He Hate Me Keeper Leage 2019 - Year 17

OK a little later than I intended, here’s the thread for year 17 of the He Hate Me Keeper League.

NFL Season Starts Thursday, September 5
Keeper Declaration: 9/1/19 (at midnight)
Live Draft: 9/3/18 @ 8:30pm EDT (Tuesday)

Keeper Rules

  1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
  2. You can only keep players drafted after the second round (third rounders or later only.)
  3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
  4. A kept player incurs a two round penalty (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
Year 1 winner: mouthbreather
Year 2 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 3 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 4 winner: The Mad Hermit
Year 5 winner: Nurse Carmen
Year 6 winner: Weirddave
Year 7 winner: VarlosZ
Year 8 winner: Weirddave
Year 9 winner: Really Not All That Bright
Year 10 winner: Really Not All That Bright
Year 11 winner: VarlosZ
Year 12 winner: Ottoerotic
Year 13 Winner: Weirddave
Year 14 Winner: motu
Year 15 Winner: Johnny Ace
Year 16 Winner: dalej42

As of today, we’ve got seven teams renewed for this year. We are missing:

Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
Disgruntled Goats (motu)
Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
Moridwon (Hamlet)
Big Mack Attack (enalzi)
Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
The Goal-den Girls (Sir T-Cups’ wife)

Hopefully this will get all or most of them to renew!

Draft order will be:

1 - Fourth & Nineteen (Wilson)
2 - The Quack Attack (Sir T-Cups)
3 - The Goal-den Girls (Sir T-Cups’ wife)
4 - Omnipotents (Omniscient)
5 - Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
6 - Carcossa Yellow Kings (Munch)
7 - Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
8 - Moridwon (Hamlet)
9 - Disgruntled Goats (motu)
10 - Baltimore Weirdos (weirddave)
11 - Spiritus Mundane (Spiritus Mundi)
12 - Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
13 - Big Mack Attack (enalzi)
14 - Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)

That’s consolation bracket winner first (me), followed by reverse standings order from last year, which I believe is right.

I’ll work on compiling eligible keepers in the next few days, as well as hunting down the missing owners.

Draft date should read 9/3/19 @ 8:30pm EDT (Tuesday) - forgot to change the year from 2018 when I copied from last year’s thread.

If it makes anything easier, I’ll be keeping Aaron Jones (drafted in the 12th, so use a 10th) and Derrius Guice (drafted in the 11th, so using a 9th). I would love to keep Davante Adams, but I drafted him in 2016, kept him in 2017 and 2018, so I think I lose him to the max 2 years keeper rule (will someone be checking those?).

I’m definitely back, have I messed up something on Yahoo? I’m going to try to sign on to the actual Yahoo site rather than the app, it’s blocked on my work laptop, but I’ll try to access the site from Safari on my iPad

You’re back in, dale. The only one missing is enalzi.

Here to defend my crown! Um, from six years ago.

I’m in, just haven’t hopped on to Yahoo yet.

Both myself and the Mrs. are in.

How do we designate our keeper? Just let you know in the thread?

I think we’ve got everyone back now!
I still haven’t gotten to compile the complete list of eligible keepers - I will get to that tomorrow night.

I’m keeping Chris Godwin in the 10th round and Courtland Sutton in the 12th. May also keep Doug Martin in R13 depending on whether he lands somewhere before the keeper deadline.

Thanks for taking over this year at commish, Wilson. I ended up having to pick up the dynasty league when Varlos disappeared and I’ve been less invested in FF lately and in general didn’t want to run as many leagues as I was.

If anyone happens to be interested, we have a few spots open in the big league. It drafts next week, Wednesday the 4th at 8pm eastern. You have to attend the draft - because we have 20 players and yahoo’s automatic values are meant for 12 players, the auto-drafter simply can’t build a viable team.

But it’s a fun league - with how much bigger it is than normal you have more strategies/difficult decisions you can use in the (auction) draft. And talent is spread much thinner, so you’re more rewarded for finding breakout players and sneaky good values.

If you can make the draft and you’re interested in trying it this year, send me a PM or post over in that thread.

My keepers:
[li]Mahomes (10)[/li][li]Golladay (6)[/li][li]Kupp (9)[/li][/ul]

Sorry for the delay in getting a list of eligible keepers. Think I’ve got it now:

LEGEND based on the end of the line:
Y - eligible to be kept
KY - kept last year, eligible to be kept
KKN - kept twice, cannot be kept (Dak Prescott, Matt Ryan, Jay Ayaji, Davonte Adams, Jimmy Graham, Michael Thomas

If anyone sees anything wrong, let me know!

