SDMB NFL Pick'em and Survival Leagues 2020

Not to step on SenorBeef’s toes, but the season starts tomorrow and there’s no league set up. So I decided to be proactive and do so. Here’s last year’s thread: SDMB NFL Pick 'em and Survival Leagues 2019

Stealing from SenorBeef’s text:

Everyone is invited to play - it’s not like fantasy football where you have head to head matchups every week, everyone plays against the whole league, so if you end up dropping out mid-season it’s not a big deal. So try anything you want.

Pick 'em:
In NFL Pick 'em leagues, each player predicts the outcome of every NFL game. There are three different types, and we run all three. You can join any or all of them.

Straight up: You simply pick the winner of each game, and get a point if correct.

Spread: A spread is determined for a game (like with sports betting), where one team has a certain amount of points given to them, and you have to pick the game with that adjustment taken into account.

Confidence: The most complex one, but in my view also the most fun. There are no spreads, so you pick the winner straight up. But you get a confidence value you can assign to every game, 1 through the number of games being played that weekend, and can only use each number once. So if there are 16 games that weekend, you’ll assign the confidence number 16 to the game where the outcome seems most clear to you, 15 for the next one, all the way down to 1 for the one you’re least sure of. If you pick correctly, the confidence value of your pick is added to your weekly score. If you only play one league, I suggest the confidence league.

Each player picks one team that has to win each week. If your picked team fails to win, you get a strike. You can only use each team once. Three strikes and you’re out.

These leagues can hold up to 50 players each, so we’re not really at risk for filling up, and you’re competing against the whole league, not one other team per week like fantasy football, so it’s not a big deal if you end up dropping out. I’d like for everyone to play all the way through the season, but it won’t hurt anyone if you don’t, so feel free to sign up if you’re only a little interested. The more the merrier.

Pick 'em sign up
Survival sign up
Password for all leagues is cecil. League numbers are:

Pick em: 32459
Spread Pick em: 32507
Confidence Pick 'em: 32511

I think Survival doesn’t have a number and that the link should work as the invitation.

Hope to see you all playing this crazy year. Let’s see how long we get.

Edit by Raventhief:

Updated league numbers per request.

Just a note: I’ve set up the Survival league to go three strikes. I think it’s been more fun in the past, especially since the number of players is fairly low, so one bad week can end the game with a single strike.

No problem at all. I just completely forgot. My bad. New boards threw me off my game. Thank you

I figured between the new boards, the way the season sorta snuck up on us, and life in general, it just got forgotten. I honestly didn’t even think about it until this morning when I went looking for the thread.

So hey, before we get too deep into this, do you want me to try renewing the leagues I usually run? I think I can send out a mass invite that way. I’m not sure if the board still has an edit window, but we could maybe get the mods to edit in the numbers for the renewed leagues.

Not trying to nullify your efforts or steal the leagues back or anything, I was just thinking that a new invite to the existing player base would be more effective in getting people back on short notice. We could still use this thread, just with the numbers from the renewed leagues.

If that works better, it’s fine with me. I don’t know how Yahoo is set up on the back end. I just wanted the games to happen this year.

Okay. I was able to send out invites to everyone in last year’s league, which I think should get people on board quickly hopefully. The league numbers are

Pick 'em 32459
Spread 32507
Confidence 32511

Password for all is cecil.

I’m not sure if you can go back within the edit window now and change the numbers. If not, reporting your post should be able to get a mod to do it.

Survival works differently - everyone has their own set of picks and then can join multiple groups. You can’t re-invite people from last year the same way you can with pick 'em (as far as I can see) so we can use your survival group.

I went ahead and flagged the post for moderation with an explanation about changing the league numbers. Hopefully if we get that quick enough no one will be confused/in the wrong place. Sorry for the hassle and hanks for helping on this. I totally dropped the ball on this one.

Important Update: Whoever it was that joined the Confidence group I had originally set up, you have been removed and the groups I set up deleted. Sign up again using the updated group ID numbers.

So I’m not quite sure how this happened, but I re-created the SDMB survival group I had from last year to see if I could invite from within the group. I couldn’t, so there was no reason to overwrite asterion’s survival group that he linked to instead. And most of the people signed up for survival did go to that group, in the link, in the OP.

But somehow 5 other people ended up in the other survival group - the one I re-created just to test if there were invites - without there being invites. Maybe it automatically notified people when I recreated it?

Anyway, I didn’t expect this but we have all the player split into these two groups. I suggest the 5 players in the old survival group join the one in the OP. I’ll try to e-mail them to tell them that. That way we’ll all be on the same page.

If not, through the season, I’ll mention the players from both leagues when I report on how people are doing in the survival leagues.

The player’s in the old group, the less populated group, are: dalej42, Fear the Turtle, Fightin Borchevskys, Frosty’s picks of doom, and C’s Acid Trip Picks

The link for the proper survival group is:

I’m getting the page doesn’t exist when I try to join

I would have signed up and duplicated my picks for both leagues - if you had told me before Thursday’s game. I already picked KC and if I join the new league I’ll have to pick someone else and it will get hella complicated.

No problem. I’ll post the combined results from both leagues to the thread sometimes.

I meant to set it so that you could pick Survivor at any time as long as the Monday night game hadn’t started. Sorry that I messed that up. Get your picks in before the Thursday game next time, because I didn’t.

On the other hand (and sorry SenorBeef), who really remembered that there was a game tonight when it was Bengals at Browns?

Well shit. A bunch of people got strikes because they weren’t expecting to have to get the pick in before the first game because we don’t usually play by that rule.

Should we just start a third league that everyone can join and start in week 3, so everyone is the same league with the right rules going forward? We could either start completely fresh or try to count previous picks people have made so they can’t make them again, but in that case I don’t know what we’d do with the people who had blank picks who didn’t get their picks on time.

I’d be fine with starting fresh week 3, one big survival league.

By all means, a new league is fine by me. I either missed or misread the setting option, and it’s not like resetting is a huge deal. It’s just for fun, after all.

Again, my apologies for screwing up Survival. Any word on a reset?

Whoops, my bad. I forgot about doing that this week and I’m a little afraid of doing it right before the Thursday night game in case that ends up splitting the league again. I’m going to see if I can create a new one for week 3 after the Thursday game.

People should keep playing in the current ones. There’s no need to cancel those. But to those people who got misses because of the pick deadline before the Thursday game in the league in the OP and to try to get everyone in the same league we’ll try running a concurrent league starting after the game tonight so people can play both. They’ll be separate competitions and I’ll record the results of both on the thread.

For now - if you’re in the league from the OP, make sure you get your pick in before the Thursday night game. Because that appears to be the default setting for yahoo survival leagues and it wasn’t changed (and can’t be changed once the league starts). If you don’t make your pick before the Thursday game you end up getting locked out for the week with no pick.

Sorry, everyone continue to play as normal. We’ll get an additional league going next week for those who might’ve been burned by the pick-by-Thursday rule or anyone who wants to join a new survival league.