He Hate Me Keeper League 2021 - Year 19

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Just to be absolutely clear, though, are you giving me an order?


  1. (7) Tyreek Hill (KC - WR)
  2. (22) Joe Mixon (Cin - RB)
  3. (35) Kareem Hunt (Cle - RB)
  4. (50) Ben Roethlisberger  (Pit - QB)
  5. (63) Chase Claypool (Pit - WR)
  6. (78) Tyler Higbee (LAR - TE)
  7. (91) Ryan Tannehill (Ten - QB)
  8. (106) David Johnson (Hou - RB)
  9. (119) Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)
  10. (134) Darnell Mooney (Chi - WR)
  11. (147) Nelson Agholor (NE - WR)
  12. (162) Kalen Ballage (Pit - RB)
  13. (175) Cole Beasley  (Buf - WR)
  14. (190) James White (NE - RB)
  15. (203) Pat Freiermuth (Pit - TE)
  16. (218) Chris Boswell (Pit - K)

For someone going 2 RB and 1 QB in teh first four rounds, you really need to gain positional advantage in those slots. Unfortunately you really don’t. Mixon is solid but not explosive. Hunt is explosive but not reliable for weekly advantage. Big Ben hasn’t been a true stud since David Johnson ruled fantasy . . . oh. Well that was a choice. Hey - who knows what will really happen with HOU RB’s this season. Maybe Mr. Johnson found the fountain of youth hidden in the Texas scrublands. Maybe he will at least save you from having to start Kalen Ballage one week, and that is clearly value. White is a reliable 4-6 points every week. If that ever becomes your best choice for a week, you are screwed.

Hill is a stud, pure explosive bliss with a high floor at a position that rides a roller coaster of weekly variance. Excellent beginning. I am high on Claypool this year. I actually think he will supplant Smith as the best Steeler WR to have. Nice pick after a 3 round digression. Moore feels like a reach. Agholor will tease, but he’s already banged up and I think he’ll end up as the 4th target in NE offense. But Beasely as a keeper saves this group. Gives you the luxury of gambling on some upside with WR 4-5. I might have gone for a risk/reward rookie instead of Agholor, but how much grief can I give you over a WR5?

Tannehill would have been a nice pick, except for the Big Ben keeper. Now you have 2 picks in top 7 invested in QB and neither doing more than trying not to fall too far behind your opponents in position. You could have achieved the same with Tannehill and a round 12 flyer with keeper potential.

Higbee doesn’t excite me this year. But if the Rams lose any more RB touches then he might become a solid start. Freiermuth is a decent flyer in round 15 if Higbee bombs.

Kicker in round 16 - check. DEF in round . . . really? Seems like the theme of your draft is “Will over pay for Pittsburgh” That left you mediocre at QB, week at TE, and thin behind 2 solid RB.


Carcosa Yellow Kings

  1. (8) Aaron Jones (GB - RB)
  2. (21) Justin Jefferson (Min - WR)
  3. (36) Antonio Gibson  (Was - RB)
  4. (49) Tee Higgins (Cin - WR)
  5. (64) Julio Jones (Ten - WR)
  6. (77) Jalen Hurts (Phi - QB)
  7. (92) Leonard Fournette (TB - RB)
  8. (105) Curtis Samuel (Was - WR)
  9. (120) Henry Ruggs III (LV - WR)
  10. (133) Darrel Williams (KC - RB)
  11. (148) Darren Waller  (LV - TE)
  12. (161) Nyheim Hines  (Ind - RB)
  13. (176) Sam Darnold (Car - QB)
  14. (189) Indianapolis (Ind - DEF)
  15. (204) Jalen Reagor (Phi - WR)
  16. (217) Rodrigo Blankenship (Ind - K)

Keepers really helped you. Jones/Gibson might be my favorite RB tandem in this league, though I do worry about injury with Gibson. I wish you had someone behind them that wasn’t in a ride share or ambulance trailer, but Hines works for bye weeks and nobody absorbs losing their top pick gracefully. But better spin some prayer wheels for Mr Gibson.

Jefferson is a great start @ WR1. I’m not really high on either Higgins or Julio this year, but they make a fine WR 2/3 combo behind Jefferson and an acceptable compromise given the quality of your backs. Samuel is a sneaky good reach behind, and Ruggs is a boom/bust that you can afford more than Mike Mayock this year.

Waller is a great TE aand absurdly good keeper value.

