He Hate Me FF keeper league - yr 7

Signup Deadline: Friday 7/31/09
Offseason Trade Deadline: Monday 8/31/09
Keeper Declaration: Tuesday 9/1/09
Live Draft: Monday 9/7/09 (Labor Day) at 10:15pm ET

Keeper Rules

  1. You can only keep a maximum of 3 players.
  2. You can only keep players drafted after the third round. (Fourth rounders or later only.)
  3. A player can only be kept a maximum of twice. (Making 3 total roster years.)
  4. A kept player incures a two round penalty. (e.g: drafted in the 6th, kept in the 4th.)

Hall of Fame
Year 1 winner: mouthbreather
Year 2 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 3 winner: Spiritus Mundi
Year 4 winner: The Mad Hermit
Year 5 winner: Nurse Carmen
Year 6 winner: Weirddave

Draft Order, Year 7

  1. Hamlet
  2. VarlosZ
  3. Omniscient
  4. The Mad Hermit
  5. Ellis Dee
  6. Spiritus Mundi
  7. Nurse Carmen
  8. furt
  9. Really Not All That Bright
  10. Wilson
  11. Munch
  12. Jimmy Chitwood
  13. Bababooey
  14. Weirddave

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I am currently going through the eligible keepers list. Many posted their eligible keepers themselves before the new league erased the old free agency info. Many thanks for that, but that was less than half the owners. That kind of takes the fun out of keeping players, IMO. As a compromise, I’m going through each manager and marking as eligible players they drafted in the fourth round or later who were still on their final roster.

I’ve gotten through two managers so far. I’ll post the finished results asap, with a hard deadline of July 31st so we can open the trading season properly.

The new league is up. Everyone should have gotten an email with the link and password when I created it. We have 10 owners so far, meaning we’re missing four. Looks like those four are:

Jimmy Chitwood

I’m in.

My eligibles:

  1.  (55)  	Ricky Williams
  2. (58) Calvin Johnson
  3. (83) Steve Slaton
  4. (86) Brett Favre
  5. (119) Tony Scheffler
  6. (139) 	Chicago
  7. (142) 	Antwaan Randle El
  8. (167) 	Kolby Smith
  9. (170) 	JaMarcus Russell
  10. (195) 	Matt Ryan

Thanks a million for getting this together again. I’m so excited I could piss. I’m pretty pumped about that #3 draft slot at the moment. We’ll see how that opinion changes once I see the keepers and start my rankings.

This part confuses me a little. I’m not sure how us posting our own eligible keepers in the old thread spoiled anything. If you want to do the work you’re welcome to, but I hope this doesn’t lead to me losing keepers i acquired through trade. That was a pretty huge part of my strategy last season in acquiring Rivers among others.

Heh, no, that’s backwards. Posting your eligibles didn’t spoil anything, and I’m definitely using those lists. The more than half the owners who didn’t post their eligibles is what kinda spoils the fun of keepers, which is why I’m going through and making sure everyone has a keeper list.

Thanks much, Munch.

I’m having serious problems accessing Yahoo Fantasy Sports, as it’s now blocked at work, and I’m having problems at home at well.
I should be able to get in from my girlfriend’s house this weekend.

Still don’t get the keeper issue, but from my last draft:
4. (51) Greg Jennings
5. (62) Julius Jones
6. (79) Jon Kitna
7. (90) Nate Burleson
8. (107) Kurt Warner
9. (118) David Patten
10. (135) Tim Hightower
11. (146) Pittsburgh
12. (163) Kevin Walter
13. (174) Donald Lee
14. (191) Pierre Thomas
15. (202) Josh Scobee
16. (219) Tennessee

Pierre Thomas was kept, so he has one more year of eligibility. Everyone else was first time draftees. I’m keeping him, Warner, and Hightower. But wouldn’t we have a trading period before we have to declare keepers? I’d like to have a chance to shop the rights to Walter, he’s easily worth a 10th.

