SDMB Movie Game!!

OK, me and my friends play this game a lot, let’s see how it works on the boards. It’s really fun when you do it rapid fire, but hopefully that will carry over.

The way it works is: Someone names a movie or actor. The next person must name either an actor in that movie, or another movie that actor was in. You can be challenged at any time. If you are challenged and fail to come up with it, you’re out. NO SEARCH ENGINES No movies from before 1960.


Katie Holmes!
Taye Diggs!
The Way Of The Gun!
Ryan Phillipe!
Mike Myers!

Get it? Ok, let’s go!

We’ll start easy…

Meg Ryan!

You’ve Got Mail

Parker Posey!

Exclamation points are required. See the thread title.

House of Yes!

What kind of pussy game is this?

Thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom. We are all better for it :rolleyes:

`Twas neither wit nor wisdom, wiseass–just a legitimate question: How challenging/legit can a “movie game” be if you arbitrarily exclude over 1/2 the movies ever made? Sorry I failed to paint that out in big neon letters Mr. Sarcasm King Sir.

Tori Spelling

Scream 2

Neve Campbell

Wild Things!

Kevin Bacon! (And his bacon!)

The River Wild


Meryl Streep!!

Death Becomes Her!

Bruce Willis!

Sixth Sense!

Hayley Joel Osment!

Forrest Gump!