SDMB NFL Pick'em and Survival Leagues 2020

Alright guys, we’re in a bit of a clusterfuck in the survival leagues this year and I’m going to add to it.

I made a third survival league for anyone who is interested in joining. You can play in as many survival leagues as you like. And you can try different strategies in each of the leagues, there’s no need to remain consistent between them. I know some people who joined the league which required picks Thursday night ate some unexpected misses, and this is a good chance to start over. It’s also a chance to get us all in the same league.

But feel free not to join if you don’t want to, and by all means keep playing the existing leagues either way. I will update all competitions throughout the year in this thread.

The new combined survival league, starting week 4, with 3 strikes, picks not needed until 5 minutes before the game, and picking through the playoffs (if anyone survives) is password cecil

Okay, fuck 2020.

When I set up the new survival league, it always starts with default settings. One strike, submission in before Thursday.

I am 100% positive that I went in, edited the rules, changed 1 strike to 3 strikes, and changed submission from “before first game of the week” to “5 minutes before game starts”, meaning that you could pick any game before it started up through the Monday night game. I remember double checking it.

But it is now listed as the pick needing to be on before the Thursday game. It still retained the other setting, 3 strikes, but not the pick before gametime one.

So… fuck it. We’ll keep the leagues as is. In two of the leages you need to submit your picks before Thursday, it can’t be changed once the league begins scoring. Sorry for the pain in the ass nonsense this year. We’ll get it right next year, if that’s a thing that happens.

Man I do not like the survival options this week. Half the yahoo crowd picked Miami. I get it. Miami looked pretty good last week and the Jets are terrible, so it’s probably a solid pick, but usually when >50% of the survival crowd picks one team, it’s because the game is such a solid lock. So many people picking a mediocre option like this highlights how much all the options suck.

At least there’s no Thursday night game this week to mess it up.

I used the Cardinals last week or I’d take them this week

Damn it. 10 weeks of surviving and I forgot to get my pick in before the Thursday game.

Well I’m gonna pretend I made the pick in time and act like I picked the Chargers this week even though it’ll be an X on the scoreboard.

Whoops, correction to my not actually official play this week. I forgot I had already used LAC in the survival league that started the season that requires picks by Thursday, so I’m going to change my unofficial pick to Minnesota. In the second chance league, which also was screwed up and required picks by Thursday, I want to stick with an unofficial pick of LAC.

I’m glad I’m also still alive in the other league we started the season with that does not require picks by Thursday (both are named SDMB Survival, so a bit confusing), I’m still officially alive there.

Yay, I’m the last one without a strike in survival.

My week 2 shows a strike as “no pick.” But I indeed made a pick. Somehow it didn’t save. So I should only have 1 strike. It’s not the first time I’ve had issues with Yahoo. You go through all the games making picks and then at the very end it says you have to “sign in.” You then sign in again and then find out later nothing was saved. Total BS.

I’m still strikeless in one of the leagues.

Yes, we have those two full season leagues because of the confusion that some people joined the league in the thread, and some people re-joined the league from last year, so we have two seperate full season survival contests going. In one, gaygnu was the last survivor and in the other, dale.

Now - after getting all my survival picks in before Thursday’s game, I fucked up twice in a row. Last week before I simply forgot, and this week because I forgot the first Thursday game starts at like fucking 9am on the west coast. Those two officially ended me, which is really annoying, but for my own amusement I’m going to continue to play along unofficially and make picks for that week even though I’m too late.

I noticed garygnu also forgot to pick this week, probably for a similar reason, which is a shame since he still had a perfect streak going. If you want to keep playing the “unofficial” play along game like I am, you can post what your pick for a future game in here (as if you were playing in a league with a later deadline) and see how long your perfect streak can keep going. Anyone who missed their pick before the deadline is welcome to post it here instead, it just won’t be reflected in the official yahoo scoring, but we can keep track of it.

My unofficial pick this week is the Cleveland Browns.