He Hate Me Keeper League 2022 - Year 20

Here we go again! Later than usual, sorry about that. Year 20!

Keeper Rules

  1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
  2. You can only keep players drafted after the second round (third rounders or later only.)
  3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
  4. A kept player incurs a two round penalty (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
2003 - Year 1 Winner: mouthbreather
2004 - Year 2 Winner: Spiritus Mundi
2005 - Year 3 Winner: Spiritus Mundi (thread #2)
2006 - Year 4 Winner: The Mad Hermit
2007 - Year 5 Winner: Nurse Carmen
2008 - Year 6 Winner: Weirddave
2009 - Year 7 Winner: VarlosZ
2010 - Year 8 Winner: Weirddave
2011 - Year 9 Winner: Really Not All That Bright
2012 - Year 10 Winner: Really Not All That Bright
2013 - Year 11 Winner: VarlosZ
2014 - Year 12 Winner: Ottoerotic
2015 - Year 13 Winner: Weirddave
2016 - Year 14 Winner: motu
2017 - Year 15 Winner: Johnny Ace
2018 - Year 16 Winner: dalej42
2019 - Year 17 Winner: Weirddave
2020 - Year 18 Winner: Weirddave
2021 - Year 19 Winner: AlsoNamedBort

I’ll try to put keeper lists together this weekend.
We’ll need to find a draft time - I don’t know what slots are already taken for other SDMB leagues?

We’re missing two; one is @Omniscient who I’m sure will join, the other is Hermits.

Tagging @The_Mad_Hermit


Can we confirm draft order, too?

We actually only have one other SDMB league going, the dynasty league, and we draft in the thread over a week. Traditionally this league drafts the Tuesday after labor day, I think at 9 eastern.

This would be ideal for me again.

Edit: happy cake day, Beef

Just to kick things off:

I’ll be keeping:

Trey Lance in the 7th (drafted in 9th).
Michael Thomas in the 8th (drafted in 10th)
Zach Ertz in the 14th (drafted in 16th).

I’m flying back from vacation that day but I should be able to make it.

Draft set for 9am eastern on 9/6.

Tuesday works for me. Not sure I have anyone worth keeping this year, but I am considering Zach Wilson in 9 and James Robinson in 8

Ja’Marr Chase in the 4th (hell yeah)
Rashaad Penny in the 9th


Cooper Kupp (1)
Leonard Fournette (5)

Just to be clear, this is a typo and it’s set for 9pm.

So I grabbed the draft order template from the thread a couple of years ago, which is:

1: Winner of prior year’s consolation bracket.
2 - 8: Reverse order of bottom of standings
9 - 14: Reverse order of winner’s bracket

Which gives us:

  1. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
  2. Omnipotents (Omniscient)
  3. Baltimore Weirdos (weirddave)
  4. Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
  5. Post Mahomes (Frosted glass?)
  6. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
  7. Disgruntled Goats (motu)
  8. Battle Bastards
  9. Fourth and Nineteen (Wilson)
  10. Moridwon (Hamlet)
  11. Nine Inch Neils (RNATB)
  12. Spiritus Mundane (Spiritus Mundi)
  13. Carcosa Yellow Kings (Munch)
  14. Big Mack Attack (AlsoNamedBort/enalzi)

Remind me. Post Mahomes used to be owned by Sir T-Cups/Quack Attack’s wife, but Frosted Glass took it over a couple of years ago and kept the name, is that right?

I’m not sure who Battle Bastards are.

We’re missing Omni and The Mad Hermit. I’m pretty sure Omni is in, has anyone tried to contact Hermit?

I’m going to keep DeAndre Swift in the 2nd and JK Dobbins in the 10th.

I’m willing to trade out of my 1.01. Since I’m keeping two good RBs, taking a RB with the 1.01 seems like it’d make my team way RB heavy (although that’s a viable strategy) and it’s too early to take any other position, so I’m willing to trade down in exchange for, I guess, moving up in a bunch of other rounds. Except my second round pick will be used as a keeper, which limits how much value I can get in return for a pick swap. So, hmm…

I know we outlawed trading the rights for keepers that you aren’t going to keep because you already have 3 keepers, but can you trade a kept player for draft picks? I think that’s still legal, right? Anyway I’d be willing to move down in the first round in exchange for a good value keeper in later rounds. PM me if you’re interested in getting the 1.01

Pretty sure we got rid of trading draft picks.

I would have to look it up but I don’t think we got rid of trading draft picks in general. What would’ve been the reason for that? I don’t think there’s anything controversial about, trading, say, the 1.01 and 5.01 for the 1.06 and 2.08 (that’s the sort of deal I was thinking I might make).

We did have a big thing about trading keeper rights for players you weren’t going to keep, which was explicitly allowed in the rules but there was a big fight when I actually did it. We also banned swapping picks in rounds you used to keep a player (like moving back from 2.04 to 2.14 to keep a player later in the second round, and getting value in some other round). You may be thinking of one of those rules.

For some reason I thought I got to pick first not last. WIth that change I’m also going to add Justin Herbert in the 3rd to my keepers.

You fought really hard to stop trading picks associated with rounds where players were being kept. Here’s the post that led to us ruling against it:

Yeah - looks like that’s what I linked to. But I don’t know how we’d separate the two. If you’re going to ban trading picks when one team has a keeper in one of the rounds, we start getting into an unequal opportunity for other teams when trading “normal” picks and others can’t make an offer because they have a keeper. I’ll dig though and see if we ended up just banning the trade of picks outright, to avoid a bunch of arguing.

Separating the two is easy - as long as you’re not trading a pick that’s being used to keep a player, that’s not what’s going on.

If, as in an example I gave above, I tried the 1.01 and 5.01 for the 1.06 and 2.08 (numbers picked for example purposes), none of those picks are being used to keep a player, no gaming of the system is going on. I’m just willing to trade the right to move up a few spots in the first round for swapping a 2nd and 5th round pick as compensation. That’s a trade you can make in any league that has nothing to do with keepers. I’m not sure how you’re saying that’s inseparable from the rule against trading picks that are being used to keep players to move them around in the draft order for that round. They are not related.

It gets more complicated if someone were to trade me a keeper to compensate for moving up in the first round. I’m pretty sure that’s legal and doesn’t run afoul of either of the two rules you mentioned, but I’d have to dig up the wording of how that fits in with the rules. That would look something like: I give up the 1.01 for the 1.06, and in compensation the other owner trades me a player they kept. I have a vague memory of trades like that being explicitly legal from a long time ago, but I’m okay with avoiding that sort of deal if it’s controversial somehow. That doesn’t match either of the two cases I mentioned above - the keeper rights of a player you’re not keeping because they’d be your 4th+ keeper aren’t being traded, and you’re not trying to trade a kept pick within-rounds to move the bookkeeping pick around to gain an advantage.