SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

I actually cannot imagine how fun fantasy football must be when you go an entire month without losing a starter to injury.

I’ve won 3 straight without cracking 120 points. Woohoo.

Must be nice. I’ve got 812 points against, tied with Peteys for most in the league. Only a just-barely-respectable 741 points for, again almost exactly the same as Peteys. Unsurprisingly we’re both 2-4.

Evan Engram is hereby purged from my roster. It took me way too long to do that and he was a source of constant annoyance.

Did anyone notice that yahoo is allowing straight up players with the OUT status in IR slots? I was moving Nick Chubb on my roster and the IR slot lit up as an option but it shouldn’t. He may go to IR, but he hasn’t yet, so it shouldn’t be allowed unless they changed the rules. Can someone else with a player ruled as OUT this week check if you can put them in your IR slot?

He’s just the worst. I so wish the Giants would do the same. I actually really like Kyle Rudolph; he would be fine as the starter.

I play fantasy hockey on Yahoo and they definitely let a guy with an O take an IR slot so you can grab another guy from waivers.

You’ve been able to put players designated as OUT on IR slots in yahoo for a few years, at least

I never knew that, it seems like they should be out slots rather than IR slots then as that’s misleading and out would be more inclusive. That’s probably a good argument for not increasing the number of IR slots in the league as that makes them even more flexible.

Well, I fat-fingered that waiver wire FAAB submission. :smile:

You were only $8 over the next highest bidder, so that’s not too bad. And Johnson went for $37 last year for the same role, so you got yourself a discounted price. It’s no $74 for Dion Lewis.

Oh I’m not really complaining as I don’t usually spend my entire budget, but was only trying to bid $9.

I knew this was a thing, but I thought it was a temporary fix for when guys don’t officially go on IR until after waivers process. I was under the impression you could put an O player on IR but only to make a waiver bid, and that your roster would be frozen if you tried to make any other moves after that. Guess I was wrong.

I’m annoyed about saving all my FAAB for the byes, only to get pipped on like three different guys. >:

I have another tough week with 5 injured and some important players on bye again. I’m gonna have to probably start some Browns but I don’t like any of them tonight, the team is so beat up. I have to start Felton or Rhamondre Stevenson, probably one of OBJ or Peoples-Jones and I don’t like either this week.

Oh s*** Thursday night football, I didn’t check my lineup…

EDIT: (At 8:54pm, 30 minutes after kickoff) Crap, I would have started Cleveland against the Broncos. I’m currently showing the Steelers, who are on a bye. If my opponent is cool with it and nobody else objects I’d love to be allowed to start the Browns D/ST. If anyone objects, no worries, Giants D/ST against the Panthers is playable, albeit not great. (Jets vs New England, or anyone, is bad.)

I see Jarvis Landry started and is looking good, but I likely wouldn’t have started him anyway. I was leaning toward Shepard.

I could’ve sworn I put Johnson in my lineup instead of Gordon. Fuck.

I was tempted to try to cut OBJ mid-game to see if it could be done, but I should probably hold onto him in case he goes next year and becomes a star again just because fuck the lives of Browns fans.

Bah, I made a tactical mistake. I started OBJ in my W/R flex spot when I should’ve started him in a WR slot to give me flexibility later. Now I have Damien Williams coming back off COVID, and I could’ve started him in that W/R spot that OBJ is occupying, but now I can’t start him except over the other D Williams and that’s probably not a good choice. When you’re starting a guy on Thursday, you should put him in the pure slot rather than the flex spot for this reason.

With the human perennial breakout Devante Parker now out, I get to hope Stafford throws 5 tds in a revenge tour spot with a bomb to Van Jefferson, whoever that is. Him or the spectral remains of Leveon Bell.

Too bad because I’ve got a winnable matchup with Beef making tactical errors. But I’m already locked in on a Gio Bernard gambit. Whoooo…

I really hope Pitts turns out to be as good as everyone hopes because if not I’m going to be butthurt about passing on Chase for a long time to come. It’s kind of amazing how pro-ready and dominant Chase is even after an awful preseason and a year off of football. He’s probably already a top 3 dynasty asset not even halfway into his rookie season.

Can I sue Matt Nagy for what he has done to Allen Robinson? I wouldn’t be surprised if Robinson goes somewhere next year and regains his status as a WR1 from being something like the 917th most valuable WR this year.

Out of Atlanta’s bye, Kyle Pitts was a huge part of their game plan and had 7 recs for 163 yards. I like.