SDMB in another language?

I was reading a thread in GQ about where all the Frenchmen were, and I was wondering if foreign-language threads were officially a no-no here, or if it just works out that people don’t bother, just to respect others? I know that there are quite a few Germans and francophones here, and if a thread were to be opened in another language, would it be closed, or tolerated? I have no intention of doing this (my written english is a lot better than my written french), but I was just curious :slight_smile: I didn’t find anything in the FAQ (unless I missed it completely) and search kept timing out on me :frowning:

I believe their position is that this is an english language board and therefore non-english threads are not appropriate. I’m sure that a mod will be along to confirm or deny.

There was a thread started in… I think Spanish, but I’m not positive. Anyways, it was closed. I know there were some Morse Code threads in MPSIMS that were closed. Basically, because this is a moderated board, all threads must be read by at least one moderator. If you start a thread in a language that none of the forum’s moderators can read, or that none of the moderators at all can read, then there’s no way for them to know if you’re keeping to the rules in terms of content. So, to keep things simple for the moderators, all threads have to be in English.

I think Amok has summarized it accurately. If you do post a short sentence/quotation in a foreign language (as, for example, I have seen in threads discussing esperanto), please include an accurate translation.

Like this:

‘In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming,
yet He shall rise and His kingdom shall cover the Earth.’

Anthracite, I hate to have to correct you, but you only have the first part “'In His House at R’lyeh Dead Cthulhu waits dreaming”.

If you post in MPSIMS speaking perfect Dutch, I might overlook it. But I’d better not find any errors, dammit! :slight_smile:

You’re correct; I had the page turned to the wrong Psalm. Stupid Latter-Day Cthulhu Bible…

On a related note, what’s the official policy on linking to external sites written in a foreign language where appropriate (i.e., a thread about literature written in another language)?

That’s wagh’nagl, thank you very much … unless you were accusing Great Cthulhu of being a vegetarian.

Please do not accuse Great Cthulhu of being a vegetarian. It will just force him to eat you.

Some Guy, Chairman
Pedantry Department
The Institute For Aklo Studies

That’s OK, provided those sites do not conflict with any of our other rules. So no German porn sites, and no Egyptian pyramid schemes. :wink:

[sub]Boy, that was bad.[/sub]


Ah, but that’s OK, femtosecond. He had one of his drones post a translation. Perk of the position. :wink:

It took that stupid drone 13 hours to translate it!
He should give them a better training. Who was it, anyway?