NFL Pick 'em and Survival Leagues 2021

last year’s thread. An invite to everyone in the leagues last year was sent out when the leagues renewed. Otherwise the league numbers will follow.

Everyone is invited to play - it’s not like fantasy football where you have head to head matchups every week, everyone plays against the whole league, so if you end up dropping out mid-season it’s not a big deal. So try anything you want.

Pick 'em:
In NFL Pick 'em leagues, each player predicts the outcome of every NFL game. There are three different types, and we run all three. You can join any or all of them.

Straight up: You simply pick the winner of each game, and get a point if correct.

Spread: A spread is determined for a game (like with sports betting), where one team has a certain amount of points given to them, and you have to pick the game with that adjustment taken into account.

Confidence: The most complex one, but in my view also the most fun. There are no spreads, so you pick the winner straight up. But you get a confidence value you can assign to every game, 1 through the number of games being played that weekend, and can only use each number once. So if there are 16 games that weekend, you’ll assign the confidence number 16 to the game where the outcome seems most clear to you, 15 for the next one, all the way down to 1 for the one you’re least sure of. If you pick correctly, the confidence value of your pick is added to your weekly score. If you only play one league, I suggest the confidence league.

Each player picks one team that has to win each week. If your picked team fails to win, you get a strike. You can only use each team once. Three strikes and you’re out.

These leagues can hold up to 50 players each, so we’re not really at risk for filling up, and you’re competing against the whole league, not one other team per week like fantasy football, so it’s not a big deal if you end up dropping out. I’d like for everyone to play all the way through the season, but it won’t hurt anyone if you don’t, so feel free to sign up if you’re only a little interested. The more the merrier.

Pick 'em sign up

Password for all leagues is cecil. League numbers are:

Pick em: 16362
Spread Pick em: 16363
Confidence Pick 'em: 16364

And this link for the survival league.

Bumped to reminder everyone there’s still time to join!

Season starts tomorrow, get your picks in.

If anyone reads this later in the season, you can still join and compete for winning individual weeks if you want.

Games on Thursdays suck.

If I recall correctly, the Survivor league runs through the playoffs, so it’s possible to find yourself not being able to pick a team if you’ve used everyone up.

Previous picks are wiped clean at the end of the regular season when the playoffs start, so you don’t have to reserve teams for the playoffs.

Question on the Survivor League: Do we have to make our picks before the Thursday night game each week?

No, not unless you’re picking someone in that game. You do have to do it by Sunday morning before the early games start, though. 1pm eastern Sunday is the deadline.

That’s what I assumed, but wanted to make sure. Thank you!

I’m not going to make reminders every week, but I’m going to remind everyone to get their Sunday picks in. Games start in a few hours.

Remember to get your Thursday picks in.

Alright, this is gonna be my final reminder to get Thursday picks in. I just know I tend to forget them until I get in the groove of the season so I figured I’d give you guys a few weeks of reminders to start the season.

Especially when the Thursday night game is as much as a snooze fest as Texans vs Panthers, it’s only week 3 and we’re seeing a 3rd string QB

Damn, it hurts watching a team that a lot of people picked in survivor (but you didn’t) just barely scrape one out.

Many anxious moments tonight…

I feel like the people who picked Buffalo should get some sort of bonus survival for a 40-0 win.

A decent amount of first strikes this week. Saints and Titans gave Davenport, Frosty’s survivors, Hamlet’s got no chance, MadTheSwine, and Gloria Gaynor their first strike. Arte got eliminated.

That leaves 10 of us perfect so far.

And the people that picked Cincy on Thursday should get something for the anguish we suffered throughout that game.

You get what you deserve when you pick Cinci

I won’t be picking them again this season

So I saw Frosty was leading in confidence this week and looked at his picks. He picked NYG over NO at an 11 confidence. Everyone else picked NO at like 9-16. I thought “Bold move… or…?” and I looked to see his pick 'em (non-confidence) pick. It should be the same, but he picked NO there. Which makes me think he meant to pick NO at 11 confidence NYG, but that mistake won it for him this week.

Btw, when doing multiple leagues, there’s an “import picks from [other league]” option. Pick 'em and confidence should have the same picks (and a confidence value is added in the confidence league) but you can also use it on the spread league to copy over your tiebreakers. Saves some time every week.