Nevermind, now I see the setup in the first post.

The keeper issue is this: Munch, Omni and VarlosZ posted their keepers to last year’s thread as per my request. There are 14 owners in the league. If I then started this thread with a keeper list that only included 3 owners, with the other 11 owners getting no keepers whatsoever, that kind of takes the fun of keepers out of the keeper league. Because virtually nobody would have keepers. In the keeper league. Without keepers. Is this thing on? (heh)

Also, you listed your entire draft after the third round. You never signed a single free agent all season long?

My draft results:

  1. (8) Frank Gore
  2. (21) Marques Colston
  3. (36) Steve Smith
  4. (49) Maurice Jones-Drew
  5. (64) Matt Hasselbeck
  6. (77) Chris Perry
  7. (92) Marc Bulger
  8. (105) Todd Heap
  9. (120) Michael Turner
  10. (133) Vernon Davis
  11. (148) Jerious Norwood
  12. (161) Jacksonville
  13. (176) Matt Jones
  14. (189) Justin Gage
  15. (204) Rob Bironas
  16. (217) Ronald Curry

My final roster:

Frank Gore
Marques Colston
Steve Smith
Maurice Jones-Drew
Marc Bulger
Michael Turner
Jerious Norwood
Justin Gage
Matt Jones

Since (IIRC) we can’t keep any of the top 3 rounders, I can’t keep Gore, Colston, or Smith. That leaves me with Jones Drew a great option to keep for a second rounder and Michael Turner a keeper for a 7th rounder.

Wow. I would get to keep two top 10 picks for a second rounder and a 7th rounder, AND I have the first pick in the draft. How fucking cool is that?

Unfortunately for me, I drafted Turner and Jones Drew in 2006, kept them in 2007 and 2008, so I can’t keep them at all. DAMMIT!!!

That leaves me with eligible keepers: Bulger for a 5th, Norwood for a 9th, Crackhead Jones for an 11th, or Gage for a 12th. Bulger sucks and Crackhead Jones is currently out of the NFL, so I don’t think I’ll be using them. Norwood is a backup and probably a 10th or 11th round pick, so, as of now, it’s not likely I’ll keep him. Gage isn’t worth it either.

So, barring a preseason injury to Turner or a change in their carry numbers, it looks like I won’t be keeping anyone. But I’ll wait a bit until I make a complete declaration.

Adrian Peterson, here I come!!!

That’s the same four I came up with for you, Hamlet. Though I thought Norwood was a quality keeper in the 9th, so much so that I bolded him.

How do I see my final roster? And I think I only made one or two transactions the whole year, so that’s pretty close to it.

In the league overview there’s a dropdown in the top right to pick which season you want to look at. It’s a pretty sweet feature.

Don’t worry about your keepers; I finally bit the bullet and am going through them all now. The complete list will be posted later this morning.

I’d like to hold off on trading until we get a 14th player. I PM’ed Jimmy Chitwood and let him know that we’re waiting on him. Let’s give him a few days before we give another doper his team.

Here’s the keeper list, including the round they were drafted last year. To keep them this year you have to take them two rounds earlier. Those marked as “kept last year” are in their final year of eligibility.

I went through all the rosters manually to generate this list, so there may be errors. In particular keep an eye on the rounds listed since the yahoo draft results don’t list the round. Also missing would be any trades you made that retained eligibility that you didn’t post in either this thread or the end of last year’s.

As always, I have bolded the ones that jumped off the page at me while I was composing this list. The bold isn’t meant to be a recommendation for who you should keep, but instead as a flag to alert everyone else to your hot prospects.

You can trade away any, all or none of your keeper prospects, though we’re still waiting on a 14th owner so I can set the draft order and kick off the offseason trading period.

