SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

On another topic, do I win the prize for the worst pre-draft cut in the league?

I dropped Cordarrelle Patterson…

Definitely one of the weirdest outcomes of the season so far.

This is kind of rehashing your argument for expanding the number of IR slots from 2 to 3. That was already voted down. I was asking about how we should handle the extra 4 COVID-only IR slots, since I can’t get rid of them on yahoo until next year.

Our options seem to be:
A) Continue the previous rule, which is that 2 IR slots are general purpose, but the last 4 IR slots can only be used for COVID-related IR. The problem with that is enforceability, as Omni laid out.

B) Say fuck it and just let everyone use all 6 IR slots for any purpose until we remove them next year. This requires no separate enforcement because there are no special rules with the IR slots. We’d end up having one weird year with a ton of IR slots and then next year go back to having 2. I suppose this could serve as an experiment to see how the league would play out with more IR slots. If we did this, I would make the change after the games started on Sunday so that everyone would have a chance to bid on players on the waiver wire.

C) Only use 2 IR slots this year and leave the other 4 empty as if they weren’t there. This was my intent when it was clear that I couldn’t actually remove those IR slots from the league this year.

Of these three options for handling the rest of the year, what would you guys prefer?

To address your other arguments, I don’t think the primary argument against IR slots is parity. I think that if IR were season ending as it used to be, or if yahoo made a different category for season ending IR vs short term IR, I think we would’ve passed an expansion of season-ending IR to 3.

The main purpose of IR slots was to add some relief to owners that were unlucky with injuries and to give them a little extra help recovering from those injuries. The problem is - now that IR can be something as short as 3 weeks, it’s much more practical to use IR slots as speculative extra bench slots where you grab a lot of dudes who are just a little bit hurt for a few weeks. It’s likely that more IR slots would be used for that sort of speculative adding than the sort of relief that we originally intended to bring when we added IR slots.

The secondary effect of such a system would be that the quality of waiver wire adds would go down even further and I think we’re at a pretty good point in terms of roster size vs waiver wire availability.

Now, hypothetically, we could make a rule saying that IR slots can only be used for season-long IR players and not the short term IR, but that brings the sort of enforceability issues that people want to get away from because the only way to do that would be for everyone to know and follow the rules. I would actually be okay with that system if everyone else was, and we’d just make sure everyone understood the rules, but I know some people in the league object strongly to that sort of manual enforcement.

Since we did have a vote on whether to expand general purpose IR slots and it was conclusively against, I think other people share concerns about the changing nature of IR in the NFL making IR slots too useful for things other than giving relief to an owner with long term injuries - although that may not have been everyone’s motivation. In any case, we need to figure out how to handle the current year since I can’t just remove the last 4 IR slots as Omni requested, and that’s what my above post is about.

It seems like we don’t really have a way out but to play out the year through the current Y! setup.

Short of the commissioner forcibly dropping players from rosters, I don’t know what else there is to do. We would need universal buy-in to make a mandated drop-round work at this juncture. And I’d wager that in the entire history of this league getting everyone to do the same thing within a week or two is on par with herding cats.

We deal with the mess we got. Anybody with four-plus extra players will have to pay the piper pre-draft next year anyway, and in the unlikely event anyone winds up with a true gem from all this, them’s the breaks. We all know that north of 90 percent of all players coming off waivers as injury replacements at this point and going forward are likely dreck.

And God forbid I catch a small break.

No one is persecuting you. If you’re getting an extra advantage it’s because you weren’t paying attention to the rules that everyone else was following, which isn’t fair. If you’re free to use those extra slots, everyone else would be too, and your advantage would dry up.

No one else is misusing their IR slots, I just checked. I have a lot of trust in the league members in this league to comply with any rules we have, so we really haven’t ever had to enact enforcement mechanisms or punishments or anything like that, and it allows us to sometimes use rules which are more flexible than yahoo allows.

You may have missed the discussion about the IR rules, which is forgivable, but now that you know the rules, it’s not really reasonable that you be allowed to break them just to “catch a small break.” We already have parity mechanisms like draft order and we can’t just allow ad-hoc rulebreaking based on whether the team is doing poorly or not.

I’ll give people some time to weigh on how to handle the IR slot issue for the rest of the year, but if people want to try to enforce the rules as written, you’ll have to make room on your roster so you’re only using two of those slots. Unless people vote for proposal B, in which case everyone can use their extra IR slots and we’ll have a weird year.

