SDMB Guitarists: put up or shut up :-)

In case you missed it, there’s a big smiley in the title of this thread. This is not a challenge except to get off your duff and show us your style. There are lots of guitar players on the board, we’ve had the big equipment discussions, we’ve talked about theory, but none of us knows what any of the others sound like. I wanna know! Put something featuring your guitar playing where we can get to it and let’s hear what you’ve got.

This is not an “I’m better than you” forum, or even a “gee you play bad/good” opportunity–take those to the pit. I would sincerely like to hear how all y’all play.

I’ll start. Here’s an acoustic version of Hocus Pocus that I did in the home studio. I fear it mostly highlights my poor sense of time and my fumble-fingered lead playing, but I had fun playing and mixing it.

Me, myself & I: Washburn D30-SN, Kay K-18, borrowed 12-string, DanElectro (made from spare parts), Epiphone C70CE (nylon string), Taylor 514-C, flute, handclaps, claves
Paula: yodeling, chipmunk voice, whistle

shuts up


I’m in, if someone sets me up with a home recording studio.

Well, I can do a very bad version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary - I’m told it’s very good for a laugh… :slight_smile:

And a PC with sound capability. My home PC died way back. At work - me no have sound :frowning: Sorry you’ll just have to imagine me copying Jimmy Page’s mistakes :slight_smile:

And NoCoolUserName your link didn’t work for me, I’ll try it from a colleage’s machine later 'coz it sound like fun.

I would be interested in contributing, but am not sure how. I have some recordings of my band playing Jet, Lenny Kravitz and a few other songs, but have no place to post them for a link…

In my case, I am not playing anything fancy, but the tone of the guitar (a Les Paul replica made in the early '80s in Japan when they were making spot-on copies of '59 sunbursts, played through a top of the line British “boutique” amp) is pretty wonderful. Oh, and playing the “Are you Gonna Go My My” riff and singing at the same time isn’t exactly easy. :wink:

Well, I’ll host the files if you can get them to me (until I run out of room). Unfortunately hotmail only allows me 1 M attachments and my mp3 is about 4 M. If someone has an idea, speak now.

NoCoolUserName - thank you for the offer. My MP3 files are about the same size - 1 to 4 mb I think. So I am hearing that I shouldn’t email them to you because your email account won’t accept them?

If this dilemma gets a workaround, I would appreciate being able to send 1 or 2 to you (or someone) so they can be shared with other Dopers.

I found your lead playing quite good. That was a neat idea, too, doing an acoustic version of “Hocus”- really brings out the beauty in some of those passages.
And Paula, whoever she is, yodels like a motherf*cker! :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to search right now, but isn’t there a shareware program (Shorten, or SHN, or something) that compresses MP3 files with no reduction in quality?

I got the Hocus Pocus link to work - sounds good. I don’t know the song, but assume it is Jethro Tull or something like that?

The chipmunk voice was, to me, hilarious - is that a part of the actual song? She has a good singing voice, beyond the chipmunk stuff.

I thought your guitar work sounded good. The nylon-string leads sound clean and melodic - hard to do in the studio. Well done.

Would gladly oblige, but I have not the technology either to provide a sample.


I play classical guitar. Well, fair enough; I sound just like Paganini. Bearing in mind what he would sound like now, having been dead for two centuries.


I’ve got bandwidth to burn so I’ll try hosting some. Send your mp3s to Any size under 10 meg should be OK.

Hocus Pocus by. . .

That’s really cool - thank you. I will send one or more files in separate emails and post to this thread with comments…

I forgot to mention that I will send you back an email with the link so you can post it under your name.

Okay - thanks to the incredibly cool Anonymous Coward I can now share my band playing Are You Gonna Go My Way by Lenny Kravitz.

Here’s the set-up: This is a live gig - we are playing a charity event. A friend who is a professional record producer took feeds off the PA (we mic’d our amps and the drums along with vocals) and transferred it to his hard drive on his laptop. He then took it to his studio and re-mixed it so it would sound more balanced.

And the most obvious glitch - my no-longer-trusty 25-year-old MXR Phase 90 conks out when I am supposed to play the big break in the middle. Can you say “argh”? I quickly turned it off and kept going without the phase sound - oh well, that’s live performance for you.

The thing I like the most about this recording is the guitar sound - when I play the riff at the beginning, it just sounds quintessentially Gibson - all credit to the guitar, the amp and my producer friend, that’s for sure. I love how he got the squeals I do when I pinch-off the notes really stand out - he did a great job.

Oh, and that’s me singing, too…we are a three piece; guitar/vocal, bass and drums.

Thanks! I will submit a couple of others, too.

I’d be happy to send in a demo that I did a couple of weeks ago. 3 tracks of Stratocaster, 1 bass and 1 drums software, if anyone’s interested. It’ll have to be after I get home tonight. Ironic that this thread should appear here now; I just made a backup of it to take home and deleted it from my (work) hard drive, yesterday! Thanks to Anonymous Coward for the offer of hosting space!

Rufus, SHN is a lossless compression format for wav files. And it’s freeware. (You can’t recompress an mp3 into another format and make it smaller.) However, there’s a better format for that now, called FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Compression). Smaller files than SHN, cross-platform compatibility. Not as small as mp3, but no information is removed in the compression process.

And a couple of tunes by Jet:

Are You Gonna Go My Way


Rollover D.J.


Are You Gonna Be My Girl - used my Stratocaster on this one because I had knocked my Les Paul during the previous song and thrown it out of tune. Being able to sing the high notes was a point of pride - I shredded my vocal chords and couldn’t talk for a couple of days, but it was worth it. Can’t say I love the glitch at the end of the lead break, but again, that’s a live performance for you.

Rollover DJ - god, I love this song - just perfect rock. I love how the guitar sounds playing the low G power chord at the end of the first riff - I challenge you to find a better '70’s Les Paul tone - I take no credit for it - it’s the guitar, amp and my producer buddy, but I think it just sounds wonderful. Also, I love the tone of the single-note lead during the break. This whole song is my Les Paul replica playing the neck pickup only - incredibly beefy tone.

And yes, the crowd sound dubbed in at the end is a joke played by my producer friend…too silly.

Let me know what you think!

I’m glad to help with the hosting. I can use up to 7.5 gig of bandwidth a month, and I usually use under 10 meg :slight_smile: