SDMB High School Football Team

If we’re gonna have a high school, we need a a high school football team. So, apply here for your position.

I’d like to be offensive left tackle.

After playing my senior year (where I made honorable mention all-conference, thankyouverymuch), my coach told me “You know, we’re going to miss your GPA around here.” Apparently I was keeping up the team average.

Can I play, too? Or is this a boys only thing? :smiley:

Now, if I only knew what position…Oh, I know!

I want to be the official bench warmer.

Center or nose tackle.

(I brought up the team average too… and lettered 3 years to boot!)

Ok, I ran track in high school, but I always wanted to play football, I was just not friendly with the Jocks.

but I’ll play for this HS, 'cause its the SDMB HS.

Put me up as a reciever, I’m lean, I’m mean, and I’m fast!

Give me Right Defensive End, to satisfy my hunger for Quarterbacks. Otherwise, I’ll be quite happy to settle in as punter. A punter who actually makes tackles every chance he gets.

No matter what position I hope for, I will be put at tight end. Why? Tall, fast, good hands, and I have this insane desire to go across the middle. Frankly, I like trying to damage the other team, and that is an easy place to do it. Let me crush some bones!

Never played in reality, but heck, why not?

I’m a linebacker. Fast, quick, strong as anything, eats QB’s and running backs for lunch.

I’ll be the no-talent, slow, very caucasian wide receiver who tries hard nonetheless, nicknamed “Roberto Duran.”

You know, cuz I have Hands of Stone.

Well, I don’t play football, but every good high school football team needs a marching band…I’ll be the lead trumpet player for that when that starts. Considering I am the lead trumpet player at my school, I guess this works well for me.

I can be: running back, wide receiver, punter (not THAT good, but decent enough), cornerback and safety. I’m versatile. I can also be backup QB if one is needed.

I promise never to score 4 touchdowns in one game.

Looks like I have a lot of work to do. As your Team Captain I will be responsible for whipping you freaks into shape and showing you how it’s done! I do not allow quitters or slackers on my team so if you don’t want to work hard and show up every other saturday morning for Game Review and work out everyday, then I do not want you. I do not care if you have no skill and you are 150lbs soaking wet, if you show up and give it your all, you are my kind of player. So lets hit the field!!

Also, I play Split Gaurd. We will be running the Wing-T so that means I am the offensive gaurd that lines up to the split side. I get to lay people on their asses on sweeps and traps. I love my position!! Also, I play defensive tackle. No one can block me. They can only try.

The freshmen and newbies hate me, because I am always laying them on their asses. When I find one standing around before the whistle stop WHAM!! It teaches them to be alert and the other team mates get a kick out of it.

I am so all over safety. The joy of sitting back, reading the play, going to where the ball’s going, and CRUNCH

Damn I wish my school had a football team; I may go for rugby this year, but it’s just not the same.