Then we get to QB. I know Yahoo seems to love Hurts this year, but that’s due to rush yards and he is not special as a runner. The NFL eats up running QB’s not built like CAM or freakishly elusive like Lamar. I don’t love Hurts as a QB1, but I hate him as QB1 in round 6. Ouch. Darnold is a reasonably gamble with upside, but with the risk you take in Hurts I would have prefered a dependable option behind. Darnold is not that.

Kicker and Defense, both near the end. Check

Really solid, borderline scary lineup at RB, WR, TE. But I hear that QB slot can be kind of important in football. Real or fantasy.

Headless horseman

Nine Inch Neils

  1. (9) Jonathan Taylor (Ind - RB)
  2. (20) Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR)
  3. (37) Javonte Williams (Den - RB)
  4. (48) Adam Thielen (Min - WR)
  5. (65) Chase Edmonds  (Ari - RB)
  6. (76) AJ Dillon (GB - RB)
  7. (93) Corey Davis (NYJ - WR)
  8. (104) Gerald Everett (Sea - TE)
  9. (121) Josh Allen  (Buf - QB)
  10. (132) Ty’Son Williams (Bal - RB)
  11. (149) Rob Gronkowski (TB - TE)
  12. (160) Denver (Den - DEF)
  13. (177) Bryan Edwards (LV - WR)
  14. (188) Tre’Quan Smith  (NO - WR)
  15. (205) Justin Jackson (LAC - RB)
  16. (216) Matt Gay (LAR - K)

Allen and Edmonds as keepers should have let you crush the early rounds going BPA, maybe pull a top TE or load up on WR studs. Instead you went Taylor@ 1.9. Ok - set the wayback machine for 2RB dominance - could still work. Ridley was fine @ 2.6, though I would have gone Brown or Jefferson. Kittle woiuld have been tempting, but choosing to go RB with round 1 meant you couldn’t afford that. And then instead of buffering WR again you went for a timeshare RB on a mediocre offense. I love Williams potential, but he’s too expensive to keep and nobody should take their 3rd string RB in round 3.

And that’s the real problem - you took a huge keeper advantage and turned it into a really strong RB platoon and a really okay set of WR. Thielen is fine. Davis is fine/ Edwards might live up to the hype. Smith won’t, but with your RB depth you will probably never need to flex him anyway.

Gronk was a great pick, but makes your reach for Everett in round 7 even more of a wasted opportunity. Allen is pure stud and second best keeper value in the league this year. DEF drafted too high. Kicker in the right place.

It isn’t a bad team - it’s a pretty good team, actually. But it could have been so much more.
De Niro and Pacino in Heat

Fourth & Nineteen

  1. (10) Saquon Barkley (NYG - RB)
  2. (19) Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC - RB)
  3. (38) Lamar Jackson (Bal - QB)
  4. (47) Tyler Lockett (Sea - WR)
  5. (66) Ronald Jones II (TB - RB)
  6. (75) Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR)
  7. (94) Jerry Jeudy  (Den - WR)
  8. (103) Noah Fant  (Den - TE)
  9. (122) Tevin Coleman (NYJ - RB)
  10. (131) Baker Mayfield (Cle - QB)
  11. (150) Mark Ingram II (Hou - RB)
  12. (159) Marquez Valdes-Scantling (GB - WR)
  13. (178) Cam Akers (LAR - RB)
  14. (187) Philadelphia (Phi - DEF)
  15. (206) Sterling Shepard (NYG - WR)
  16. (215) Miami (Mia - DEF)

Not sure I would have kept either Jeudy or Fant on those slots, but maybe you know something about Teddy Bridgewater that I do not. Either way, those pass catchers gave you the confidence to go RB-RB-QB to start the draft. Which feels a bit like relying upon the Maginot line to replace investment in an air force, but maybe it works our better for you than it did for Monsieur. Barkley and CEH are both high variance risk/reward types. With this much draft capital I would have gone for reliable producer on at least one. I love Lamar to bounce back, but I admit to nervousness now that the curse or Marion Motley has struck down every ball carrier that might keep defenders honest.

You finally start addressing WR in round 4, but even then toss in another timeshare RB just to . . . say you had one? Not sure why, actually. Maybe you love playing bench point roulette. shrug The result is one of the weakest WR sets in the league. Not a team #1 WR in set. A mix of reliable possession guys, whatever you think Jeudy will turn into, and a Packer more notable for having a long name than a strong game. But you must like them better than I, since you felt comfortable using a pinck in 13 for an IR stash against next year. 2 DEF near the end of the draft. No kicker, but I assume that’s what your IR stash is destined to become.

