NFL Pick 'em and Survival Leagues 2021

We barely avoided a massacre again in survival with Minnesota eeking out a last second 57 yard field goal.

Yep, after the Vikes did their darndest to give away the game in the last 4 minutes.

That was intentional and not a mistake. Feel free to throw logic out the window whenever you’re assessing my Giants picks :grin:

If you’re curious about some of the (minimal) thought that went into this specific pick the Giants looked about as bad we expected but they could’ve won against WFT and ATL (no chance against the Broncos). The Saints dominated a Packers team that looked like they were sleepwalking, lost to a Panthers team that was able to take advantage of standard Winston mistakes, and beat a Pats team that gave away three INTs (one for a pick 6).

I usually start with the straight up picks and then I import those to the other two before making some tweaks. In some weeks I will pick something different in Confidence if I feel good about my chances for some upset points. I haven’t pulled the numbers but I do know that my Confidence picks haven’t always matched my straight up picks since I usually treat these like three (4) completely separate leagues.

It’s not often that a 1-4 team is the obvious survival pick but Indy looks like they’re going to be just fine.