This league has been historically really good about following the spirit of the rules and not trying to push the limits and definitely not with breaking the rules intentionally. I like that, it makes us less hostile and more friendly and more flexible to handle unusual situations in a fair and satisfying way - for example, this rule we’re talking about which was a response to COVID that yahoo didn’t provide for. I understand you’re frustrated about where your team is at, but I don’t want that to turn into a new need to start rewriting or emphasizing the rules to be based strictly on enforceability under the assumption that we’ll have bad actors.

Ok so I get to keep exactly two in IR going forward?
I’ll do it now. No big loss here.

On an unrelated note, my 2-years-ago gambit to take over the Rams backfield actually looks reasonably-well-informed today.
I didn’t see them switching Goff for Stafford, Gurley is DOA, Malcolm Brown is stuck somewhere behind somebody, I didn’t get the guy CJ Whomever who was poised to take over, but Darrell Henderson looks competent in a strong offense.
So I’m taking exactly . 37 kudos for calling one sorta kinda right.

Two IR slots, period, is the solution I preferred because we’re just going to do away with the COVID IR slots next year and would’ve done so this year if not for yahoo refusing to allow IR slots to be reduced within a season, but if you want to wait a day or two to see if anyone wants to chime in the other options, that’s fine. But if we’re going that route, then yes, get your roster down to size (only 2 IR slots used) before 1pm eastern on Sunday or anytime before then.

My vote is that we keep it simple and just use the 6 IR slots for this year and cut it down next season. We’ll see what happens to the waiver wire and we’ll have a little evidence about what the league is like with even deeper benches. Carrying forward with everyone self-policing and limiting it to two IR spots isn’t really that much different than self-policing about having 4 special COVID only slots.

I agree. If we can’t get rid of them, I say we allow the unlimited use of all six spots as an experiment for this year and see how the league handles it.

Okay. If we decide to go that route don’t start using them yet. We would start on Sunday so everyone would have a chance to make waiver claims for anyone that picked up after using those extra spots.

I’d like more votes for anyone who wants to try this experiment.

I vote we use all the slots available so no policing is required.

Well, if we wind up keeping status quo, I’m going to want back the two guys I cut to get down to two slots. Because that one guy, and the other guy, I think, are potentially all the difference for me.

Okay, I will do that. That’s why I said to wait a few days to cut down to see if other people just wanted to roll with the 6 slots. It looks like we’ve only got votes in favor of just keeping the 6 slots usable, so we’ll probably just go with that, but we won’t start until everyone goes on waivers on Sunday.

Keep in mind that unless we vote for a change, we’re going back to 2 slots last year, so if you end up keeping a bunch of guys in your IR slots in the offseason you’ll have to make a lot of cuts for the draft.

IR still means on IR, right. We’re not just creating 6 more spots for anyone?

Yes. Anyone that yahoo lists as being on IR can be placed in these slots which may free up regular bench slots for people. Normally we’d need a majority to pass a rule like this, but since we’ve got an unusual situation with the 6 slots this year and everyone who has chimed in has been in favor of just using all 6 slots for the rest of the year, I’m going to say that you can go ahead and use all 6 IR slots for any IR players in 6 hours.

The reason I’m putting that time limit in is because if a bunch of people are suddenly going to have players to put on IR and free up some bench slots, I want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to grab players on waivers.

Do not put players on IR now and then pick up free agents before the games start at 1pm eastern. Wait until everyone is on waivers so we all have a fair chance at them.

I don’t like the 6 IR spots, basically means you won’t have to cut anyone and can just wait and see for next year. Takes all the in season roster management decisions out this year.

I cut Matt Brieda, he was on my potential cut list anyway before the draft but he ended up making the Buffalo team. I cut him because he’s been inactive and I don’t really see a spot for him on the Bills barring injuries. That was a decision I was forced to make with Logan Thomas out for a while and I’m very weak at TE.

The saving grace is that guys now come off IR. I have two right now (Jarvis Landry and Nico Collins) but I think both are coming back relatively soon. So with the two free agents I signed back on Wednesday to take their spots, I will be facing a reckoning within the next few weeks when I have too many guys and have to cut somebody.

I think it’ll be self-correcting.

As C-Pat’s happy new owner, I can’t fault you. Nobody could have seen a returner and occasional gadget player suddenly going off with his fifth team (in his 12th season!!!) Heck, I’ve owned him since week 2 and I haven’t actually started him until now.