NFL Pick 'em and Survival Leagues 2021

Congrats to Frosty in the Spread Pick 'em. Dude was amazing, getting to 150-105, wich is nothing short of amazing. Well done.

Thanks! Spread is always a fascinating league but they’re all a lot of fun.

Good luck to the last three standing in Survival. 17 weeks is impressive!

Congrats Frosty! That is the most dominating win I think we’ll ever see. If you picked zero playoff games, and the 2nd place player got every single playoff game correct, I think you would tie for 1st overall. Remarkable

Looks like the Bengals upset nailed down the Survival pool for me, since the other two people who were alive both went with the Titans. I wanted to stick with the AFC in the playoffs so I had all possible options available to me to pick in the NFC for the Super Bowl. I decided to go safe with Buffalo in the first round feeling very confident that either the Raiders or Bengals would beat the Titans. Worked out

Wow, yeah, congratulations. I haven’t kept up with the survival and pick 'em leagues as I should’ve, and I didn’t realize we still had 3 players still alive so late. This may be the latest anyone has ever survived in this league, although I’m not sure about that. Good work, that’s really impressive.

Yep, congratulations on the survival win. I had some similar logic about the future playoff rounds, so I was deciding between Cinci and Tenn. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a survival pick where I was considering both sides of the same game before :slight_smile: .

I will echo the congrats on the survival win. I lasted until Week 15, when I picked the fading Cardinals in Detroit.

It was a fun season.

Dangit. I had SF picked and then changed it at the last minute. Oh well. Congrats on the win. Survival is always the most fun for me.

This is at least a tie for the longest a Survival game has gone. I made it this far 2 or 3 years ago but don’t remember the final outcome. That I did so well this year means I’ll be out by like Week 6 next year. See you all in September!

You’re going to continue picking, aren’t you?