Eligible Keepers

  1. Moridwon (Hamlet)
    Marc Bulger (QB-StL) 5th round pick
    Jerious Norwood (RB-Atl) 11th round pick
    Matt Jones (WR-Jac) 13th round pick
    Justin Gage (WR-Ten) 14th round pick

  2. Varlos’ Zzzzzzz (VarlosZ)
    Marvin Harrison (WR-Ind) 4th round pick
    Ben Roethlisberger (QB-Pit) 4th round pick - kept last year
    Roddy White (WR-Atl) 6th round pick
    Chester Taylor (RB-Min) 7th round pick
    Aaron Rodgers (QB-GB) 8th round pick
    Dallas Clark (TE-Ind) 9th round pick - kept last year
    Baltimore (DEF-Bal) 11th round pick
    Matt Leinart (QB-Ari) 15th round pick

  3. Omni’s Omnipotents (Omniscient)
    Jerricho Cotchery (WR-NYJ) 5th round pick
    Chris Chambers (WR-SD) 6th round pick
    Chris Johnson (RB-Ten) 7th round pick
    Philip Rivers (QB-SD) 9th round pick
    DeSean Jackson (WR-Phi) 10th round pick
    Chad Pennington (QB-Mia) 12th round pick
    Robert Meachem (WR-NO) 16th round pick

  4. Crabby Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
    Tony Romo (QB-Dal) 4th round pick - kept last year
    Hines Ward (WR-Pit) 5th round pick
    Felix Jones (RB-Dal) 6th round pick
    Heath Miller (TE-Pit) 7th round pick
    Devin Hester (WR-Chi) 11th round pick - kept last year
    Correll Buckhalter (RB-Den) 12th round pick - kept last year
    Limas Sweed (WR-Pit) 13th round pick
    Sammy Morris (RB-NE) 15th round pick

  5. New York Fanboys (Ellis Dee)
    Eli Manning (QB-NYG) 7th round pick
    Reggie Brown (WR-Phi) 8th round pick
    New York (DEF-NYG) 9th round pick
    Dominic Rhodes (RB-Buf) 10th round pick
    Michael Bush (RB-Oak) 12th round pick
    Derrick Ward (RB-TB) 13th round pick
    Trent Edwards (QB-Buf) 15th round pick

  6. Spiritus Mundane (Spiritus Mundi)
    Kellen Winslow (TE-TB) 4th round pick
    Justin Fargas (RB-Oak) 7th round pick
    Ted Ginn Jr. (WR-Mia) 8th round pick
    Wes Welker (WR-NE) 10th round pick - kept last year
    Jeff Garcia (QB-Oak) 11th round pick
    Warrick Dunn (RB-TB) 12th round pick
    Greg Olsen (TE-Chi) 13th round pick - kept last year
    Tampa Bay (DEF-TB) 14th round pick
    Neil Rackers (K-Ari) 15th round pick
    Brady Quinn (QB-Cle) 16th round pick

  7. CarMenace (Nurse Carmen)
    Antonio Gates (TE-SD) 4th round pick
    David Garrard (QB-Jac) 5th round pick
    Bernard Berrian (WR-Min) 6th round pick
    Derrick Mason (WR-Bal) 8th round pick
    James Hardy (WR-Buf) 9th round pick
    Minnesota (DEF-Min) 10th round pick - kept last year
    Joe Flacco (QB-Bal) 11th round pick
    Eddie Royal (WR-Den) 13th round pick
    Leonard Pope (TE-Ari) 15th round pick

  8. Fightin’ Quakers (furt)
    Santonio Holmes (WR-Pit) 4th round pick
    Chris Cooley (TE-Was) 5th round pick
    Laveranues Coles (WR-Cin) 6th round pick
    Ray Rice (RB-Bal) 7th round pick
    Santana Moss (WR-Was) 8th round pick
    Brandon Marshall (WR-Den) 9th round pick - kept last year
    Jason Campbell (QB-Was) 11th round pick
    Philadelphia (DEF-Phi) 13th round pick
    Darren Sproles (RB-SD) 14th round pick
    Brandon Jackson (RB-GB) 15th round pick
    Kris Brown (K-Hou) 16th round pick

