SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13

Not thrilled I started Sam Darnold, not that Daniel Jones did much better. But Darnold got pulled for sucking down by less than two touchdowns with over 10 minutes to play. Just straight pulled for sucking. That’s bad.

Looks like Jones is now going to be my starter going forward.

I haven’t really watched Carolina, was Darnold looking good at the start of the year just a fluke?

Sure is starting to look that way.

EDIT: In fairness, Chuba Hubbard has board hands. If Christian McCaffrey were in there like the first few games he’d be looking much better.

I didn’t even consider starting the Tennessee D/ST, sure would have helped, but I think I’m taking an L this week.

It’s nice to have a good week every once in a while. My team almost definitely can’t do this week-to-week (I still have no idea what’s going on with Kenyan Drake) but I’m technically still in the hunt for the division with everybody else.

I’m lucky to limp away with a win here since my team is an injured mess. Weirdly, it projects Overly as still having a 7% chance to win, but I’m up with 5.5 points and Tyler Lockett left to play. So yahoo is saying that there’s a 7% chance Lockett scores -5.5 points or more, which is nonsense.

Omni’s team might’ve put up the lowest score ever in this league - do we have a record on that? But I think Fields’ score might be a glitch. It says 0 points, but 184 pass yards should be 7.36, 38 rush yards are 3.8, and 3 ints are -6, so he should have 5.16 points, not 0.

RNATB barely squeaked by Ellis, which sucks for me since he’s actually in the lead for my division currently. Overall it was a good week for underdogs.

The “glitch” has been fixed. For -6.07 points. Yay

Also, my bench really tore it up this week.

Weirdly it still says 0 points for Fields in HHM.

Going over the league history, scores in the 60s are common enough. There have been about a dozen or so games in the 50s over the years, but only one in the 40s. That was from Ellis Dee in 2014. He scored 46.65. So that record is in play, but not projected to be beaten.

#1! #1! #1!

To quote Eli on one of his interception records or something else bad: “I’m proud of all my records.”

Oops, had that backwards. HHM is -6.07, Dynasty is zero which seems wrong. Dude had 3 picks, 3 fumbles and 4 sacks. Once the score gets fixed I might end up in the 20s.

I hate to say it, but it’s not Nagy. Robinson kinda sucks. He’s really, really slow out there and he’s not physical enough to make up for it. He’s still great at contested catches, but the reality that every catch with him is contested because he can’t create any separation. Robinson being our #1 is making life harder for Fields because there’s no chance of a quick hitting one step or three step route with AR, he’s always blanketed and he’s never given any cushion.

I didn’t realize you could click on the fantasy score on the matchups screen and get a breakdown of the score.

184 passing yards = 9.2
38 rushing yards = 3.8
3 int = -6
4 sacks = -2
3 fumbles = -3
2 fumbles lost = -2

That all adds up correctly to 0. It must be extremely rare for a player to play a full game like that and end up with 0. That’s probably one of the most unusual fantasy scores ever. I mean, players end up with 0 all the time obviously because they just didn’t get any plays. But he got dozens of plays and 13 positive points and ended up exactly at 0 anyway.

So a lost fumble is -3 and a int is -2? Are sack-fumbles considered sacks too? Is it -3.5?

Lost fumble is -2.

A fumble is -1, and another -1 if the offense loses possession. A sack fumble would be -1.5, and then another -1 if the fumble was recovered by the defense.

Trade to announce:
HungryHungryHaruspex receives:
QB Mac Jones
QB DeShaun Watson
TE George Kittle
WR Antonio Brown

Overly Sentimental receives:
QB Aaron Rodgers
RB Cam Akers
TE Pat Freiermuth
WR Bryan Edwards

Overly isn’t able to accept the trade through Yahoo due to some glitch in the code. If he can’t do so after this week’s games have finalized, we will have to manually edit the rosters.

My core is pretty much set, and there isn’t really anyone left I would want to trade since my team is almost entirely made up of players I really like. My biggest weaknesses this season are probably at RB and TE. I made a move for Miles Sanders, who hopefully is just enough to cover my back if I have injuries or during bye weeks. Of course he’s hurt now, but what can you do. Kittle now covers me at TE if anything happened to Hockenson, and frees up some rosters spots for me with the lottery ticket backup TEs I had stashed. With the holes filled, it is time to look beyond this season.

After this year, I think QB could be a concern. Deshaun Watson should solve that perfectly, assuming he ever plays again. He won’t ever play for Houston, and the rumored landing spots are enticing. If not, Mac Jones has looked sharp and can hold things down, especially if they ever find an offensive weapon in NE.

This will be my second time this season having the high score of the week. If I can sneak into the playoffs, I have a punchers chance. Especially now that Ertz was traded to the Cardinals, I’m not throwing up 1 point in the TE slot anymore.

I love this trade for me, I get to have both my Packers man-crushes together, and resume my long-term goal of controlling the Rams backfield.
I hate to give up Brown, as he was the core of my squad with Adams when I took them in my reassignment draft. But realistically for good he looks this year, Brady won’t play forever (…right??) and he has a ton of miles and is likely a couple years from cooked.
I get something for Watson when he may well never be worth anything.
And those other guys are just guys to me.

Do I really have to drop somebody though, is that another stupid Y! thing? Can I really not swap one IR player for another? Not that losing Brissett is gonna tip the balance.

You should not have to drop anyone. Akers and Kittle are both in IR, so they will swap spots, and the others are equal. If it forces you to drop someone, we can add them back to your roster when the trade goes through

Um, I will register my strong disagreement with this assessment.

Mac Jones and DeShaun Watson each alone are far, far more valuable than Rodgers. Time-value is everything.

Kittle has a lot of good years left and Freiermuth doesn’t project as a high volume guy in fantasy.

Edwards and Akers will need to be world breakers to make this close to even.

Yeah, I’m not seeing this one (but what do I know).