Hamlet already claimed the band theme, but this team is a stellar front man backed by a bunch of competent but unexciting backing players. Buddy Holly & the Crickets

Chicago Cardinals

  1. (11) Austin Ekeler (LAC - RB)
  2. (18) Terry McLaurin (Was - WR)
  3. (39) Kyler Murray (Ari - QB)
  4. (46) Raheem Mostert (SF - RB)
  5. (67) JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pit - WR)
  6. (74) James Conner (Ari - RB)
  7. (95) Kenny Golladay (NYG - WR)
  8. (102) Tony Pollard (Dal - RB)
  9. (123) T.J. Hockenson  (Det - TE)
  10. (130) Rhamondre Stevenson (NE - RB)
  11. (151) DeVante Parker (Mia - WR)
  12. (158) Tampa Bay (TB - DEF)
  13. (179) Nico Collins (Hou - WR)
  14. (186) Dyami Brown (Was - WR)
  15. (207) Ryan Succop (TB - K)
  16. (214) Jameis Winston (NO - QB)

Really nice opening. Ekeler & McLaurin are both strong for their draft slots. Murray is a better fantasy QB than NFL Qb, and he’s a pretty good NFL QB. I like Moster over Sermon, too, but if we are wrong you are very unreliable behind Ekeler. Nothing but timeshares and chasers.

WR corps is a bit better, but depth is still shaky. I’m not a Ju Ju fan this year. He might drop behind 2 WR and a TE for target share on his own team. But Golladay was a good grab 2 rounds later. Parker, Collins, Brown give you young potential at the backside, so maybe one if them is valuable as more than next year’s keeper. I like Brown best long-term, but HOU seems really high on Collins so he might be the best this year.

Winston is a great grab late to backup Murray. Probably teh strongest QB tandem in teh league, but that will just mean bench points and keeper value unless Murray goes down. Still, solid pick in 16.

DEF a bit too soon, but I like TB for the season. Good kicker in 15. check

TE I hate but am probably wrong about. Kept him in round nine. That’s fine because it rhymes.

Great first act, thin and confusing in the middle, not so much a climax as a surprise at teh end to make you think. Memento

Exploding Pancakes

  1. (12) Travis Kelce (KC - TE)
  2. (17) DeAndre Hopkins (Ari - WR)
  3. (40) David Montgomery  (Chi - RB)
  4. (45) D’Andre Swift  (Det - RB)
  5. (68) Antonio Brown (TB - WR)
  6. (73) Matthew Stafford (LAR - QB)
  7. (96) DK Metcalf  (Sea - WR)
  8. (101) Marvin Jones Jr. (Jax - WR)
  9. (124) Jakobi Meyers (NE - WR)
  10. (129) Elijah Moore (NYJ - WR)
  11. (152) Los Angeles (LAR - DEF)
  12. (157) J.K. Dobbins (Bal - RB)
  13. (180) Ty Johnson (NYJ - RB)
  14. (185) Terrace Marshall Jr. (Car - WR)
  15. (208) Le’Veon Bell (Bal - RB)
  16. (213) Jason Sanders (Mia - K)

This is how to let solid keepers inspire boldness early. Kelce is as close to guaranteed weekly advantage as anyone in the league and has a non-injury floor higher than the top end of most starting TE. Solid pick. I probably would have gone McLaurin in rd 2, but no criticism for Hopkins. Great WR who will get volume. Worry about his red zone opportunities in whiz kids offense, though. Either way a phenomenal WR 1b when paired with Metcalf. 2 solid keeper RB. I despise Swift for no good reason, but can’t argue the value. And I love Montgomery, especially if Nagy decides to play teh better QB sometime this year. Stafford was solid @ 6.3

Your reserve WR corps is imppressive. I really like Meyers this year (liekly because I hate Agholor so much)l Jones Jr. is an emergency plug, but a good one. Rookie receivers named Moore are all the rage. I like Rondale more this year, but Elijah more as keeper potential. Marshall Jr. is a nice stab late.

Your RB depth, is also impressive, just not positively so. Better hope those 2 keepers produce all year, because you have hopes and dreams behind them, and the dreams are not hopeful. I mean, maybe Bell is the one of 3 washed up vets who rediscovers his legs chasing the EMT’s in Baltimore, but ugh.

Went early for a stud DEF, but at least it wasn’t in round 9. K in 16 - check.

Caroline from high school Lovely girl, smart, great kisser. Great smile and her air game was strong, but her ground game was thin so I had to break up with her. Objectively, she was really better put together than I was, but it would be unkind to point that out (to me.)