  9. Freshman 16 (RNATB)
    Roy Williams (WR-Dal) 4th round pick
    Donovan McNabb (QB-Phi) 5th round pick
    Joey Galloway (WR-NE) 6th round pick
    Matt Schaub (QB-Hou) 8th round pick
    Leon Washington (RB-NYJ) 12th round pick

  10. Backup QB Guy (Wilson)
    Selvin Young (RB-Den) 4th round pick
    DeAngelo Williams (RB-Car) 5th round pick
    Kevin Curtis (WR-Phi) 6th round pick
    Owen Daniels (TE-Hou) 14th round pick - kept last year

  11. MunchsUrbanAchievers (Munch)
    Ricky Williams (RB-Mia) 4th round pick
    Calvin Johnson (WR-Det) 5th round pick
    Steve Slaton (RB-Hou) 6th round pick
    Brett Favre (QB-NYJ) 7th round pick
    Tony Scheffler (TE-Den) 9th round pick
    Chicago (DEF-Chi) 10th round pick
    Antwaan Randle El (WR-Was) 11th round pick
    Kolby Smith (RB-KC) 12th round pick
    JaMarcus Russell (QB-Oak) 13th round pick
    Matt Ryan (QB-Atl) 14th round pick

  12. Shut Your Mouth Abel (Jimmy Chitwood)
    Tony Gonzalez (TE-Atl) 4th round pick
    San Diego (DEF-SD) 5th round pick
    Anthony Gonzalez (WR-Ind) 6th round pick
    Rudi Johnson (RB-Det) 8th round pick
    Javon Walker (WR-Oak) 10th round pick
    Dallas (DEF-Dal) 11th round pick
    Dwayne Bowe (WR-KC) 13th round pick
    L.J. Smith (TE-Bal) 15th round pick

  13. DrewBreesBirthmark (Bababooey)
    Greg Jennings (WR-GB) 4th round pick
    Julius Jones (RB-Sea) 5th round pick
    Kurt Warner (QB-Ari) 8th round pick
    David Patten (WR-Cle) 9th round pick
    Tim Hightower (RB-Ari) 10th round pick
    Pittsburgh (DEF-Pit) 11th round pick
    Kevin Walter (WR-Hou) 12th round pick
    Donald Lee (TE-GB) 13th round pick
    Pierre Thomas (RB-NO) 14th round pick - kept last year
    Tennessee (DEF-Ten) 16th round pick

  14. Baltimore Weirdos (Weirddave)
    Jason Witten (TE-Dal) 4th round pick - kept last year
    Lee Evans (WR-Buf) 5th round pick
    Donald Driver (WR-GB) 6th round pick
    Jake Delhomme (QB-Car) 11th round pick
    Amani Toomer (WR-NYG) 13th round pick

I’m feeling slighted… didn’t get any bolding.

I’m keeping DeAngelo Williams in the 3rd and Owen Daniels in the 12th.

heh, to be fair I’ve done no research and I’m not all that familiar with the Panthers. DeAngelo probably warranted some bolding love.

Keeper declaration isn’t until the end of August. The only reason to declare early is if you’ll be out of town or worry that you’ll space the deadline. That’s why the week between keeper declaration and the draft; to accomodate vacationers and the forgetful. Also, I won’t hold anyone to early declarations if they decide to change their mind later.

All trades are final, though, barring exceptional circumstances. (And I can’t think of any at the moment.)

I have a replacement ready to take over for Jimmy Chitwood. Any objections?

**Chitwood **says he’s out, or he just hasn’t responded yet? 'Cause he’s still active on the boards. Also, the prospective owner is a doper, yes?

Jimmy hasn’t responded to my PM; I’ve gotten no feedback from him at all despite him being active. If anyone wants to try and wrangle him, be my guest.

The replacement is a doper, yes.