SDMB Fantasy Football DYNASTY League: Year 13


Peteys Get
Aaron Jones, RB, GB
Justin’s 2022 Last Pick

Gusterrhoids Get
Petey’s 2022 1st Round Pick
Devontae Booker, RB, NYG

Jesus. I would have given up a lot more for Jones.

It’s utterly baffling why owners don’t shop around when a deal in on the table.

Sorry, I forgot to answer this because I forgot if this is something we’ve done before and if there were rules governing it. I want to say that we’ve only used this sort of conditional if it is specifically invoked and spelled out beforehand, but does anyone happen to remember if this has ever come up before?

I know I’ve used the conditional start before in the league. If I’m away from my computer at gametime on a Thursday or Sunday and there is a “game time decision”, I’ve posted the “If Player A starts, I’ll start him, but if not, I’d swap him out for player B.” IIRC, at least once it was a Thanksgiving weekend, and I was travelling on the Sunday.

I’m positive I did that because we don’t allow post-hoc roster changes, even based on injuries.

I couldn’t remember if we had done it either. I thought we had for someone who was out of town when it was obvious they would have made the chance prior to the game (i.e., because the player was inactive, versus because the player had a bad game). But in the end it didn’t affect the outcome of my game so I guess it doesn’t matter anymore.

I haven’t scored more than 116 points in any of the past five games (though I’ve won four of them). I’d like to put that down to the bye weeks and Herbert’s mini-slump, but it’s definitely a concern.

This reminds me of the season where I tied for Despite being 8-3 I’m not a lock to make the playoffs because there are two teams that are one game back. I have to play RyPete and if he beats me, he’ll have the head to head tiebreaker (division record apparently doesn’t count for anything for the wild card).

Incidentally, I just noticed that I won the Sunbelt division every year from 2017 to 2019, and totally missed an opportunity to talk smack (possibly because I didn’t manage to win the league in any of those seasons despite having #1 or #2 teams every year).

So yes, in the past, I’ve always allowed people to declare conditional decisions ahead of time because they’re unsure if they’ll be in a position to be able to make the actual adjustments. But I don’t think we’ve covered situations where someone simply forgot to check/make a roster change and never posted about it beforehand. If we did do that at some point and anyone can point that out, I’d be willing to revisit the issue, but I’m going to say that in order to do the conditional start thing that we do sometimes, your wishes have to be made clear ahead of time. It has to be something like “I’m not going to be able to check my computer before the games, but if X is out, I want to start Y in his place.”

I don’t know if doing it retroactively, like if you forget about the decision, would actually harm anything, but I suspect most people would think there’s something sketchy/problematic about it.

The way Jules sets up our schedule every year is very cool, and we get 3 division games to finish the season which is going to make for a very impactful playoff race. If re-Petey beats me this week he’ll take the division lead just like that. I think it’s still anyone’s game, technically, to win any of the divisions because of this schedule, though some of the bottom teams would have to win out and get some other games to go their way. It’s going to be a fairly tight race for the wildcard, too, with whoever comes second in the midwest having a shot at it. Hamlet, RNATB, and I are pretty close in point totals with Petey and Retro having a modest lead over us.

So do I get Aaron Jones? I’m not used to Yahoo Fantasy and don’t know how to do the trade.

Yes. Usually when we make a trade, we both execute it in yahoo and then announce it on the thread, but Justin just announced it in the thread, and I forgot to execute it because there was no trade notice in front of me to approve.

If you could, go ahead and make that trade in the league today so that it goes into the league trade log. I can approve it when it gets entered so it executes immediately. If there’s a problem with that, I can switch the players manually, but I prefer to keep everything through the normal trade channels so it’s easy to track through the league transactions record.

Ah hell I definitely didn’t mean to leave Bryan Edwards in, but I guess I’m stuck with that, unless you guys let me pull him. 2:00 warning first half.

