What's a good email address to contact the mods?

The only one I’ve seen (unless I totally missed it) was Tuba’s aol address.

Suggestion - can TPTB set up a generic address such as mods@straightdope.com or something like that? It shouldn’t be that hard to do.

The board already has PM capability to each individual mod. At the bottom of each forum contents page are name links to that forum’s mods’ user pages. From which you can PM them.

ATMB even has Ed as a named mod, so you can skip the middle(wo)men & go straight to the top.

If you go to the SDMB main page ( http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/ ) and scroll down towards the bottom, there’s a link to “view forum leaders” which gets you a list of all moderators. Most of us have an e-mail address which you can get to by clicking on “e-mail” on the right side of that page next to our name. There’s also a link to send us a PM from that page.

As LSLGuy said, the names of the mods for each forum are at the bottom of that forum’s page. There’s a link to PM and also a link with our e-mail on our profiles.

If you really want their email, you can click on their name, view profile, contact information, and you should see an email addy there. I’m betting they check their PMs more frequently here though. (or you can do it the way ECG suggested above.)

Duh. I should have known that.

E_C_G, I’m going to email you some info. It’s from a user who changed their password and then forgot it. If you or whoever does this could send them a new password or enable them to create a new login or whatever, I’d appreciate it, and so would they.

Thanks in advance!

I think the poster has to do this themselves. You can’t do it for them. I could always be wrong.

I just tested this. If you hit the log in button on the log in page without entering anything, it will inform you that you have entered an incorrect username or password with a link to reset your password. If you click the link, it will send you to a page where you can enter your email address so that the Dope can send you a link to reset your password. As long as you remembered your email address that you registered with, you’re good to go.

Am I missing something obvious, or shouldn’t there be a more prominent “how to contact us” link on the main forum page?

Heh–I was thinking of the precise same example.

Most websites have a front page link that says “contact us” with a valid email address. I actually think that it’s a default setting in vBulletin and that it has to be turned off manually.

It’s right there in plain sight. On every page, including both the front page and this page, down near the bottom is a horizontal blue band with the underlined words “Contact Us”. It’s an email link to the webmaster. Which will probably eventually be forwarded to a mod if that’s the right person to handle your issue.

I can’t even tell if this is sarcasm.

I was answering Fenris’ post #9 that asserted there was not a contact link on the pages. Why he thought that was a mystery to me.

Aaah upon re-reading now I get it. :smack:

I misunderstood Fenris. He wasn’t saying SDMB lacked such a link. He was saying he didn’t understand how the OP missed the link that’s commonly on every website, even this one.


Too much 'Dope and not enough dinner yet tonight for me. I’m outta here :o

Does an e-mail to “webmaster” here actually go to someone who will see it and act on it (or at least forward it to a relevant mod)?

“Webmaster” always sounded a bit 70s Marvel villain to me. THUS THUNDERS - THE WEBMASTER!

I dunno. I just sent a test e-mail to that address so we’ll see what happens.

Nope, you read it right the first time. :wink:

I just thought that the “webmaster” email only went to Jerry who (I understood) was too busy to do stuff like forward mail, etc. so it was a dead link.

I received a reply, so the webmaster e-mail does get read.

That e-mail does not come directly to us mods, though. We’ll get the message, eventually, but it’s going to take the long way around to get to us. If you want to contact us, it is much better to contact us directly via pm or e-mail, as noted upthread.

I went the other route and asked. :slight_smile:

Both the webmaster and Cecil links are live and monitored. For issues related to message board content it is still easier to PM a mod.

Really! Color me a bit surprised, to be honest. Who gets those “webmaster” e-mails? Is it the admin guy, whoever took over Jerry’s job?

The mods are not involved in the Straight Dope itself (the column, main website) so we don’t get to see how all the machinery works. Ed told me that the emails are read and forwarded to whoever needs to act on them. I know at times when it is a mod issue he brings it to our attention and some problems individuals have had did go through one of the emails. Some problems would get resolved quicker if a mod was contacted directly but all are addressed at some level depending on the issue.