Baltimore Weirdos
3-29 Allen Robinson II (Chi - WR) Y
4-56 Jarvis Landry (Cle - WR) Y
6-84 Ben Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) Y
8-112 John Brown (Buf - WR) Y
9-113 Baltimore (Bal - DEF) Y
11-141 Calvin Ridley (Atl - WR) Y
12-168 Justin Tucker (Bal - K) Y
16-224 Antonio Callaway (Cle - WR) Y

The GOAL-den Girls
5-58 Matthew Stafford (Det - QB) Y
6-83 Sterling Shepard (NYG - WR) Y
7-86 Randall Cobb (Dal - WR) Y
8-111 Theo Riddick (Den - RB) Y
9-114 Jordy Nelson (Oak - WR) Y
10-139 Jared Cook (NO - TE) Y
11-142 C.J. Anderson (Det - RB) Y
12-167 Geronimo Allison (GB - WR) Y
15-198 Atlanta (Atl - DEF) Y
16-223 Adam Vinatieri (Ind - K) Y

The Quack Attack
3-31 Larry Fitzgerald (Ari - WR) Y
4-54 James White (NE - RB) Y
6-82 Los Angeles (LAR - DEF) Y
7-87 Kyle Rudolph (Min - TE) Y
9-115 Pierre Garcon (SF - WR) Y
11-143 Tavon Austin (Dal - WR,RB) Y
12-166 Frank Gore (Buf - RB) Y
13-171 Mason Crosby (GB - K) Y
16-222 Willie Snead IV (Bal - WR) Y

Spiritus Mundane
3-32 Amari Cooper (Dal - WR) Y
6-81 Tarik Cohen (Chi - RB) Y
7-88 Sammy Watkins (KC - WR) Y
8-109 Kenny Golladay (Det - WR) Y
9-116 Mike Williams (LAC - WR) Y
11-144 Cooper Kupp  (LAR - WR) KY
12-165 Patrick Mahomes  (KC - QB) KY

Nine Inch Neils
3-33 Zach Ertz  (Phi - TE) KY
4-52 Carlos Hyde (Hou - RB) Y
5-61 Emmanuel Sanders (Den - WR) Y
6-80 Kirk Cousins (Min - QB) Y
9-117 Jordan Wilkins (Ind - RB) Y
10-136 Giovani Bernard (Cin - RB) Y
11-145 Devin Funchess  (Ind - WR) KY
12-164 Chris Godwin (TB - WR) Y
14-192 Courtland Sutton (Den - WR) Y

Carcosa Yellow Kings
3-34 Cam Newton (Car - QB) Y
5-62 Trey Burton (Chi - TE) Y
7-90 Rashaad Penny (Sea - RB) Y
8-107 Duke Johnson Jr. (Hou - RB) Y
11-146 Kenny Stills  (Hou - WR) KY
12-163 Austin Ekeler (LAC - RB) Y
13-174 Jerick McKinnon (SF - RB) Y
14-191 Jacksonville  (Jax - DEF) KY
16-219 Lamar Jackson (Bal - QB) Y

Chicago Cardinals
3-35 Russell Wilson (Sea - QB) Y
4-50 Lamar Miller (Hou - RB) Y
5-63 Robert Woods (LAR - WR) Y
6-78 Dion Lewis (Ten - RB) Y
7-91 Robby Anderson (NYJ - WR) Y
8-106 George Kittle (SF - TE) Y
9-119 Nick Chubb (Cle - RB) Y
11-147 Ricky Seals-Jones (Ari - TE) Y
12-162 Chris Ivory (Buf - RB) Y
13-175 Julian Edelman  (NE - WR) KY
16-218 Josh Rosen (Mia - QB) Y

Disgruntled Goats
3-36 Royce Freeman (Den - RB) Y
5-64 Mark Ingram II (Bal - RB) Y
6-77 Adam Thielen  (Min - WR) KY
7-92 Philip Rivers (LAC - QB) Y
8-105 Dak Prescott  (Dal - QB) KKN
15-204 T.J. Yeldon (Buf - RB) Y