Still not eliminated from the playoff at 2-9!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I was projected as 20% to win against Petey most of the day but after a reliably awesome performance from Deebo “Josh Gordon” Samuel and surprisingly awful days so far for Kittle, Kupp, and Jones, I’m back up to about 50/50. This is a hugely important day and I could really use the win here. This would be a good week for one of Lockett’s random 35 point blowups.

Well I need Tyler Lockett to outscore DK Metcalf by about 4 points. Definitely not a long shot, but I think yahoo might overrate me as a 2:3 dog.

Denver ended up scoring 20 more points than Dallas, which is the defense I started because they’ve been good in recent weeks and Denver not so much, so that hurts. All of the other potential starter swaps would’ve been hard to justify (OBJ or Hilton over Bateman or Freeman, Knox over Pitts) so I’m not worried about those.

I see Overly wisely pulled the Baltimore D when up by 2 points over Justin, since it could’ve only lost it for him. I’m really hoping for him to make an improbable playoff run. Jules is likely to win barring a Russell Wilson injury or disaster, which hurts those chances.

Great Old Ones has a decent chance to beat Hamlet still, needs a little under 17 points from Scary Terry.

Is Josh Allen the #1 QB asset in dynasty? He’s about 30 points ahead of Mahomes even though Allen has had his bye and Mahomes hasn’t. He was the #1 scorer last year, too.

I think QBs in 1qb dynasty leagues might actually be a little undervalued because, I think, most people don’t think their leagues are really gonna last 10+ years and longevity you can get out of a top QB isn’t as valued as much as it should be, but I have to wonder, if we were doing a new draft today, and we had confidence our league would be around for another 20 years, would Josh Allen be a first round pick? I feel like the dynasty consensus would say no, but I think logically you could justify taking him as high as top 3 or 4. QB value tends to be very stable and have the most longevity.

It will have to be nothing short of miraculous. Regardless who wins tonight, it will take five (!!!) wins minimum to take the division, and I’ll have to make up 200 points of tiebreak.

So accordingly, players for sale.

Matteson is about to get all Cook’s snaps for the playoff run. Gronk looks healthy and as synched with Brady as ever. I’d take picks for either of those guys. Also I’ll CONSIDER top-flight offers for Rodgers and Adams.
That’s four league winners there folks.

The first tiebreaker for winning the division is actually division record, rather than points, so you don’t need to make up the point gap. And you play Jules next week. Since the remaining games are division games, if you pick up 2 games on him you’ll win the division, I think. It’s unlikely - I’m not trying to get your hopes up - but I’m rooting for it, since it’d be sort of an absurd underdog win and kind of a crazy commentary on your division this season and you once you hit the playoffs, who knows what would happen. You winning the whole league would be amazing.

My win this weekend saved what has otherwise been a brutal, torturous, quagmire of a season. It came down to the last drive and the last play for Russell Wilson where an interception or sack/fumble would have cost me the week and likely the season.

Wilson pulling it out makes the playoff scenarios in the Northeast Corridor pretty straight forward - if I win one of the last two, I’m in. Ellis could still tie my record if I go 1-1 and he went 2-0, but if I win one he can’t match my division record tiebreaker.

Things are more interesting if I lose both the last two. In this scenario, it comes down to who wins between Ellis and Overly in the final week. Neither of them can get in unless they win out. At this point, Justin has all but been officially eliminated. He has one path to getting in: He has to win out, I have to lose both my games, and Overly cannot win both of his. But even in this scenario, Justin would have to outscore me by 176 points in the final two games combined, which is as unlikely as it gets.

Elsewhere, things are simple: If Hamlet wins this week, he’s in. Beef and RNATB are both in with one win in the last two weeks. Things go to hell aside from those scenarios, as Retro, RyePetey, and even Gaffer are still in the hunt with some help. That means only Dale and Omni are officially eliminated with two games left. That has to be the most uncertain our playoff picture has ever been, league-wide.

The fact that I’m still mathematically in the hunt is ASTOUNDING. What a terrible season this has been.

But like Overly, I’m willing to talk trades if you need some playoff help. Let me know who you want and we can try to make it happen.