.

But alas, 2-3 and 1-4 are little different for this team.

I’ve scored more points than two teams ahead of me in my division. I’ve always wanted to try a league where there are no head to head matchups, simply going by the total points scored at the end of the season. Or a hybrid model where teams are ranked by total points scored for playoff seeding, and then having head to head matchups in the playoffs.

We’ve kicked around the idea of a points league on the SDMB, these boards used to be much larger and we had quite a few fantasy leagues. I’d be interested in trying it in a free league, I’d be interested to see if I can maintain the same interest week over week as I do in a H2H league

I also like the appeal of a points league in terms of fairness, because h2h matchups really just add randomness, but H2H leagues really strengthen week to week interest and participation and I don’t think people would be as involved or get as much enjoyment out of points leagues.

I do think some sort of hybrid system might work, where points matters more.

One scoring system I saw that I did like was that every week every team plays every other team - scores are compared, and if you had a higher score than 7 teams and lower than 4, your record for that week would be 7-4. I think that’s kind of a fun system that has more week to week interest than a points league, but probably still less overall engagement in a head to head league where you really get involved because each win is important and it allows you to root against your opponent’s team as much as rooting for your team.

I like the play everyone every week idea. Sounds fun. A nice change of pace.

Looks like we have a trade to announce:

HungryHungryHaruspex receives:
WR A.J. Brown
RB Miles Sanders
RB Royce Freeman

JB’s Gusterrhoids receives:
WR Mike Evans
RB Eli Mitchell
TE Dallas Goedert

Wow, highway robbery. Call in the fuzz.

I’m a hard out on a points league. I’d probably give up the team. No chance I’d stay invested without H2H weekly outcomes. It’s not fun to sit down to watch Sunday football and not have specific players to root for and against. It’s pretty much the only reason to play in my mind.

Frankly the argument that the games are too random are kind of confusing to me. This isn’t astrophysics. Sports have a ton of randomness in them. The phrase “any given Sunday” encapsulates the idea that weird shit happens and teams that maybe shouldn’t win, do. Randomness is the argument against kickers too, and now we’re interested in trashing H2H for the same reason? Maybe you guys just have a fundamentally different set of endorphins than I do because removing the randomness removes the fun for me.

I’d just build a ML model to manage my draft and roster and optimize for total points. It’d assuredly be more successful. And probably just as much fun.

If we really want to spice things up we could create a private tournament on Draft Kings for Daily Fantasy that probably gets you closer to what you’re actually craving.

We weren’t discussing turning this league into a points league, just the idea of having one. But, I think that ship has sailed as it’s harder to recruit for fantasy with the declining numbers on the SDMB.