3-37 Adrian Peterson (Was - RB) Y
4-48 Jesse James (Det - TE) Y
5-65 James Conner (Pit - RB) Y
6-76 Minnesota (Min - DEF) Y
7-93 Matt Ryan  (Atl - QB) KKN
8-104 Stephen Gostkowski (NE - K) Y
9-121 Marcus Mariota (Ten - QB) Y
12-160 Nelson Agholor  (Phi - WR) KY
14-188 New England (NE - DEF) Y
15-205 Tyrell Williams (Oak - WR) Y

Moridwon (Hamlet)
3-38 Kenyan Drake (Mia - RB) Y
4-47 Drew Brees (NO - QB) Y
6-75 Peyton Barber (TB - RB) Y
7-94 Jordan Reed (Was - TE) Y
8-103 Michael Crabtree (Ari - WR) Y
9-122 Matt Breida  (SF - RB) KY
10-131 Davante Adams  (GB - WR) KKN
11-150 Derrius Guice (Was - RB) Y
12-159 Aaron Jones  (GB - RB) KY

3-39 Josh Gordon (NE - WR) Y
4-46 Michael Thomas  (NO - WR) KKN
5-67 Tevin Coleman (SF - RB) Y
6-74 Sony Michel (NE - RB) Y
7-95 Corey Davis  (Ten - WR) KY
8-102 Alshon Jeffery (Phi - WR) Y
9-123 Carson Wentz  (Phi - QB) KY
11-151 Denver (Den - DEF) Y
12-158 D.J. Moore (Car - WR) Y
14-186 Baker Mayfield (Cle - QB) Y
15-207 Cameron Meredith (NE - WR) Y
16-214 Elijah McGuire (NYJ - RB) Y

Fourth & Nineteen
3-40 Demaryius Thomas (NE - WR) Y
4-45 Brandin Cooks (LAR - WR) Y
5-68 Jamaal Williams (GB - RB) Y
6-73 Delanie Walker (Ten - TE) Y
8-101 Isaiah Crowell (Oak - RB) Y
10-129 Ronald Jones II (TB - RB) Y
12-157 Sam Darnold (NYJ - QB) Y
13-180 Deshaun Watson  (Hou - QB) KY

Exploding Pancakes
3-41 Doug Baldwin (Sea - WR) Y
4-44 Tom Brady (NE - QB) Y
5-69 Jay Ajayi  (Phi - RB) KKN
6-72 Kerryon Johnson (Det - RB) Y
7-97 Jared Goff (LAR - QB) Y
8-100 Alvin Kamara  (NO - RB) KY
9-125 Chris Carson  (Sea - RB) KY
10-128 Philadelphia (Phi - DEF) Y
12-156 Tyler Lockett (Sea - WR) Y
13-181 Dede Westbrook (Jax - WR) Y
14-184 Matt Bryant (Atl - K) Y
16-212 D’Onta Foreman (Ind - RB) Y

Big Mack Attack
3-42 Stefon Diggs  (Min - WR) KY
4-43 LeSean McCoy (Buf - RB) Y
6-71 Will Fuller V (Hou - WR) Y
7-98 Andrew Luck (Ind - QB) Y
8-99 Jimmy Graham  (GB - TE) KKN
9-126 Marlon Mack (Ind - RB) Y
10-127 Chicago (Chi - DEF) Y
11-154 Latavius Murray (NO - RB) Y
12-155 Eric Ebron (Ind - TE) Y
13-182 DeVante Parker (Mia - WR) Y

I moved the keeper declaration to Monday. Draft remains Tuesday, 8:30 pm.

My keepers are:
8 Ronald Jones II (TB - RB)
10 Sam Darnold (NYJ - QB)
11 Deshaun Watson  (Hou - QB)

I’m keeping Mack and Murray

6-72 Kerryon Johnson (Det - RB) Y
8-100 Alvin Kamara  (NO - RB) KY
9-125 Chris Carson  (Sea - RB) KY
I feel like I’ve won this league on keepers the last few years although it hasn’t turned into any wins. I think I have the best set of 3, with only Spiritus and Dale (Chicago Cardinals) coming close.

This is a slight hijack, but it seems a good place to put it. Are we not doing an NFL pick’em this year?

6-74 Sony Michel (NE - RB) Y
12-158 D.J. Moore (Car - WR) Y
14-186 Baker Mayfield (Cle - QB) Y