Moridwon (Hamlet)

  1. (13) Davante Adams (GB - WR)
  2. (16) Najee Harris (Pit - RB)
  3. (41) Keenan Allen  (LAC - WR)
  4. (44) Robert Woods (LAR - WR)
  5. (69) Logan Thomas (Was - TE)
  6. (72) Melvin Gordon III (Den - RB)
  7. (97) Joe Burrow (Cin - QB)
  8. (100) Michael Gallup (Dal - WR)
  9. (125) Trey Lance (SF - QB)
  10. (128) Michael Thomas (NO - WR)
  11. (153) Marlon Mack (Ind - RB)
  12. (156) Darrynton Evans (Ten - RB)
  13. (181) Damien Williams (Chi - RB)
  14. (184) Buffalo (Buf - DEF)
  15. (209) Harrison Butker (KC - K)
  16. (212) Zach Ertz (Phi - TE)

Your first 7 picks are rock solid. Okay, Allen was a keeper but you got him about where he should go anyway, between 2 Coopers. 1 pure stud WR, 1 solid WR1, and a 1b/high end WR2 behind him. As good a 3 WR set as anyone in the league. Unlike beef, you didn’t have a stud keeper to build that value, so you paid for it in other positions.

I don’t love Burrow, but you didn’t overpay for him at 7.13. So the pick was solid, but still leaves you with one of the weakest starting QB’s in the league. Thomas is a fine tier 2 TE, but I would rather fight a disadvantage at TE than QB 14 games in a row. Lance is an interesting prayer for backup. I think you grabbed him too early and he is more value next year than this one, but he will be on the field this year.

Rounds 8-12 of your draft are just brutal. Gallup is one of those players I hate more than most, so perhaps including him is unfair, but it’s my review so suck it up, buttercup. In fairness, he’s your WR4 so who cares. But Lance was too early. Thomas is next year and maybe a playoff run, but you can only start 3 WR so how much do you gain by benching Woods for Thomas late in teh year? Mack, Evans, and Williams have great views of better backs and need injury to have value. And unlike your WR corps, you only have 1 solid starter and a timeshare in front of them. So while I wouldn’t hate the Gallup, Lance, Thomas picks in isolation, you would have done better to shore up RB in 8-10 instead of waiting to pick the trash heap in 11-13.

114 - 16 are solid, if a little boring. DEF, K, backup TE who maybe recaptures past glory. It’s a tale of three thirds:

  1. Outstanding start, promise and excitement up front but trailing off a little toward the end
  2. Weak middle: Fails to build on the established foundation and tragic misallocation of resources
  3. Competent but unexciting conclusion. Better than the middle, but not close to recapturing the glory of the beginning.
    Star Wars trilogy of trilogies (in the proper order, damn you)

Baltimore Weirdos

  1. (14) Stefon Diggs (Buf - WR)
  2. (15) Gus Edwards (Bal - RB)
  3. (42) Cooper Kupp (LAR - WR)
  4. (43) Mark Andrews (Bal - TE)
  5. (70) Courtland Sutton (Den - WR)
  6. (71) Sony Michel  (LAR - RB)
  7. (98) Matt Ryan (Atl - QB)
  8. (99) DeVonta Smith (Phi - WR)
  9. (126) Rashod Bateman (Bal - WR)
  10. (127) Kenneth Gainwell (Phi - RB)
  11. (154) Tua Tagovailoa (Mia - QB)
  12. (155) Juwan Johnson (NO - WR,TE)
  13. (182) Cleveland (Cle - DEF)
  14. (183) Damien Harris  (NE - RB)
  15. (210) Greg Zuerlein (Dal - K)
  16. (211) Benny Snell Jr. (Pit - RB)

RB squad gets bolstered by keepers, though I am down on Michel even after the trade. I really liked the Edwards pick, until Friday. Tough break. Harris as a rd 14 keeper helps, but hard to overcome losing pick 2.1 before he ever scores a point for you. I’m not buying Gainwell or Snell, so even before the injury this group was thin behind Edwards/Harris. Now it’s probably the worst in the league - but can’t blame that on your drafting. I can blame you for not drafting an RB behind Edwards until 11.14. But clearly you value Michel more than I do.

You WR corps is a thing of beauty, though. Diggs, Cupp, Sutton is easily in the top4 3 WR sets in this league. Smith and Bateman are fine WR4/5 with future potential behind them. But 5 WR in 9 picks hurts your depth in other areas. And Johnson is just a wasted pick at 12.1. If you were hoping to take advantage of a mis-categorization like in Colston’s first year, then it serves you right. Shame on you.

