SDMB Home Page - TubaDiva Contact

The message board footer still has a link to TubaDiva’s personal email AOL account. Is this out of respect or oversight? In either case, anyone sending an email to that address probably won’t receive a response.

As I understand it, the SDMB currently has no administrator and so nobody can change that link.

At the moderation level we can’t fix it. We have reported it at least three times, and every time we have been assured that it would be taken care of. It’s a bit frustrating.

We really need a technical admin.

It would be relatively trivial for whoever controls the hosting account to directly edit the files. It doesnt have to be a Discourse admin for that.

Sure, I’ll have someone on our end handle it. What should it say instead @engineer_comp_geek ?

Seems to be fixed now. Thanks!