Ryan as a late QB is fine. I’m skeptical on Tua but at least he is a solid starter to play matchups with Ryan.

Andrews is a strong TE - always snice to get the last member of a tier. DEF a little early. K at the end, but flipped in the corner for keeper value - if I believed Snell has keeper value. Still - solid tactics.

You overvalued your RB keeper investment and so overspent on pass catchers. When Edwards injury called the mortgage due, the junk bonds in your portfolio destabilized the whole team.
2008 housing market

In case anyone is interested, there’s still a chance to sign up for the pick 'em and survival leagues.

I have both Kyler Murray and Jameis Winston, they both put up an identical 38.63 fantasy points. I definitely think I made the right choices for QBs to draft.

There’s a good chance Disgruntled Goats is going to have the second highest score of the week and lose to the highest score (me) which is always very butthurtful.

I was thinking my 152 points were an unusually high score in this league, so I looked at last year. There was one score higher. There were 7 scores above 135 points throughout the year… and 3 of them were me. It is some bullshit that I’ve never won this league, always a fluke bad game in the semifinals round.

I watched the first three quarters of the Saints game, and while I’m happy for Jameis as a Bucs fan, that performance reminded me a lot of Daunte Culpepper’s revenge game against Miami when he signed with the Raiders. He was only 5 of 12 passing, but he threw for two TDs and ran for three more, and looked like he was all the way back.

And then he wound up having an awful season and sat out the last four games with “a sore hamstring” before being cut.

I’m not saying Jameis is going to be cut at the end of the year - I own him in the Dynasty league and I expect to keep him for a long time - but I don’t think Winston or the Saints are going to look like they did against Green Bay for the rest of the season. I also saw a bunch of the same plays that got him cut in Tampa in 2019 - desperation heaves from three inches off the ground that could easily be picked off, holding the ball for hours - and GB just failed to take advantage. Granted, the Saints’ offensive line looked utterly dominant so holding the ball may not be a huge issue.

Way too early over-reactions:

  1. I should’ve just drafted Brady again instead of Herbert
  2. Ja’Marr Chase is going to be my keeper the next two years.
  3. Henderson Jr. was an amazing value as a keeper in the 10th.


weirddave sends Courtland Sutton
SenorBeef sends Latavious Murray

I think Dave’s gotta get his homer pick. I do think Murray is going to be the back to own out of the bunch, but I think it’s gonna be a committee and his upside is capped. On the other hand, Courtland Sutton’s situation is getting better with Jeudy’s injury and his ceiling is pretty high.

What’s dumb is that I’m super stacked at WR and probably can’t even start him anyway.

I’m willing to trade any of my WRs for an equivelant value RB.

DeAndre Hopkins
DK Metcalf
Antonio Brown
Courtland Sutton
Marvin Jones
Jakobi Meyers
Elijah Moore
Terrace Marshall

Any are up for an RB that I feel equally good about. Please send offers or PMs.

Incidentally I think we should talk about adding a starting WR slot next year. Right now WR/WR/RB/RB/Flex is not great. There are just so many more starting WRs than RBs, so I don’t think you should be able to start an equal number of each, and there should be more room to start WRs. I think too, in general, we probably could use another starting position somewhere as our starting rosters are relatively small, and WR is the obvious place to put it.

I’ll second that.

So remove K, add a WR slot? Also maybe make flex W/R/T?

Yes, definitely. Stretching out the WR spot means you need more flexibility in the flex spot.

Flex W/T slot, not RB. I play on a money league where the slots are:


which we think best represents how NFL offensive sets actually look these days. We’ve debated removing the second RB slot entirely, but tradition & love for hitting that second RB lottery pick remain strong.

I’m always in favor of pushing my leagues closer to industry standards. I don’t think changing the scoring structure in a keeper league is too workable for most big changes (like going PPR or HPPR). But I’m very in favor of swapping the kicker slot for a WR, and adding TE to the flex positions (making it R/W/T).

Adding roster slots is a mixed bag, because it does change the keeper environment very slightly, but I’d be in favor of it as well.

Count me in as another person that would like to see an additional WR slot for next year and an expansion of the FLEX to W/R/T.

I don’t understand this trade at all. Murray is the only Ravens RB in game shape aside from Ty’son, and the Ravens are obviously intent on RBBC even with two thirds of their committee on IR. Still, even as a UCF homer I can’t see Murray having anything beyond occasional flex value. Sutton, on the other hand, is going to be a top-10 WR so long as his ACL holds up and Bridgewater continues to play well.